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>Japanese denim
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Stfu it's a great song
i highly doubt that 2 middle aged white women and a black woman's conversation in what seems to be a backyard would consists of them humoring themselves over Japanese denim
Found the poorfag

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is now an appropriate time for post-apoc inspo?
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Post-Apoc has been appropriate since the 50's

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ITT - Clothes you can't make work

Is there any way these can be effay?

I bought them 2 years ago like a retard and want to get some mileage out of them
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Techwear, taper the legs. and throw some tech shit on top. Become that street samurai.
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they good for clout core
Why do all fashion Asians have acne scars?

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/fa I'm not a sneaker head so I'm gonna need some help. What kind of nikes are these?
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If you look carefully you can see that this is a 2D drawing and doesn't exist within our 3D plane of reality.
Yo anon, big thanks man. I totally didn't realize that. There's no chance on earth that these might so happen to be a drawing of real shoes. :D
Basic Air Jordans, Dunk, High.

Go on the store, and customize the color scheme yourself.


people look ridiculous as fuck in these things, especially when your no longer in college
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It died around 2009

sunglasses thread
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>life will never be that comfy
>i will never read it again for the first time

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ID on shoes or something similar?
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OP, belgian shoes. look it up, it's a brand i think

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Shortish sleeves cut at an angle, is there a name for this tee shape?
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Cap sleeve.
Thank you

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Hey /fa/ I'm going to be traveling for 8 months and I'm only planning on bringing 1 pair of shoes. Considering pic related as I would be able to wear them for everyday activities as well as athletic stuff, and they don't look like shit. Any suggestions?
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Id go with a different nike shoe but something similar. Maybe the new lunar epic fly knit 2's or free runs or roshes

out of production tho

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Minox and/or fin.


shave it or wear hands [email protected]


where i found stuff like that
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/fa/, what are some simple things a guy can do to make himself more attractive?

I know that's pretty broad but let's make a nice compilation list of grooming habits, style tips etc

I'll start

>switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razor results in a much closer, irritation free shave

>it's also cheaper
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flex your head
a typical terribe /fa/ thread nice and saged

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Is he effay?
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Sonny Corleone, Michael Corleone or Tom Hagen are better though
Are you nuts, why?
what was post?

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H&M is better and cheaper. and not gooks
cons: overpriced, cringey stupid text on everything, bad quality
pros: uhhhhhhhh
Very rarely is there anything good.

Their lightwash jeans are great for under $20. I think they are nicer than Levi's lightwash.

Some of there more tame stuff is alright. I bought a black modal longsleeve shirt that has been surprisingly good. It has retained its shape and color and has not pilled at all. Also, a few of the ribbed shirts I have bought have been good. You really just have to filter out a bunch of awful stuff to find the occasionally good item.

Why do women wear yoga pants all the time these days?
Women used to wear pantyhose or yoga pants/leggings material with a skirt or pants on top
Not going to lye, they do look good on fit women but most women who wear these are fat,lazy, and unfashionable
What are your opinions on yoga pants etc.?
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I rarely see girls where I live wear yoga pants anymore, the new trend I find are cropped pants and trashed denim.

Also, lululemon is specific is trash quality and priced ridiculously high for what it is. It's epitome of meme wear.
True they don't wear yoga pants as much as 2015 but they still wear leggings/jeggings/tight skinny jeans

Do women wear them for attention?
literally everyone i've asked, cause i've also wondered about why you see them so much, just says it's because they're comfycore. i don't think anyone would wear them for attention because it isn't something that stands out at all anymore desu, like they used to be a soccer mom thing and now are just a normie thing nobody notices

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