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Why does everyone hate on Old Navy?
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shit quality
I got a yellow half zip sweater from the thrift that is old navy and i love it

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Can anyone suggest an alternative outerwear?
You look like a literal rectangle.
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>making another thread when the other one has another 100+ posts till it dies to repost your outfit


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Rate my new sweater /fa/
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(i bought this ironically for /fa/)
keep up the good work
Thanks, should I also get the oreo yeezys (also ironic but they look the normiest)

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where can i purchase goth ninja style clothing online?

i think its very under rated.
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julius,rick owens, ann d, guidi

Its not underrated.

hot topic
>anno domini 2017
>goth ninja

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I'm a man who has trouble shaving the underside of his jaw bone and getting fine hairs off, especially in the back like right under my ears. Any other guys have this problem?

I just use like a Gillette rasor in the shower.
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shave upwards and use shaving cream,

I already do shave upwards. Guess I'll try cream.

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Share your Grailed page!

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Hah, guess I'm the only one with a Grailed page anymore?
C'mon, I can't be the only one who wants to throw some money at something

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Not sure if this is the right board to post in, but whatever.

I need shoes for work (Retail while I'm in college, so walking on concrete and tile constantly for 8 hours a day), since wearing cheap shitty pairs of converse hasn't been working for my feet.

Anybody know of some decent looking shoes that go with regular jeans and a polo shirt, that won't get torn to shit?

I see coworkers wearing pic related, and I just hate how they look. So stuff that doesn't look like pic related?
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You need new taste and just wear some normal work shoes, all black boots.

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Why is it so hard to find basic headbands in plain colours, like pic related?

Also headbands/putting things around hair general
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Go to the dollar stores or go the thrift stores
>go to literally any fabric store
>cut off 4 feet of red ribbon cloth
>tie it around your head
congrats, you've done the impossible
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I feel like a lazy retard for not even considering making something so simple myself, thanks anon have some of my inspo. I really need to get into a DIY mindset more

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What if I bought Dickies sneakers?

They are like $35 at Yellow shoes. Disgusting pu upper
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>Dickies sneakers
just buy some fucking converses you inbred

All else being equal, should I buy mirrored sunglasses or normal?
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normal. and dont make threads shit like this it belongs in fucc boi general
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pls no bully
the fuccboi general exists as a single thread for all questions like this, so that individual threads asking a single question do not take up space on our already dying board. it's all in the sticky which i would also recommend you check out. welcome to /fa/ new fags

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is tony effay?
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No but Carm is.

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left or right?
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neither. Both abhorrent
the blond should slim down a little and remove that womanly hairdo and also trim the beard to a stubble

loki lost his cool factor after the taylor smith pr. utterly gay

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What do I wear with orange?
(Accidentally got wrong colour but still want to wear it, I'm colourblind)
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Color theory in the sticky my man

Blue, white, black, sky blue, cream etc etc

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I want to remove the hair around my dick, is Nair the way to go?
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works. smells wierd. still gives me a few ingrown hairs tho.
beats shaving I'd imagine - went full autist and ignored the warnings, suddenly cactus cock
Just leave your pubic hairs dont be a bitch women wont care when your knee deep inside them

>his house looks like a complete tasteless plebhole
Lets share some ideas and tips on how to have a good looking house and clean it properly
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Minimal knick-knacks
Colours that go together
Dust, Hoover, Mop, clean Carpets, Sweep, etc

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