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This is the kind of boot I like but are there any similar boots that are cheaper and or more durable?
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Honestly just buy some redwing secondhand and polish them. Mink oil, relace and you've got 4-5 years easy.
What boots are these?
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I don't know where else to ask but are these actually decent looking?
They are the best imho in terms of wear and comfort if you take time setting it in

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Honest thoughts on Mr. Porter ?
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It's a website, it sells clothes, too. Overall I would say it is an online shop.
>It's a website, it sells clothes, too. Overall I would say it is an online shop.

Literal definition of autism
95% of this board is too poor for it

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Why don't you have a /fa/ sugarmommy who pays for your clothes yet?
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I can't fuck women good
I'm a small-dicked manlet with a rat face and no charisma.
That seems like a pretty good reason.

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Where do you guys shop at mostly?
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What the fuck happened to /fa/? Where are the WAYWT threads, the Inspo threads, the memes. Is /fa/ dying?
Sears and Kmart. It's a very unique aesthetic that will become highly sought after once they go out of business.

I particularly enjoy the Amplify and Structure lines. Their little known Heatlite baselayers are very comfy too.
I have a 30/31 inch waist and a 27/28 inseam, so I have a hard time finding jeans/pants in my size. I've had them tailored before, but it takes time and there are some things that can't be tailored without ruining them (ex. joggers). I am 5'9" 145lbs, so it's not that I am overweight. Where can I find clothes that fit me?

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What are those things that just started appearing on my forehead and parts of my body all of a sudden?
Is it due to a lack of hygiene or vitamins? I eat well (I guess) and shower everyday. I'm 20 btw. Halp.
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>What are those things that just started appearing on my forehead

closed comedones
Any idea how to get rid of them?

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sad reddit meme.jpg
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>34 waist
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What's your inseam? I have 34 waist 36 inseam.
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>27 waist
man id kill myself if i were you guys
tfw perfect 32 waist

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I know there's already a hair general but it's just filled with fags asking advice about their hair, so how about we have a straight-up hair inspo thread?
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if beard.jpg
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I wanna grow a /fa/ beard but everyime it gets a little longer it starts to look messy and unnatractive.

What can I do? Am I simply not made to grow a beard?
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I have the same hair, at least shave the mustache.

>grow beard and it looks like shit
>shave and I look like a child

We're not all going to make it.
The solution is to add about 10 years to your total age.
Shave it everyday so it'll get thicker
Assume that you can't grow decent facial hair and don't be bothered by it cause it is overdone

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Hey /fa/ggots, I'm getting my hair cut soon and I don't want to look like a numale dipshit.
Ive never gotten anything other than a buzzcut and I want to change it up. I like the SS haircut but too many faggots have it and it has lost Its appeal. What can I do with hair about 1.5 inches? It gets curly after this point and I don't want to look like a kike.

I don't want any "fashy" shit but I don't want to look like nu male hipster fagatron. Might have a picture coming in a bit but don't count on it.
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But you are a kike. Don't lie to yourself, we know your dickhead is dry and crusty, and you steal from kids.
Nuh uh, give me some styles to check out nigger pls.
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Here's some inspo

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is he effay?
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This is embarassing
Who is this and why does he look like an evil priest from an anime?

Hello /fa/. I lost about 20kg this year, grew my hair out to below shoulder length and have been listening to, taking part in and educating myself on (black) metal for the last 3-4 years. Thus I now feel as I can take it a step further and adjust my fashion style to what I believe has grown to an essential part of my personality. By that I don't mean running around with spiked belts and corpse paint, but a subtle influence in the way I dress, which can also include makeup to a certain extend (I'm a faggot anyways so I guess its ok). Have you guys any recommendations on how I can do this and not look like I dressed up for a kids halloween party. It doesn't have to include anything specifically made for black metal fans, I'm looking more for a dark, slightly excentric look. Take Ghaal and young Varg as an example for what I'm thinking of, just in a more effay way please. Some info on me:
> 20
> 194cm height, 95kg weight
> broad shoulders
> hips slimmer
> 16 shoe size
> brown hair/eyes
Pic kinda related as my face shape is similar to his.
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*gaahl, not ghaal
Jesus m8, I expected at least this board to be free of retards like you. Did you even read my post?

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converse inspo?
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What's the most effay political ideology?
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Hunting alone in the woods

Why cant i find any of these style cardigans online?
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because he was buried with all of them
Literally go to any decent second hand clothing store and you'll find something similar, you'll also get boheme credits
Ooooooh shii

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