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How do I achieve this look
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Damn, Casey really fell on hard times.
start off by becoming a oil tycoon that hates his son

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Is napapijri effay?
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>big branding
only the anoraks, everything else is shit
back in high school i went on an exchange trip to italy and literally everyone had one. they're p nice desu but they're expensive

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Looked for makeup thread, didn't see anything.
For Christmas got a Glow Kit, but I only like one shade so I'm switching it out for the contour kit. Any good dupes for the shade Snow, though?
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google is your friend
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I use Burberry No. 01 White, less shimery but pretty close. pic related
contour sucks

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Can we have good ol TERRORWAVE thread
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this video is goldmine
2017 is the year of military-esque fashion
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can anyone help me find a jacket like pic related? an anorak with a waist drawstring, but the only one I can find like it is in camo

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Any inspo pics or tips on pulling this look off?
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This is still a thing? The only way I can imagine it working is wearing workout tee under a normal tee whilst going running, even then i doubt it. It's definitely not a good idea
File: frankocean-4.w529.h352.jpg (24KB, 529x352px)Image search: [Google]
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Dunno. I can't seem to get it to look right. Was thinking maybe it'd work with long/wide sleeves on top.

Here's Frank Ocean doing it in Endless, but I don't think it looks as good here
this isnt bad

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Need a pair of beater shoes for running/lifting at gym, preferably something that can withstand a little bit of NYC winter.

was thinking about lunar force 1's as acronym tends to hold up better than anything else I can find. Any other suggestions? Shooting for under $300
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wear flats when lifting this is fucking basic

get romaleos if you want to be autistic, but honestly if you're lifting get some fucking flats. vans or gazelles or whatever.
just get chucks or some flyknits you fucking dork
I lift and run in Chuck II's because I'm autistic. They have a lunarlon in-sole so its not completely awful.

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Have Omega ever used plastic for their watches?
I mean the glass on top.

I have an old Omega watch and it feels exceptionally well made and legit but I can't open the back if my life depended on it and I am too autistic to go a watch store and have them open it only to tell me it's fake.
Anyway, the glass doesn't really feel like glass but more like plastic and is also scratched quite a bit so I was wondering if that will make it out as a fake to begin with
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Probably fake. Post pics
don't have a camera with me right now but after some googling i could find that omega does indeed use plexiglas on (some of) their watches so it might still be real after all
(not that it would change anything for me, watch mechanism works perfectly even if it's fake)
What's the model number?

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how can we bring back this style?
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Reminder: He created /fa/
reminder: he said /fa/ was the best board on the chans
step one: kill hiroshikike

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Is there a men's style that doesn't make you look like a total fucking retarded faggot?
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Just being yourself :)

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Is this pic enough for a barber to give me this cut or do I need more angles?
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All they will have to know is if you want it parted in the middle or pushed to one side. I think you will be fine. I have the same cut where its parted in/close to the middle.
They may think you're a nazi tho because i showed my gay barber this pic and he looked at me funny.
wtf? literally everyone gets this haircut nowadays why would he think youre a nazi lol

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What are some good clothing stores for really small girls?

I'm five feet tall and really skinny, nothing at the mall fits me or looks good. I buy from online asian stores but the quality is either really bad or it takes over a month to get my order.
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>I'm five feet tall and really skinny

please be in london
That's not how you spell LONDON
How did you become the little girl?
Any tips for one who is aspiring to go down that road?

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What should change? I'm 5'11 and weight 180lbs. They look baggy in the hips. Should I get a skinnier cut?

Also, my pants always end up behind the heel tab. Is that because they are too long or loose?
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Lose at least thirty pounds, stop wearing blue, get pants that will stay up.
they're just cheap and horrible.
i bet they're h&m/zara.
invest in good pants.

they look fine imo. pants id? they are kinda shiny like track pants I could see these working in techwear fits

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Drunk copped these. How do I wear them and not look like a fuckhead. I should have gotten literally any other color.
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they've got that gay clown shoe front and gradeschool-ass kickball bumpers, you would look like a fuckhead no matter what color they were
i like them, i think you got the best, most versatile color. i would start by getting some pants that fit so you don't have to wear fat ugly cuffs like that.
jesus fuken christ, the autist sibling of the converse

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How to dress if I want to look like mysterious guy?
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Fedora tire thread, fucking cringe go back to /a/
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Edgy picture faggot
Full Yohji

What does /fa/ think of my new hairstyle?
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This is one of the most annoying photos I've ever seen in my life
I can vaguely hear Eurodance in the background when I look at this picture.

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