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Are chokers on men /fa/? Should I acquire one? Should you? Did you? Why? How? Huh? Questions? ?
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>wanting approval from /fa/

Just do your thing, and do it with confidence. Don't care what others think, or you will never be happy with your own choises.
is a choker for men really translated into moker and not a choker for men
moker sounds like the worst dark bug type pokemon ever

dont cop girls will laugh at you

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>tfw try my best to not be a normie and buy edgy stuff like Undercover, The soloist etc etc etc
>tfw end up spending most of my clothing/shoes on adidas

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>be edgy af, all black, mostly boys clothes
>that's what i like and i don't wanna change
>have no chance with boys because of that
>cry cuz i hate my priorities
Sounds cute
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>love preppy clothes
>can't pull off the prep look because I'm not white (olive complexion)

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Which mainstream brands are /fa/ approved?
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Got some [spoiler]stretch[/spoiler] jeans on Black Friday from [spoiler]American Eagle[/spoiler] for $28. Not bad actually. It's built as well as stretchy pants can be built and I got a few complements too.

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exactly what does /fa/ have against these???

and cargo shorts???
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they're ugly, that's what
but they're not???

i like them
They were cool in middle school. I bet you think mountain dew and hotpockets are great too.

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The perfect coat doesn't exi-
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it's like I traveled to 2009 /fa/
looks like shit desu
in after timetraveling memes
it's been around for so long for a reason :^)

solid tee and nothing else is pretty gay tho

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Are there any Jordans that are acceptable?
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No. Stop making these threads and shitting up the board.
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The future boots look kind of cool.
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effay lifestyle thread

>wife is pic related, only wears black, smokes endlessly
>we literally live in different places, we're very cold towards each other
>I live in minimal place, looks more like an art gallery than a home, cement and white only.
>basically own nothing
>tasteful raf simons/thom browne/givenchy suits that don't stand out at all, just fit nicely
>manageable heroin addiction, endless klonopin
>publish post-marxist articles and a few books that are loved in some obscure circles, it somehow brings in $150 000/yr
>die at 49
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>you must be 18 or older to post a reply
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My nigga what is you talking about?

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Last Thread: >>12105717

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
removed by mods :o(
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Screenshot 2016-12-31 20.25.18.png
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When will this skinny jean fad wear out?

It's literally been 15 years.
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I don't think you're even 15 years old
it will never lol... they will allways be atleast ok in somesort of styles.
+ they are half cotton half polyester they are kinda cheap to make lol

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suckin dick
Juugin' and Finessin'!

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helmut lang silk tie

i can hang myself with it on new years
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just copped
File: 20161230_111917.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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Does this look good for everyday use?
Try-hard much?

My wardrobe is in need of some help and I'm looking at some plain t-shits, pants/shorts, nice shoes as a replacement like pic related
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fine for the basics, but change up the shoes if you will please, inexpensive examples:

adidas samba
puma suede
adidas gazelle
reebok classic
70s high top converse

list goes on, etc

and don't worry about looking like a try hard until you have the basics down
No, you'll look like a twelve year old. Those blues are autistic and shoes are gross. Are those sweatpants? Tell us what style you are going for and we can help you out anon.
thanks for the shoes, was going for comfort but for everyday use yours are better

comfortable and relaxed.
I was going for the greys for public use and misc. stuff for the blues, was looking at some ash grey shirts too
Kind of, they're supposed to be slim and for "training"

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Can /fa/ give me advice on pomade? I have extremely thick light brown hair and sensitive skin. I'm gonna go trawl through the salons for thick water based pomades in my neighborhood tomorrow but some advice would be nice.
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Pic of hair please.
If its anything like mine( super dense and straight) then id say dont use waterbased, go get yourself some murrays superior and put a dime size amount in your hair. It will fully wash out after 3 days
>source: greaserfag
Portcity pommade oil based stays in your hair sometimes I'll condition my hair and wash every other day...Also if you carry a comb it is really easy to just comb it again and will look good as new.
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Would I make good money opening an affordable trendy avant-garde clothes reselling store?
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depends if you know anything about marketing or business
you're not going to make big bucks probably since youre selling very niche stuff
surely i can afford a niche clientele in a big city? like in a shopping mall?
You could just pretend to have a shop and renovate a portion of your home/apartment/studio be photo-worthy spot for your grailed listings.

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My old ones are square, I've had these since I was in my freshman year of high school (Roughly 5-6 years ago) and I never quite liked them.
Went into the Warby Parker take-home trial and this was the only pair out of the five that I kinda liked.

I don't believe in the face shape meme, but I am wondering which ones personally look better.
I'm just trying to find the "least bad" looking pair of frames for myself. I wear contacts but if I gotta get another pair of glasses, I might as well find ones that somewhat work for me.
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Fucking fat nu-males, thinking anyone cares about their attempts to not get bullied in high school
I posted it on /adv/ once and it got nowhere, so don't act like I'm cluttering up your precious space.

You're a 0/10

Fatties will never look good.

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