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Is he /fa/?
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I like that sweater
damn the GOAT look like THAT?!?!?!
All those items are good individually, but together the fit doesn't work.

What about this dope smoke detector?
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This thread is about dope vapes.
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its dope.jpg
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so dope
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How dope do you want to be?

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Best Adidas sneakers? I want some for my birthday, need to be relatively affordable.
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Stan Smith Originals
How much are you planning to spend
for sure below $150, less the merrier

what got you into fashion, anon?
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old high school clothes stopped fitting me and i decided it was time to get stuff more modern
1. I'm just good at it
2. I'm really concerned about how people would see me
3. Being good at it makes me feel better about myself
4. I like aesthetical pleasure. It really pleases me.

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Who was the most /fa/?
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Brendan Filone
Tony had some solid dadcore fits

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Wore a suit when my nephew was born because first impressions matter. Pic related, it's me
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Hi, I'm Ellen. Want to come on my show? I will give you a lifetime supply of suits haha
Wow! Nice suit man! I love the clip!!
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/fa/ movie villians & characters go
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What does /fa think of vineyard vines?
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I'm a poorfag neckbeard but my rich uncle from the east coast keeps sending me hoodies from them. Is it wierd to wear that with jeans from Costco and a haircut from super cuts?

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please help /fa/


Are these pants the same as dickies 872s? 872s aren't on the official site as far as I can see they're just being sold on other sites at higher prices
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please respond
I own a pair in black. They're definately the skinniest pair of dickies I have ever worn.
why even buy dickies if you're just going to get the shitty low rise ones

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I want sneakers I like. The all-black chuck taylors gave me some short of issue, or just pushed my dorkiness overboard. Then I got a mesh pair of adidas tennis shoes that were nice, but too flimsy for walking.

I want all-black sneakers that don't create some kind of issue for me. I dress insistently casual as fuck. Will pic related work? Any recommendations?
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If you're talking about foot pain with the Chuck Taylors then just re-lace them and give them a little time to wear in. I've had mine for a few months now and I love em.
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>The all-black chuck taylors gave me some short of issue
what issue?
throw in some inserts idiot

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these came in the mail today. retail for 120 but copped for 40 on amazon. r8, h8, masturb8
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absolutely terrible
kys tier. Where are all these plebs coming from, seriously?
what don't you like about them?

Is this the most /fa/ tie ever ?
What kind of suit and sleeve shirt does it goes well with ?
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People will think you're some weird edgelord if you wear a Kira tie.
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But it looks so nice, I don't act like an edgelord at all I'm more of a funny dood so people won't think that.
Anyway what would it go well with?

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Comfy socks edition



Got these bad boys recently. Very,very naisu.
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Maple socks thread , then?

I posted some that are comfy and some that are more casual.
>cotton/polyester blend

Neck yourself faggot, it's wool or nothing.

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Can someone ID these nike sneakers?
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Are you sure? They look a bit different to me
you came into this thread with an opinion already made and wanted to just hear the thing you already knew, right?

and when I tell you what I think it is (and I know it for certain) but it doesn't correspond with your first guess that you made before you even made this thread, you suddenly act like you're the victim that everyone isn't listening to and is abusing him or whatever the fuck you may think and everyone is telling you the wrong answer, right, you little baby? I hate attitude like that

either make a fucking thread and don't act superior and just appreciate all the answers (especially the correct one like my answer was) or shut the fuck up because nobody will ever take you seriously or reply to your threads if your reaction is always like this one

seriously fuck off

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Looking to buy some sick loafers. Mostly wear yohji and lemaire. What's a good price to pay? Guess my budget is $600.
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A noose
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anyone who wears loafers, should be chemically castrated

i don't think that there are a more repulsive type of shoe

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