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Regular black SK8-His or Lite SK8-His?
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Vault Sk8 His.
Sk8 Hi Pro

recently copped an alpha industries jacket that goes for $180 normally for only $24 on sale. what should i wear with it, /fa/?

pic related
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Pants, maybe a shirt
where did you get this god tier deal

>He spends hundreds, possibly thousands on single pieces

Who /brokefashion/ here? Most of my wardrobe is full of Uniqlo, Levis, cheap grails and thrifted finds. I'm not alone am I effay?
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get a job you worthless fuck
I spend max 400 on a single piece.
if youre so insecure about being poor to the point of belittling people who actually arent working from paycheck to paycheck at mcdonalds then you sure as fuck arent effay by any stretch of the imagination
you're not alone, 80% of this board is broke-ass teenagers that actually could afford nice pieces but choose to look forward to the "new uniqlo drop" and discuss gildan vs hanes
its not to say this is no place for that kind of discussion but its rampant and fucking annoying when a post about uniqlo tees in a b/s/t gets like 5 replies

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hello where the fuck can i find 29x30 jeans

thank u
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Old Navy brah, they're also cheap
Manlet detected
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you should check out Naked & Famous

they're smallest size, 29, has a 30in waist. you'd have to tailor the inseam though since they're all 35".

also, you'd have to pay quite a bit compared to your run of the mill Levi's.

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>Stan Smith Boosts

can Adidas be stopped? will Nike ever recover?
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They went about this the wrong way, what they should have done is have the normal style sole, but hollow it out and put boost inside, like they do with yeezys
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wait a minute wojak.png
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>tfw you will never, ever, EVER know if these are real or shopped
>let's take a shoe whose popularity is entirely based on it's simple, clean design and add an element to it that is rough and uneven and contrasts everything else about the shoe and about the outfits people like to wear the shoe with, surely this is a tasteful design choice

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How do I figure out which shape of glasses looks best on my face?
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trying them on. Also different glasses for face shapes is pretty much just a meme, as long as you're getting something fairly normal. Those glasses will look good if you already look good.
Guess I'll do that Warby Parker thing then and try them all on.
Do circular-framed glasses work for everyone?

What do you wash your clothes with?
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you'll have to ask my mom
tide plus bleach alternative,

I get a lot of shit based off what the wirecutter says
File: 1476402560251.jpg (259KB, 500x372px)Image search: [Google]
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>using anything other than woolite

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Why do so many people hate him?
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Because he is literally a blue horse! Look at that scared little nigger, shit is terrifying!
because i guarantee if you he took a dna test he would have up wards of 10-20% pygmy dna and a large percentage of his genetic make up would be archaic african dna

hes a subhuman by definition
oh shit thats DIA

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I'm a US size 10 in Timberlands, Vans, and Converse. What size am I in Clarks desert boots?
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depends on the width, but id assume a 10.5
Clarks run big. I would try like a 9.5 (I wear a size 10 in my Vans and I wear a 9.5 in Clarks)
9 in vans, 8 in clarks, redwing, and wolverine

Where can I get this shirt?

Also Ryan gosling inspo general
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Holy shit, how come he dresses so badly?
File: Ryan Gosling Boots 4.jpg (140KB, 409x516px)Image search: [Google]
Ryan Gosling Boots 4.jpg
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I don't know where to get the t-shirt but I can post some inspo
File: Ryan Gosling Denim Jacket.jpg (64KB, 322x430px)Image search: [Google]
Ryan Gosling Denim Jacket.jpg
64KB, 322x430px

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Hey /fa/

What type of leather should I get for a leather jacket? Soft or more rugged (you can see the lines)? Which one is more expensive?

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Ideal leather would be horse or kangaroo -- neither come cheap.
OK. I don't think I can find that easily. What is the texture I should look for?
buy this shit from me


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literally me.jpg
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double bypass core
Bernie core

File: BdeSEn5CIAE19rj.jpg (11KB, 600x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Besides laser, what's the best technique to remove facial hair (for a guy), if I'm using a regular razor? I want the closest shave possible.
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Straight razor if you don't mind going full fedora mode.
>if I'm using a regular razor

File: 11278913-1724394132850492.jpg (124KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 11279802-4564423691232975.jpg (18KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Or these?
File: IMG_1896.jpg (14KB, 450x450px)Image search: [Google]
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Pick these
Post in one of these and I'll answer you :^)

File: flognaw.jpg (7KB, 182x278px)Image search: [Google]
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Whether or not you like it, this kid has carved out his own lane in fashion and will probably be somewhat successful in his ventures within the industry of fashion. The real question is, actually effay or no? If no, say why.
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Not really. Golfwang might as well just be Supreme, but with another name.
you write like an eighth grader trying his best to sound intelligent for an essay
It's true, but I would have more respect if he gained his following as a fashion designer instead of carrying it over from his music fan base

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