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I'm certain I'm actually on /d/ this time. lets get started. male or female, lets see younger and cuter doms here.
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Any and all forms of Vore!
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Not sure there is much on this topic.
What the fuck
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Where does /d/ get fresh material. I used to hang around hentai-foundry and cherry pick the goodies, but since they banned loli its just not the same. Pic related, its Norasuko.
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https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/ i prefer this over other boorus and i also frequent pixiv (etc: http://www.pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag_full&word=%E3%83%92%E3%83%88%E3%82%A4%E3%83%8C )

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no Hyper
Futa is fine but not preferred

Also general Muscular Monster Girl Thread i guess
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Welcome to the drawthread.
- All artists welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the Drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Please no coloring or edit requests. Take it to this thread: >>6583508
-If you would like to make the new drawthread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
The newest pics in there could use tagging, please contribute if you have nothing else to do.


If you're looking for a deleted thread try checking


and enter the post # of the thread or any post you are looking for.

You can also go to http://archive.loveisover.me/d/search/text/drawfriends%2C%20don%27t%20hold%20back/
which has every thread that features this boilerplate.

Previous thread: >>6584431
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Requesting Peach and Daisy as futas laughing at viewer for having much smaller penis than theirs with Rosalina showing up with a member that puts them to shame (no horsecock) and demands viewer to lick it.
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Requesting Junko Enoshima sitting on a throne nude (except for her boots), covered in "neon pink paint" (only people who have watched/played Dangan Ronpa will understand what I mean, but I'm willing to explain if needed) while stepping on a generic faceless Anon.

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Girls transformed into sexdolls, sexbots, blow-up dolls, ball-joint dolls, puppets etc.
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Erza doll transformation 1.png
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Erza doll transformation 2.png
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Young nun 1.png
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Muslim Hentai thread. GO!
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I support hijabs

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European Extreme edition

Previous thread >>6585918

Discuss lewd games, share your projects and have others critique them.
Post pictures (/d/ related preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:

>/d/ Catalog:

pic related is not an actual game, sadly.
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Definitely sadly.
ok, is that just an image or a actual game?
If the answer is the latter, I would like the name plz.
nvm, read the last part, feel stupid.

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Well There's nothing here so might as well kick it off with one of my longstanding fantasies involving a ton of D-tier bullshit!
A race of buggirl Aliens resembling pic related descend upon the planet earth in 2016, causing a lot of general excitement and some confusion around the world as the existence of space faring alien races is finally confirmed! and they uh...look like human girls but...bugs?...

If people weren't expecting the former, then they definitely wont be expecting the Leaders of every country solemnly declaring on TV not hours after the aliens public Reveal, that a war of resources has been declared upon the planet earth, and that the aliens are ' Begging for humans to resist so they can show off their cool technology'.

Despite their diminutive size and unassuming visages, the Alien race quickly Routes any Resistance posed to them with large biological tanks and aircraft, quickly replacing the government of humanity with a particularly smug looking council of bug women, who almost immediately declare every last human on earth a ' resource' and ask that they submit themselves to processing Immediately.

Large hives are erected across the planets humans are ushered through tests of their genetic codes and Phyciological profiles, before being taken away to 'conversion plants' where they are converted into what the tests indicate they would serve best at...now this is where things get interesting, as humanity discovers the variety of slave Races the bug's have created for themselves
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The first and most common Designation are 'Pods' which are more resemblant to plants than insects- those selected to be pods are treated to a chemical treatment, and several advanced Serums that cause their bodies to swell out, and become transparent, their entire body being used as a sentient bloated producer of the bugs favorite syrupy goop food, why those converted to pods are allowed to keep their sentience is a confusing point at best, mostly put down to a sort of bizzare affection towards humanity...like pet to master sorts of affection.

Grubs, resembling the pic related, are the construction drones of the empire, again allowed to keep their minds about them, but psycholgically implanted with a control code that makes it impossible to resist a bugwomans command, they are used as living silk and chitin factories, their bodies made to construct the large towering hives of the Bugwomen peoples.

Queens are a rare event, 'one in a million' being a suprisingly close number, only 1-3 required for each continent of a planet, Queens are treated with more care than the slave races, their modification and job treated cerimoniously, given a gigantic abdomen, multiple chitinous arms, and large pretty butterfly like wings, Queens are natural producers of eggs, the end of their enormous abdomen propper over a pool of nutritious goo as the end of their abdomen schlorps oout multiple clutches of insectile eggs every few seconds, the process of laying is extremely pleasurable, and the queens are often treated to large meals of nutritious syrupy 'food' so this is probably one of the 'best' positions one could hope for when being converted.
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There are the mothlike 'carer' class, who are assigned with collecting eggs from the queens, and taking them to be hatched, moving them to the insemination chambers to have the collectors douse then in cum, and taking them to nurseries to be hatched and care for the hatchlings, usually those with parental dispositions are chosen,and the Moth's usually have fluffy milf-like figures.

Collectors as previously mentioned, watch over the men chosen to keep their human forms, instead given drugs to increase Virility and semen production, resemble Bee women, stingers equipped to subdue those who may try escape, they stimulate the captive males cocks in order to collect their loads, using the large amounts of semen to fertilize the queens eggs brought to them by Carers.

Finally, those who display Desirable traits are converted into the insect masters themselves, treated to a life of Hedonisim, control, and scientific discovery, moving on to other planets to dominate them, and convert them to their ever increasing army of insect slaves

And that's how earth becomes populated entirely by bug-girls with semen slaves.
This one is more of a thought experiment that's plain interesting: Starting now, every time a human has an orgasm, a physically and mentally exact clone spawns right next to them. That's it.

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Thread where cute boy have had underwear in the sun, but no more. I have not have seen many.
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like panther.png
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all underwear.jpg
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This I will show
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I have not seen one of these in a while
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Hello there! Does anyone know of any good hentai artists? The can be either Western or Northern, it does not matter. I will also post some of my favorites.
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Either the father or the son (or both) have to be a trap/dickgirl/shemale/sissy.

>pic related is Boruto Uzumaki who just finished fucking his father Naruto who is transformed into his female form using his sexy technique
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Po-Ju Son Becoming A Wife 1.jpg
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Last thread: >>6505819
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