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Preg fetish? Love those bulges
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How do they get that way????
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Loli futas with thick cocks.

I've recently been having a good time with fantasies of futa girls cumming in their sleep. So I'm gonna need some pics of that!

Bonus points for:

- Big dicks
- Lots of cum
- Self-bukkake.
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happy new year from /pol/, degenerates
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fuck off back to your containment board you stupid bitch.
Go crucify a tumblrite and post to /d so I can get back to wanking
nice thumbnail paul-sama

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Yo, check the ass out on that ho.

Ah yeah I see it, Death. I see it.

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Any kind of female or futa gape
Bonus for animated
No scat/gore
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Forgot to add
-Extreme Insertion is gladly accepted
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Le't's fix that
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lmao that typo, w/e
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Having a bad day. Need some toothbrushing.

Male, female, stories, whatever. Oral hygene is love.
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Giant male thread.

>Tfw you will never have power to shrink people.
>Tfw you will never use this power for monetary gain by letting men (And maybe women) live as your pets by giving up everything they have.
>Tfw you will never be able to legally stomp, eat, and sit on millions of the most cringe worthy and retarded autist who sign a contract to be killed
>TFW will never be worshiped on /d/ as hero to this fetish
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Any of that good stuff where females are being (preferably) fucked against their consent by things other that humans. Also no Futa is preferred
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lol hentai
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Lamia edition
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Post your favorite fetish, /d/. Explain why you think you like it. What you like about it. When you knew you liked it. Make your feelings known.
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Passionate sex in a romantic missionary position while hugging each other, I like it because it's vanilla as fuck, I began liking it when I realized most of other peoples fetishes are some insane asinine shit.

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Well I don't know what this would be called but if anyone knows it please tell me.

It's hard to explain and I have only really seen it a few times. I find it hot when the girl is either blind, mute, dumb, or a combination of the three. And when I say dumb I mean that she has little more to say than a few tiny "ah..."s while having sex or is just mentally not all there.

I guess I just like the idea of having someone helpless that is being watched over.

Closest thing I could find on short notice.

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Ah, shit, son
The hype is real
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I'd just like to have a sort of general discussion about muscle growth as a fetish.

Honestly, the ideal for me has always been stuff that has an air of friendly competition between two subjects. I like both parties to have comparable strength and for there to be some kind of wrestling or other test of strength involved to determine who gets to be on-top (no fun if the girl OR guy is always superior XP). Some other aspects I like are when the subject(s) have an innate ability to go from normal size to a more muscular physique but they treat it as just an everyday thing. With a guy or girl, it implies more of an inner-strength kind of thing where the ability doesn't really affect their moral fiber (i.e. they don't suddenly become a jerk when bigger). It's a tool which they can use to their advantage, but it doesn't change who they are inside. Long story short, I like it when the subject(s) have the ability to become big and strong, and think they should have opportunities to use and enjoy it, but it shouldn't make them into a power-hungry megalomaniac or even the stereotypical meathead jock.

From the purely aesthetic side, I'm more a fan of female mg (I'm a straight guy) that hits bodybuilder level and a little above but not hyper. Definition is key for me and low-medium vein content is a positive. There's also gotta be decent boob content (big pecs don't cut it, there has to be some pillowy softness to balance out the stonework XD) and more pronounced hips are also a plus. Essentially, I like my women to still seem like women, even with some strength added.
On the odd occasion that I am looking at male stuff, and that's often only when I'm seeking visualization inspiration, there's gotta be definition; strong/muscle fat don't do it for me >_<'.

So what about you? What mental stuff about the fetish is your style and/or what physical aspects tickle your fancy?
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Like this?
Quite! XD
Think I'll bump before I go AFK.

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