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Global Fetishes

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Well There's nothing here so might as well kick it off with one of my longstanding fantasies involving a ton of D-tier bullshit!
A race of buggirl Aliens resembling pic related descend upon the planet earth in 2016, causing a lot of general excitement and some confusion around the world as the existence of space faring alien races is finally confirmed! and they uh...look like human girls but...bugs?...

If people weren't expecting the former, then they definitely wont be expecting the Leaders of every country solemnly declaring on TV not hours after the aliens public Reveal, that a war of resources has been declared upon the planet earth, and that the aliens are ' Begging for humans to resist so they can show off their cool technology'.

Despite their diminutive size and unassuming visages, the Alien race quickly Routes any Resistance posed to them with large biological tanks and aircraft, quickly replacing the government of humanity with a particularly smug looking council of bug women, who almost immediately declare every last human on earth a ' resource' and ask that they submit themselves to processing Immediately.

Large hives are erected across the planets humans are ushered through tests of their genetic codes and Phyciological profiles, before being taken away to 'conversion plants' where they are converted into what the tests indicate they would serve best at...now this is where things get interesting, as humanity discovers the variety of slave Races the bug's have created for themselves
The first and most common Designation are 'Pods' which are more resemblant to plants than insects- those selected to be pods are treated to a chemical treatment, and several advanced Serums that cause their bodies to swell out, and become transparent, their entire body being used as a sentient bloated producer of the bugs favorite syrupy goop food, why those converted to pods are allowed to keep their sentience is a confusing point at best, mostly put down to a sort of bizzare affection towards humanity...like pet to master sorts of affection.

Grubs, resembling the pic related, are the construction drones of the empire, again allowed to keep their minds about them, but psycholgically implanted with a control code that makes it impossible to resist a bugwomans command, they are used as living silk and chitin factories, their bodies made to construct the large towering hives of the Bugwomen peoples.

Queens are a rare event, 'one in a million' being a suprisingly close number, only 1-3 required for each continent of a planet, Queens are treated with more care than the slave races, their modification and job treated cerimoniously, given a gigantic abdomen, multiple chitinous arms, and large pretty butterfly like wings, Queens are natural producers of eggs, the end of their enormous abdomen propper over a pool of nutritious goo as the end of their abdomen schlorps oout multiple clutches of insectile eggs every few seconds, the process of laying is extremely pleasurable, and the queens are often treated to large meals of nutritious syrupy 'food' so this is probably one of the 'best' positions one could hope for when being converted.
There are the mothlike 'carer' class, who are assigned with collecting eggs from the queens, and taking them to be hatched, moving them to the insemination chambers to have the collectors douse then in cum, and taking them to nurseries to be hatched and care for the hatchlings, usually those with parental dispositions are chosen,and the Moth's usually have fluffy milf-like figures.

Collectors as previously mentioned, watch over the men chosen to keep their human forms, instead given drugs to increase Virility and semen production, resemble Bee women, stingers equipped to subdue those who may try escape, they stimulate the captive males cocks in order to collect their loads, using the large amounts of semen to fertilize the queens eggs brought to them by Carers.

Finally, those who display Desirable traits are converted into the insect masters themselves, treated to a life of Hedonisim, control, and scientific discovery, moving on to other planets to dominate them, and convert them to their ever increasing army of insect slaves

And that's how earth becomes populated entirely by bug-girls with semen slaves.
This one is more of a thought experiment that's plain interesting: Starting now, every time a human has an orgasm, a physically and mentally exact clone spawns right next to them. That's it.
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20% of women become Tenno, the other 80% become either Warframes or Warframe byproducts (like the Zanuka Hunter).

Tenno are fertile with humans, Warframes, and Zanuka. A human x Tenno pairing always yields either human sons or Tenno daughters, never Tenno sons or human daughters. A Tenno x Warframe pairing yields either Tenno daughters or a small brood of Maggots (the Infested enemy, not the fly larvae) with roughly the intelligence of a corvid and absolute loyalty to their Mother and Father (in that order). A Tenno x Zanuka yields either Tenno daughters or Zanuka, the latter growing quickly once delivered and born in litters anywhere from one to six. Mothers who do not survive such deliveries unconsciously transfer their mind and awareness into one of the Zanuka offspring, their new body maturing in seconds to properly nurture their young-turned-siblings.

Warframes are fertile with Tenno, Warframes, and Zanuka. Tenno x Warframe pairings are described above. Warframe x Warframe yields offspring resemblant of one of their parents. These pregnancies last several years, wombs eventually stretching wide enough to immobilize their mothers and keep them from hurting themselves as their hips widen further. Upon delivery the mother births one to two fully grown and developed Warframes before her pelvis returns to normal, her young already physically and mentally mature. Warframe x Zanuka pregnancies last similarly long, yielding either Warframes like above or Zanuka as in Tenno. One in three Warframe mothers of Zanuka litters (3+ at once) transform into a Zanuka during their pregnancy.

Zanuka are fertile with Tenno, Warframes, and Zanuka. Tenno and Warframe pairings are described above. Zanuka x Zanuka always yields more Zanuka, either a solitary fully-developed offspring or two to six who rapidly mature as described above.
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All Tenno physically age as normal until somewhere between their twentieth and thirtieth birthday, plus or minus a few years. After that their aging slows to a graceful crawl, finally coming to a halt at a random point before they can pass middle age. Women already past middle age (65+) revert to a more youthful age and physique, as well as cease to be menopausal. They may form a direct mental link with up to two Warframes or Zanuka, enough to share all of their senses and an empathic connection but not enough to shape their actions against their will.

Warframes are biologically immortal with no discernible age. Generation 0 Warframes choose which Warframe and sex they will have. Generation 1+ Warframes have personalities resemblant of their frame, with the majority also sharing the default sex.

Zanuka are biologically immortal and - after a year of maturation - likewise have no discernible age. Zanuka sexual features vary wildly, some more machine than biological, some more human than bestial, some more mammalian than other, in various combinations of the above three.

I for one look forward to my new Tenno and Warframe / Zanuka overlords.
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An edited version of one from last thread.

Everybody becomes a perfectly androgynous futa, with a fully functioning vagina and a reasonably-sized dick; testicles are internal.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and pleasuring one's penis will make it larger, cum more and harder, and make oneself more masculine (e.g. stronger jaw, broader shoulders, leaner, subtle facial hair, etc.;) conversely, the vagina will become drier and less sensitive. Eventually one will need to pleasure one's nipples and/or anus along with one's vagina in order to reverse masculiniztion. Exercise has the lightest effect, masturbation has a moderate effect, and penetrative sex is the strongest. At its most extreme, one can look like a male Asian soap opera star and have a dick so big that a horse would envy it.

A poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and playing with one's breast and holes will make one's vagina tighter, more elastic and easily aroused; fat rapidly move to the breasts, buttocks, and thighs; body and facial hair slow or even cease growing; lactation to begin and increase; and facial and bone structures become more feminine; all the while the dick becomes to limp and tiny it's essentially a second clitoris. It takes a very long time for just being lazy to cause change, but enough sex toys and/or dicks will quickly move things along. If you fully dedicate yourself to becoming as feminine as possible you will eventually look like pic related.

Penises can cum over and over again with no refractory period, semen never runs out, and vaginas no longer bleed (although PMS-esque symptoms are still present.) As one mostly gets to choose how one turns out, most are attracted to their own body type. Extremes takes about a year-and-a-half to reach but going back to neutral can take five or six years.
Don't have a great picture for this. But overnight several changes happen to the body and psyche of all women. Every woman over the age of 25 regresses to somewhere between 16 and 25 and stop aging. All women in this age bracket also cease aging. All sexually mature women become beautiful, develop a strong preference for women and begin lactating. Their breast milk, however, possesses magical transformative and manipulative powers. They also gain an instinctive desire to gently dominate and control those around them, often feeling the desire to make them very small and treat them like pets. The results, of course, are almost immediate. Amidst the confusion of finding out all the women in the world are now young and hot, men hardly notice themselves being lured into seduction, and who would turn down some kinky play with your girlfriend's / wife's / hot friend's plump, lactating tits. By then of course, it's too late. The last thing they hear is "good girl" before they drift off and enter their new lives as happy, obedient tiny petgirls, eager to serve their sweet, loving mistresses. The women themselves tend to stay out of each other's business, but every once and a while a particularly ambitious mistress will decide to trick another into become a part of her growing harem.
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This made me think of something:

All men, though some combination of magic or science, become cowgirls. A large, hanging udder; four swollen huge filled with milk; a tail; and some skin spotting on some. But there's a twist: instead of teats udders have massive dicks and produce (admittedly very sweet) semen instead of milk. The four breasts are normal except that the taste of the milk depends on one's skin color, with White people being strawberry, black people being chocolate, Asians being vanilla, and Arabs/Metizos being caramel.

Instead of sex as we know it, women simply ride a cowgirl's udder and fill themselves with as much cum as they can hold, the fullness isn't as strongly pleasurable as an orgasm but it lasts much longer. Due to a surplus of dicks, over time normal women begin to outnumber cowgirls five-to-one, so eventually most cowgirls become prized and often have multiple mates at once to keep up the population.
a quarter of the population suddenly become "demons." They get taller, more muscular, their genitalia grows. Their bodily fluids are addictive for humans, so a human can become a demon's virtual slave from just a deep kiss. Even more so from sex.

These new demons form a nation for themselves and rule over the remaining humans, building harems for themselves.

The catch is that demon fluids are addictive no matter the gender, so young human men get added to harems as well where they are humiliated and made more feminine.

Most women end up pregnant with demon babies.
But then mankind has a collective, sensible chuckle and blammos the lot of them.

Those that attempt to use "superior technology" are all forced to get really embarassing haircuts. Before being blammoed.
I love it when people do RL Science on this sort of stuff.

2002 Study called 'Crying over Spilled Semen'

Conclusion: Yes semen is potentially addictive for women. It makes for a good mood altering drug by itself even without sex.

A few years later the guy did the same study again with a different sample of women - got same result.
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all girls have monster girl forms they turn into when they're emotionally distressed
>emotionally distressed
Looks like im in trouble for half the year

I like this, especially since I know plenty of women who'd likely be in their monster girls forms way more often than not.

What kind of monsters are we talking about here, anyway? And wouldn't turning into a monster just cause more emotional distress, guranateeing that most women remain in their monster forms until someone knocks them out or something?
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Been considering this for a while, so have a page 10 rescue:

Man finally genetically engineers catgirls. They have all of the usual benefits; better hearing with their ears and balance with their tails, superb night vision, etc. They're also virtually immune to heat, cold, and disease (genetic or otherwise), and stop physically aging between their pre- and mid-teens. However, like cats, they have no concept of incest or modesty, often either forgetting or outright refusing to wear clothes, and go into heat frequently, with no compunctions about having sex in public. This, combined with their exceedingly dominant genes, mean they rapidly start outright replacing normal human women and forcing revisions to nudity and decency laws. There are also some unexpected side-effects; breast growth is highly polarized, with catgirls usually either staying flat or developing massive tits, and some mutations, such as extra digits, extra sets of breasts, or birth missing one or more limbs, become significantly more common.
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All men wake up one day permanently transformed into sexy twenty-five year old women and find that they are immortal (nothing will kill or physically harm them and they will not age). They also discover that their intelligence, agility, and senses have been greatly enhanced; and they are also immune to infections/disease/poisons/toxins/corrosives. The downside is, however, that the wombs of these immortals are always prolapsed (eternally moistened with sexual fluids). During menstruation these prolapsed wombs will squirt out semen along with blood, meaning that normal women can be impregnated via such a womb being inserted into her vagina; the offspring of which will always be a normal girl. Finally, an immortal becomes utterly submissive to any mortal who holds onto her prolapsed womb (though this state of mind only persists as long as her womb is being grasped).
All women sometimes turn into whole pigs just like the parents in Spirited Away.

I'm not sure what should trigger this (or what would cause women to change back), but the transformation process would be just as it's depicted in the movie, with women growing oddly hungry then suddenly setting upon the first food they see after the hunger hits, with them transforming as they can't stop feeding until they've been reduced to whole fat sows kicking around in what's left of their clothing and the food that's probably toppled to the floor.

Might me nice if the transformations were completely random, so no woman knows if she might turn in the middle of driving a car, riding a plan, making a presentation at work or school, or maybe while on a hike and so there's the risk they might disappear for days on end in the forest...
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