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As the subject says.

Old thread:
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A kitsune tricks you into becoming her boyfriend.
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Roll a d6
Odds: This happens to your gf
Evens: You wake up a girl and this happens you you
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You've been here for too long, the fetish police has you serve a mandatory year to pay off your debt to society.

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One of my favorite globalized fetishes is where sex is regarded like any other given activity, including in public. But I've also considered the effects it might have on society if this were true historically, and I'm fond of the mental image I painted. I'll go into more detail in the following comments. (While I have no explanation for the presence of futanari, futa pics in this situation are not unwelcome.)

(Note: Not to be confused with "free-use" or "there are no taboos regarding sex whatsoever." I'd prefer no incest, underage, or non-con.)
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It'd be fuckin awesome, I'd be able to do shit like the time I fingered my ex (at the time she and I were dating) in the middle of class without having to worry about being embarrassed

pic unrelated
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A key factor in this globalized scenario is that as sex was never viewed as anything to look twice at, there was never a schism in how men and women were viewed regarding sex. At no point were men or women viewed or judged by their capacity to breed/performance in doing so, the roles and functionality of each sex in reproduction, and later on, in general sexual activity, never differed much.
Zoom a couple thousand years forward. What are the immediate differences? For starters, all bathrooms and locker rooms are unisex.

Without the schism in sexual roles and perception, there was never an "us and them" mentality regarding "his" and "hers." There's no notion anywhere of any "battle of the sexes." Young schoolchildren are never divided along gender lines. There's no concept of "cooties" at that age, and the boys and girls generally just get along. Friend groups are notably more mixed, including into later years.

So when the kids grow up, there's not a lot of discourse in a mixed locker room (the danger of rape is also reduced, as I'll explain later). Girls are also just as likely to ask a guy for help fastening a bra as they would another girl, to help complete the image. Plus, sex in those locker rooms or in the group showers is perfectly A-OK.

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Other thread died, let's do it again edition

Let's combine all these fetishes and both sides of the pacific here and enjoy women, futa, and traps being drained of their wits and or morals until they're hungry enough to modify their own bodies into walking fuck toys all for the D.

Some runes posted in the last thread to help look
ヤリマン - Slut, really just any woman who isn't fucking moe pure because Japan is retarded
ビッチ - Bitch, although it's more of a slut for us
ギャル - Gal, a slutty fashionable woman this term has been around for decades and is an umbrella term
黒ギャル - Black gal, same as gal but tanned, it is considered more extreme so you'll see tats and other stuff too. There are other types of gals but they focus on backgrounds like highschool or occupation so not important.
ガングロ - ganguro, not used anymore but think of it as a makeup focused black gal
ヤマンバ / マンバ - yamanba / manba, dead like ganguro it's even more extreme makeup and 80's metal hair

These are kinda related:
洗脳 - Brainwashing
エロ衣装 / ボディコン - Erotic clothing
悪堕ち- corruption, if anyone knows if there's one for moral degeneration that would be awesome

化 - changing / making / -fication, add this to the end of most nouns and you'll get the process
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Let's get going
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Mizuryu Kei is a god

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Not too big, not too small. Just right.
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Petplay lewds
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we try to keep socializing off of /d/, so please use our site: petplayfun.com

Sorry if I messed anything up this is first time making one of these threads
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Second Life users, would you like to go to a cowgirl enslavement factory/prison which was automated by NPCs? I'm a programmer and have scripted a few things in Second Life but I'm always annoyed at how dependent slavery is on role-playing.
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Everything wrong with the current hucow sl community you are.
I don't know if I'm in the wrong places but I only see the rare afk person in huwcow areas. D-zone looks cool but all the cows are afk.
Ignore the grump. I don't even care for cowgirls and I'd give that a good looking at. I love the concept of SL, but fourteen months in it and I've found only like three people I enjoyed the RP with. Mazes, single-player games, and the like are nice, so I'd say go for it.

In the event this topic doesn't last (it won't), do you have a name we can keep up with?

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Time for another round of ball pain. Discussion is encouraged, but just make sure to keep posting ballbusting pictures as well.
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ah no, I actually just have a fetish for plants, preferably with vore. Mushrooms are a favorite of mine.
Why tho ?
>jets fucking each other / humans / whatever is totally fine
>People turning into objects and beeing fucked / fucking with each other / humans / whatever is totally fine
>Living armour / armour + tentacles fucking humans is totally fine

And you draw the line with plants / trees?
That shit is vanilla compared to the rest of this board.
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Anyone else into body horror stuff? I have Junji Ito, The Thing, and some of Demon Man's stuff kinda scratches the itch, but I feel like there's not much else out there.
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You know, stuff like this.
Last page of that comic got me hard
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We barely get these, post all ya got! Bonus points for males! Also lets try and get some newer images instead of the same ones we see in every one of these threads!
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Posting all from this btw
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I wish this fetish wasn't so uncommon.

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Female assholes; big, meaty delicious assholes you'd want to stick on and bury your face in. Futa allowed; sweat, hair, and stink are bonuses.
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I've just realized how much I like this despite normally hating NTR in general
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I'll be posting some stuff, please share if you have any pictures fitting this criteria
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I like the sound of that.
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Oh, bonus points for non-monstergirl ovi and xeno.
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Asset Swap Thread
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Hey haven't seen one of these in a while.

Also does this have a specific name?
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