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Pokémon girls ,Pokémon etc
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Anyone else have any more ?

Last Thread

As always, dedicated to giving cute anime girls wedgies, humiliating and knocking them down a few pegs by such tawdry and childish acts.
Caption Anons lurk within, so don't be too shy in voicing your desires!
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Hell yeah. I'll repeat my message from the last thread.

"If anyone feels like adding on Skype so we can keep /wedg/ relatively on topic, I'm pengawill. Just let me know who you are if you're tripfagging."

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my posts simply aren't showing up, so I might as well admit how much I wish some faggot sissy would move in as a fucktoy for all my roomates and I and do all the fucking chores for free. Anyway I've got a fetish for weird fetishes so show me some weird shit. I aint posting shit cause I'm on my phone so I just have the one image and this post probably wont even go up.
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OP's a faggot
Yes that is implied with wanting to have sex with another male. Why did you need to point out something so flagrantly obvious?
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OP, I like your sexy opening. But not adding to your own thread does make you a faggot. Sure, you might be on your phone but you also have internet. You're on 4chan. You can save pictures, you know. And upload them.
Continue being sexy.
Contribute to your own threads.

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Welcome to the drawthread.
- All artists welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the Drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Please no coloring or edit requests. Take it to this thread: >>6712025
-If you would like to make the new drawthread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
-If you have an erotic fiction request, try heading on over to >>6733770
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
The newest pics in there could use tagging, please contribute if you have nothing else to do.


If you're looking for a deleted thread try checking


and enter the post # of the thread or any post you are looking for.

You can also go to http://desustorage.org/d/search/text/drawfriends%2C%20don't%20hold%20back/ which has every thread that features this boilerplate.

Previous thread
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I would like to request this girl doing this.
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any character at all transformed into a very cute/sexy elf girl and then rapidly impregnated/belly inflated by magic causing her breasts to swell up very heavily as well as stomach. she's absolutely loving the whole thing as her clothes are stretching/ripping and trying to contain her growing stomach and breasts.
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Requesting Tifa as a Futa melting into goo as she masturbates.

Anything slimegirl is welcome, preferably futa though
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don't OP with only one pic
Gonna post what I have
It's so fucking hard to find this shit for some reason
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Titless traps are also welcome. Lets go!
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Post robots.

No cyborgs. Flesh is weak and will not survive the approaching singularity.
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Let's aim for a 3 or better!

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Basically people fucking in public like it's no big deal. With or without consent.

Bonus points if there's an underlying theme of cock worship, where it's the males who have the sexual upper hand in society, and girls are just begging to suck a cock.
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Hey there.
I'll be mostly tossing up requests made for me regarding the 'She-mask' fetish 'born' on deviantart.
Characters are mine, save for one i'll specify isn't.
Feel free to ask, praise, comment and post.
> Character on first picture is Mathilda Pearson, my first OC.
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Mathilda once more.
Mathilda doing what she does best
Sometimes, i imagine that the mask was meant for boys only.
Guess Mathilda gained something out of that rule? :P

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Pics of people with /d/ anatomies having minor or major inconveniences in their every day lives.
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Last one 404'd

I'll be posting some junk from the last thread to get it going, post all your hypno captions/ manips/ hypno art in this thread.
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Is Sleepymaid allowed on here?
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look down.png
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Post pictures from the female line of sight to please my tg fetish. Preferably lewd, there's just something erotic about pictures where you experience sex/masturbation/etc from the female pov. Mirrors are fine too.
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Being female is considered a /d/ fetish. What a time to be alive.
I gave up on the gender bender thread, but I posted a few cgs there. You don't have to limit yourself to tg on this thread, as long as it's something you would see from a female POV then it's fine.

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I see a toned muscle futa but prefer vaginas can we get a muscle girl thread going, hyper is ok. Double points for female muscle growth

Also some questions, answer if you like

1. Would you want a muscle girl in reality

2. What turns you on the most of a muscle girl

3. What made you into this

4. Do femanons also have this fetish

5. Do you think this fetish is possible not going to lie yeon woo jhi seems like the future i hope.

6. Will humanity ever reach the point where we can give people a quick muscle growth
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23 military 2.jpg
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1: Yes, if she was hot.

2: She's a fit girl. Who doesn't want to date a fit girl?
[spoiler]>Also because I want to date a delicate muscle girl. See her shy side as she doesn't want to give me death by snu-snu.
>Help her pick out a nice summer dress and long walks on the beach. Tell her she looks beautiful and watch her blush.
>Hold hands with her.
>Join her for early morning jogs.
>Cuddle up to her, fondling her tits and that firm ass
>Eat delicious, healthy meals with her

3. See attached picture. Amazing artist, honestly.

4. You ask me, and I'll ask you.

5. Probably. Seen plenty of hot, fit girls doing sports. Though I've never seen one with properly defined muscles that wasn't on a monitor.

6. Weeeeeellll, according to Shadowrun, vat-grown muscles should be around 2050-2074. But for real? No fucking clue.
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Sooo is that a maybe on question 4

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Alright, it went away. Let's get a rousing thread of pic below happens to you
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The nurses are quite peculiar, I can't seem to, oh well

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I have no idea how come I got into this stuff... Just put your favourite picture in this thread.
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