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Futa's in panties thread?
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I think this is the only other one I've got.
and these look more like male underwear anyway.

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Futa x female thread
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body swap/possession thread?
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I've got some
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no peach? baka
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Post guys with tits/male breast expansion
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You know the drill. No futa, nowhere aside from in the belly.
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Any RPG games with the Main Character becoming pregnant?
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I'm kinda suprised my fetish is this hard to find. Can someone dump pictures of guys fucking futas (pic related) or atleast point me to some artists who draw this exclusively. For some reason futas fucking guys doesn't do anything for me.
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its not to find at all, just search the tag on gelbooru or related site

Also you need to dump more images, this isn't /r/
bump this

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Whatever sexual fantasy you wouldn't mind being inflicted on the entire planet. Post yours.

Human reproduction is very... different. What we traditionally see as males cease to exist along with penises. Instead we have big breasted "males" and bottom heavy "females." Instead of menstruating, females lay eggs of vary shape and size, depending on a number of factors including diet, physical activity, innate biology, and sexual habits. The eggs can be as small as a golf ball or as large as a softball.

These eggs are not in hard shells, but are clear and like jelly. If they are not damaged or discarded they become capable of being fertilized. Males fertilize these eggs by injecting them with a kind of breast milk. When fertilized they can either be traditionally placed in the male's vagina for safety and simulate a "normal" pregnancy or in many developed areas placed into incubation chambers where they are regularly inspected, often for a fee.

Also, could the guy making all the super-specific BBW threads cool it and contribute to the original one or two?
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So basically a wish corruption thread without all the "wish granted, YOU CAN'T ACTUALLY ENJOY IT/EVERYBODY DIES" shitposting? Awesome.

With the latest biotech craze, people gain the ability to "lock" themselves - or others - at the height of climax before orgasm while not actually allowing them to come, thus prolonging and maximizing pleasure and even allowing for things like synchronized orgasms. The system suffers from one side-effect, however: the systems' means of keeping a person at climax also keeps the production of semen and girlcum at elevated levels and the two create a feedback loop such that fluids eventually backflow into the rest of the body in pursuit of an exit

>Be all gagged and trussed up for Mistress, who's having her usual fun being such a cruel tease
>Finally ready to go, and she knows it, when she produces a band and snaps it around my neck
>It's like half of my brain is dying and reviving a thousand times a second, everything feels a level of tense soreness I never thought possible, but Mistress gives no quarter for all my muffled moaning
>The backflow's reached far enough my stomach's bloated and my asshole dripping, but a plug soon puts a stop to that, leaving up the only direction of course
>The eternal climax and need to release are increasingly drowning out everything else of existence, every poke and prod and grope another hole cut out of reality
>Mistress draws me more horizontal as she rides me, sending the waves of cum inside me rolling and crashing harder and higher against my throat and tongue
>I can barely see her through blurry eyes streaming tears of salty cum, barely hear her through the dull roiling swish of pressurized semen, barely even think of her under the crushing need to come
>Mistress leans over for one last survey of her work, her own slight distension greatly dwarfed by mine, tracing her fingers along until they slip past the pinched flesh and pull the band away
>It's the mutual Little Death of nuclear WW3
Foot fetish becomes transmitable. Only women can spread it to other women. They do this by shoving their foot in a victims mouth, instant psychotic lust for feet goes into effect. The longer the host has it, the more they obsess over it. Eventually this changes their bodies. Their hands become copies of their feet, but retain their dexterity, their skin becomes soft and glabrous like the skin on soles and toes. The longest infected then start changing further, teeth become toes, interior vaginal walls contain ultra dextrous toes and soles. Extra legs with feet start growing from the hips up to the shoulders. Feet get larger in size over time. All the while they become expert footjob administrators.

This can effect any woman between the ages of 15 and 35. They remain their age forever at the time of infection, their list for feet and ducks to jerk with them never subsides.

If only an anon could write a fapfic about this. I wouldn't stop fapping until the end of time
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Life as a succubus.jpg
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Dualism is true and, by extension, souls are real. There is, however, only one true afterlife; consisting of what appears to be a generic medieval fantasy setting. Everyone who dies will end up here regardless of their actions in life. But what is the catch? Well, everybody takes the form of an immortal (in every sense of the word) 25 year old sexy athletic woman whose womb is naturally (and permanently) prolapsed. In addition, our afterlife forms also have some similar characteristics with a succubus.

We will therefore spend much of our eternity having sex with each other, the various fantasy races (i.e. elves, orcs, dwarves, and etc.), and monsters. Elves, in particular, are extremely attracted to us due to their hedonistic decadence. Because of this they have learned how to use magic to temporarily control (though said “control” only amounts to bodily movements, not one’s thoughts or verbal expressions) anyone who inevitably ends up in this afterlife via tactile contact with said person’s prolapsed womb. Thus an elf can—and will—make you do humiliating shit for centuries if he or she ever manages to grab onto your womb.

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Traps and Femboys hung like horses!

No futa allowed.
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I'll be lenient on you guys and gals who locked themselves up last thread. If you thought the previous thread would 404 and you'd get your moment's freedom, think again.

Abandon all delusions of control. You don't have the right to release yourself and just choose pleasure for yourself of your own will. Your body is for the pleasure of others.

That said, I'm not cruel. Your body is bound forever by this thread's existence, but those who hold it within their grasp will show you some mercy.

Choose now: Standard Difficulty or Hard Mode. In the next post will be the details of the condition you've chosen for yourself, but you have to pick blind. If you wish to accept this challenge, reply to the OP with the difficulty level you've chosen for yourself and a relevant chastity image. Do not look at the conditions of your difficulty until after you've made your choice.

Choose carefully. Don't forget, your choice will last as long as there is a chastity thread on /d/, so you may spend a long time pining for release. However, Hard Mode will have its own pleasures.
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Just kidding. You're free to go.
Previous thread >>6663364

Okay, so here are the terms you will live under as long as there is a chastity thread on /d/:

Standard Difficulty: You get one unlock for orgasm during the life of this thread. Once, you may unlock yourself and pleasure yourself however you want, but as soon as you reach orgasm, you're done. Lock yourself back in immediately after cleaning up. Orgasms without genital stimulation do not count towards this limit - if you can cum without touching your dick/clit, then you may do so... for now.

Hard Mode: No orgasms. At least once per week during the duration of this thread's life, you must use a dildo to fuck yourself in the ass. You are not allowed orgasms, even prostate ones, while doing this. Spend at least 10 minutes working the dildo during these sessions.

In addition to this, there is one more condition upon you FOR EITHER DIFFICULTY:

You must make a post in this thread with a chastity-related image in which you state your difficulty choice and ask for a task to complete. You must complete THE FIRST reasonable task you are assigned by an anon. The person giving this task may specify that you are allowed an orgasm during this task, in which case that task's rules override the difficulty mode's rules.

Happy chastity!
Well Chastity thread, I'd participate but currently my keyholder owns me and would not appreciate me signing myself over to the internet. (No matter how much I want to) so I'm going to have to sit this one out. Have fun.

futa piping flaccid futa; preferably with (big) asses and (puffy) testicles

anything you got!
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other than that, it's just a flaccid futa thread

Hello /d/eviants. I come to you asking for advice or at least words or wisdom. I've found some of you can help quite a bit in exchange for a image dump from time to time. So I'll fill this thread to the brim of tentacles for you all to enjoy.

So I'm 24. Just got out of a 6 year relationship.
I feel my chances of ever finding anyone else are extremely slim, and my biggest fear is dying alone.
The reason I think my chances are slim, is because of three main points;
1. People are usually taught or shown they must settle with someone, as the 'perfect person' doesn't exist. Issue? I've already met and experienced my version of a perfect partner. I have a superiority complex to a degree (Although I also have self esteem issues- funny how that works), yet the person that left me is someone I could say with confidence was more insightful and intelligent than I am. They were also extremely attractive, very kind and very experimental in bed. I've learned I don't have to settle and that whole thing is bullshit.
2. I'm MTF. I seriously feel like this shouldn't matter, but fact of the matter is a lot of people would be creeped out if they found out months into a relationship.
3. The type of people to go out to specifically 'find' a romantic partner is the type of people I don't usually get along with that well. That more or less draws me finding someone I'm looking for down to luck.
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I'm pretty sure I won't ever find anyone. I also have the feeling I won't be over my ex for a 'very' long time and if I 'did' get into a relationship I'd see them for what they aren't instead of what they are and I don't want to subject someone to that.
To this end, I'm looking for other ways to somehow help fill the void a little.

I have tried a bunch of new things so far, including expanding my friend circle and becoming more social (I'm also volunteering as tech support somewhere on occasion), getting new hobbies (Violin/Piano/Sewing/Digital art, watching Anime), becoming more active (Walking, morning exercises) and I'm also trying to help my friends improve their lives with advice and whatever else I can.

I have a personal deadline set for mid-2017. This admittedly sounds ridiculous, but if I don't find any hope for having a partner, or at least find something else that can fill the void, I'll commit suicide.
Since I don't have any parents or family of my own, having a lifelong partner is a very big deal to me.
I, of course, don't want to do that. So I'm trying everything I can possibly think of to prevent it.

The traps with lipstick and painted nails, thigh highs, skirts. Especially ones that look cutesy.
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Post more content, or this is just another /r/ thread.

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Hotaru vore edit.jpg
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I start with that anime, very Vore allusive. Nowdays turn me on as nothing.
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That was me.jpg
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stuff that belongs ITT:

stuff that does not belong in this thread:
-gagging on dicks, take it to /h/
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Traps tucking, no pussies.
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