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RIP Brachyura thread.
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/c/ isn't quick either. It'll be there tomorrow.
It's probably fine. I can still access regular /an/ through Clover and everything is still there, but can't post due to "site maintenance". Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.
It better be.
I still need to get angry at that one baiter who's shitposting king crabs all over it.

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my dog has been having allergies which make him want to scratch his puffy ear for years. just today i was petting him and felt one side of his head was swollen by that ear, not comically but significantly swollen. i intend on taking him to the vet immediately but it's saturday and my vet wont be in until monday. does anyone know if this could be allergies? or if it shouldn't wait until monday? thanks for your help guys
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Is your dog in pain at all? Is he eating normally? How is his movement?

It might be an allergy, it could be something entirely different - honestly, without physically examining the dog none of us here could really tell you.

However, honestly, it depends on what you mean by "significantly swollen"- what exactly are we talking about here? Your post is really quite vague r.e whether it can wait or not.
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thanks for your prompt response, it is swelling about 2-4cm above his normal skull, this is an area of maybe 10 square cm. he has been in pain due to his ear, but other than that i don't think it's causing him a terrible amount of pain.
sorry for the ambiguity, i was worried and wanted to type something and wait for a response while i googled other possibilities.
really your best advice or more questions would help wonders.

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cutest cockroaches thread?
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good idea
How do I get over my fear of these guys?
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Small dog thread?
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post the cutest hooved animals
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Dikdik, pudu, mousedeer, and muntjac.
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>went to nuggetfest earlier this year
>some assholes actually bought a goat and brought it along
>shot it just outside of camp the next morning

RIP goat, you were a real hero.
PriPara goats are the best goats.

I can see why you guys like this so much. It's very cute and heartwarming.

Who else here is watching Kemono Friends for the first time?
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Watched it for the first time last week. It was indeed pretty great though the animation took a little getting used to.
>when you walk into a business that's obviously struggling and the staff is way too attentive

Fucking awkward
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Saw the first episode and wasn't really that impressed.
After the hype built up, I went back and it's got that weird comfy post-apocalyptic vibe that I liked from things like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

It's a guilty pleasure.

How can this be legal for zoos?
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That's Mexico, that's probably better living conditions than most people there.
You have to go back
The zookeepers were probably beheaded or shot since it's Mexico.

post bearded dragons
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could you guys leave me alone about buying my bunny from a pet store, first of all its my decision, secondly it was obvious the rodents, especially the rats were not well taken care of. I got a rabbit from there instead of adopting because I didnt want her to have to live there an I definitely didn't want to have her be put down if she wasnt adopted within the year. most shelters dont kill animals but petstores will and do especially with reptiles and rodents. believe me i wanted to take them all home. as for their rats they literally kept them in a tank on top of eachother, it was filthy and they were all obviously ill, plus most of them were pregnant. i don't support pet stores but if buying one animal from there means saving its life and a lot of misery ill do it. the bunnies were not put in proper housing and they were on display in the front where everyone who walked in would touch them, i cant imagine the anxiety that would have caused especially because rabbits are very nervous to begin with since they are on the bottom of the food chain. buns now has her own home which will be a spacious hut soon, proper food, toys, and she gets to spend time outdoors and whenever im home she gets to roam around.

saying im scum and support animal abuse is FAR from the truth, i was a vegetarian for most of my life and even went vegan for a long time because i give a shit about how animals are treated. i can assure you i rescued buns even though she isnt a "rescue" animal.
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no, pet stores a shit.
please tell me this is bait

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I like this board can we keep it
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If you want to discuss weebshit you probably do.
I'm actually interested in animals and have joined many forums pertaining to them over the years and can tell you now any potential intelligent discussion on /an/ has been ruined by weebs here.
I mean, we can keep the original two too. I just want /can/ to keep existing because I like cute animus and cute animals together.

/can/ in addition to the other two would be great. I agree it is more animu than /an/ right now but that's fine for today and is a fun change of pace.

What do you feed catgirls?
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eat the tofu.jpg
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if catgirls became real id be the oldy cat lady male version

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>/an/ didn't merge with /k/
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no one cares.
You wanted all the posts to be about hunting?
Granted being invaded by weebshit isn't much better.

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Moth thread
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Moths are cute!
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