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Post cats.
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It's all ogre now, all ornithischians are fluffy.
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But we know from skin impressions that they weren't. Pic related, it's a Triceratops skin impression.
>muh skin impression
there couldn't possible be scales under the feathers right?
We have impression from carnotaurs with full scales and bumps imprinted as well.

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tapir thread
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Are cups animals? What about Homunculus? Are cups at least cans?
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Truly it is the greatest mystery of our time.
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I don't know if they're animals but they are cute.
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kuro is cute!.webm
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does /can/ prefer white cups or brown cups?

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Chickens anyone?

Finally set up my hen house, and I'm bringing home some pekin bantams tonight (urban household, although the house can apparently hold ten wanted to stick to 4-5 bantams at most to give them some room).

Any tips anyone, esp on befriending them? I've worked at a poultry farm before, so know what I'm doing r.e feed/water.

Do they really need to be shut out of their roosting area at night? These guys aren't going to be the best layers out there after all! My current intention is to let them out in their run during the day (3m long run), and then they can have run of our entire garden at night/weekends until we go to bed where they will be shut in their coop overnight.

Picked related, our choice for going to pick up later.

Any other general tips? Thanks in advance guys!
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That is cool

Chickens should be inside at night in a well secured room with plates 50 cm down the soil to keep out foxes

Let them roam free during the day

Posting cute chickens.

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Sharks are cute animals
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Post shark girls pls
no lewd shark girls allowed
Sharks are SCARY

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Hi /c/ and /an/, /pol/ refugee here.
I just want to ask a question. How fucked up are all of you? There was war? And if that is the case. What image board wins? in the case of /pol/, definitely lost the battle against /mlp/ Note: this is a copy, paste of my previous tread
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Look around you. Everyone is getting along and having fun.
/pol/acks are mostly newfags that can't handle even low level mod trolling.

This is what happens when kids get raised by single mothers, they develop weird entitlement complexes.
Pretty much all the board mergers except for /mlp/ and /pol/ have gotten along swimmingly, FOR THE MOST PART.

Some are going to be angry of course.

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Is mating cute?
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that type is
How does this work? Does the black cat have a dick? Why does she look like a girl if she has a dick?
>Why does she look like a girl if she has a dick

You don't go to outside /an/ much do you?

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saad maan.jpg
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/an/, it's us, /k/. We want to know why you left us.

Was it because we paid to much attention to our rifle collection rather than watering the garden?
Was it because we let /kan/ fire their first gun when you told us not to?
Whatever it was, we're sorry, please forgive us.
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What happen m8?
/an/ and /k/ are engaged, but /an/ got together with /c/ instead
Are you sure it's not just april fools?

1. /can/
2. /mo/
3. /fitlit/
4. /fap/
5. /cock/

Also, togame a cute
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I enjoy /can/ and /cock/, /mo/ and /fitlit/ work suprisingly well, the rest is trash.
/fap/ makes total sense, though
I want this to last long enough to see the abomination that /mlpol/ will create.
Maybe even make it a whole week so everyone thinks it's permanent.

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>Previous thread

>/a/ threads archive
pastebin.com/8JXubF7Q (embed)

>/c/ threads archive
pastebin.com/T3UBT3kz (embed)

pastebin.com/qMDjv76Z (embed)

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Am I cute?
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My old roommate had an Italian Greyhound that she loved to death, and I was very affectionate of the dog as well so I grew a soft spot for the breed. So yes, I think the doggo is cute.
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had to try something
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name any animal as absolutely disgusting, vile, and terrifying as the sea lamprey.

>pro tip: you absolutely fucking can't
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there's a bug whose larvae carry a literal bag of shit with them
stop posting picture of me
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We are on /can/, post only cute animals

Coelacanth thread
Post cute coelacanths
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thats a very advanced looking fish. is it fast?
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This is a thread for OWLS, and OWLS only!
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Owls are dumb in real life

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