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>/can/ is unironically greater than /c/ and /an/
Please Jap moot keep these boards merged. Just these ones.
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I like this board, everyone is a friend.
/c/ and /an/ can go back to normal, just leave this board up as well. It's the perfect place to get our KF comfy back now that the /a/ threads have been ruined.
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/c/ + /an/ = Forbidden Love.
[spoiler]I love you /c/ please stay.[/spoiler]

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Rate thread. Post your cute/animal
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>literally a furry board
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>creates /trash/ and basically gives furries their own hangout
Gookmoot is doing such a great job running this place into the ground
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>/trash/ minds its own business. Most people don't know it's even there.
>/pol/ and /tv/ spread their cancerous, off-topic memes on decent boards.

i duno lol

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I love as other boards have joined during the whole day, you are the example and /pol/ is the only one who has behaved in such a autistic way with the union of /mlp/,although they are now beginning to unify.

would like to take this opportunity to make a few questions.
>what you have learned from these unions, especially/can /?
I've learned that a weapon there is more powerful than kek,.
>you have passed it very well?
I certainly very well,
>do you want that this unification continue?
in my case I do not, but do not dsicard a possible alliance with mlp/in caset of an attack.
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The ones who still screech on /pol/ are T_D redditors and tryhards.

The oldfags instantly saw how the ponies cured the board from tons of shills and even bots got fucked up because of the namechange.
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this desu
horse porn is much easier to coexist with than meme magic tryhards, shariablue apologists and the leaf
and it gives me one less reason to browse that shithole regularly and ruin my day with a constant stream of negativity and alarmist bullshit
Pretty much this. I wouldn't consider myself an oldfag and I particularly hate ponies, but I know it'll go back to normal soon enough and I don't sperg out about it.
Posting something /can/ related.

A lion and a tiger are fighting to the death to see who's cuter.
Who has your support?
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Tiger is obviously cuter.
That's where you're wrong. Have you seen a lion cub? It will make your heart melt.
Both of them are pretty similiar.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Any picture of redheads who look cute and badass
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You need to start a /c/ thread with several of your own images to get started. At least six.
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Cute paleoart
Only has one finger on teeny tiny arms. CUTE!
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She's already the queen of /trash/
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I really hope so.
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Well it's 2:06 am on April second where I am and I've been tapping my foot waiting for the joke to end.
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Glad im not the only one... lmao
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California Nyna.png
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The Joke will once we Best Coasters say so.

Who got dem sneks?
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I got plenty of snek
Aquatic or terrestrial?
i got sum snek

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What's his secret?
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The night before...
packing cash for a wild night out
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Trying on some new threads, designer brands only

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What does /can/ think of Kit Darling?
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she belongs to /cock/
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Fox thread?
I just read Poppy. Yesterday. All of it in a three hour binge. How long is it between average updates and is there any way to make him make it faster?
Also why are there actual humans and why are they the size of animals?
And why is Poppy gay?

/can/cer thread
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creabs are the highest life form on earth....nothign really compares to them

i've always wishe, if only fpor a moment, that i might morph into a human sized crab, that we all might be crabs if only just for a day,m like april fools with crabs

imagine, if you, will, to have claws to manipulate instead of hands, legs to walk and run along the streets in sideways fashion at better speed and still be able to see in lateral motion the things we cant see in colors we cant do

crabs are like that, i want to be one and being born as not one of a crab is pain every day
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Uh, uh, why did I get a boner?

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how can a cow have such big cans?
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Lots of milk.

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