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Are birbs the cutest animel?
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no fuck you

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Maximum Horse General
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Shiny horse.

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Post hamsters
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Hamsters are cute
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Musical hamsters?
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i want to fuck Corey Shepherd
i know he looking at this board <3
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alright /can/, anybody want to make a Kemono Friends logo on the Place thing on Reddit?

here's a link, I'll show you where I started in the first comment of this thread
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it's directly to the top right of the r/Touhou thing
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now it's a bit of a Z pattern, starting with the left horn of the の

sort of surprised there hasn't been at least something as simple as this already

> r/Touhou

It's a joint effort between /qa/ and /jp/!

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These are my guinea pigs: Marisa and reimu. (Marisa is the black ball of fur)
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Very cute pets and nice names. You got a lot of books, too.
HAD a load of books. You don't call something Marisa and expect your library to be intact when you get back.
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Ha don't worry she will bring them back eventually.
Also protip: Marisa likes mushrooms.

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What ARE birds?
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We just don't know.
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Descendants of the ancient dinosaurs.
Birds are very important.

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Are you kind to others, /can/?
Do you show sympathy for those who are like you?
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Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he!
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Laugh kookaburra laugh, kookaburra gay your life must be!
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C U T E!!!
who wrote this rap?

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Is she a cute animal /can/
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Where did you get this picture of me?
dude you're all over the internet
Dragons are mystcal creatures and therefore go into /fitlit/

Does anyone have a fish tank table? I'm going to build one and would like some ideas
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How about a fish tank seat instead?

Just don't.

No doubt you tank will be too small. Even if you did manage to make the tank a decent size and stock accordingly you'd be putting the fish under massive stress with the vibrations of using the coffee table. Add that to the fact it will be an absolute bugger to clean.

If you want a fish tank and are in the US, wait until your local petsmart does a $1 per gallon sale, and go from there.

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staaaay fresh!
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*Lurks freshly*
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Here we can see the squids in their natural habitat, bullying lesser members of their species

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Where are muh micebros?
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have this non-suspicious mouse
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They're cute.
>mice thread
>posts cat
get outta here

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