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Yotsuba and Animals
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Previous thread: >>2843426
Old threads: https://pastebin.com/XHKREK5w
Info-dump of the series: http://pastebin.com/xZvJLnpR

>easter is coming
I guess it was meant to be, sorry old thread for letting you die!
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/an/ I had to take my dog to the er tonight.
Can we have a cute pictures thread?
I'm a mess right now
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What happened?
I'm sorry OP
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Old dog. Had no strength, couldn't keep her head up. No bladder control.
They're doing everything they can, but she's really old

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can we keep it.jpg
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It could really increase traffic to both our boards and we got along great today.
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i'm ok with this
Now I want a Big Al anime. thanks allot OP.
no fuck you make separate board for /can/. we can't have scientific discussion with you guys here

post everything you've got
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I know its Aprils First, but the First Day of the Month is also a Monoeye Day.

So, new cyclops Thread. Previous thread seems to be missing, so I might as well start a new one. Also, Cyclops animals also welcome.
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Coming to think of it, I should have used pic related as thread OP. Maybe next thread.

Infodump: http://pastebin.com/FWm01NPB
NSFW thread >>>/d/7256125
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7 here
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Everything lower than 6 isn't an animal.
3 is as far as I'll go.
dangerously cheesy

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Thought's on setting aside half the planet for wildlife?
I believe making half the planet into nature reserves would be a great idea
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Hopefully we can but it would take a while and we would need radical political/social changes..
For example the western wildway has low population
We could just pay those people to move, then make a mega nature reserve that stretches from Alaska to Mexico
Africa and Asia continue to explode in population, and the people currently there don't give a shit about even current conservation laws.

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My brother brought a big lumbering pitbull home, how can I convince my mother and father to get rid of it before someone gets hurt.
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If you could find a study done on the breed that shows they're violent regardless of upbringing that might work.
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>Defending baby killers
Don't you belong on /pol/?
I have tons, but I'm afraid my parents don't listen to reason and instead fall for all the memes like its the owners fault or they bred not to attack humans and just dogs (not to mention the fact we have dogs)

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Cute frog !
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Bitch get off m board.
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Horo bread
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Cute foxes.
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Last year I made a Di Gi Charat thread for 1/4, and now I see it's relevant because (I) /can/!
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This Puchiko could make a good wallpaper for your 4:3 monitor
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Usada music.jpg
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and the board's complete with the evil panda girl

>/can/ is going to end in a few hours
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Best case scenario, Hiro keeps /can/, /fitlit/, etc. around as secret boards. If he doesn't, it's been an honor, lads.
that would be fucking great
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Its been a fun day but both boards need to return to their previous states. /an/ is more than just cute animals and there are tons of threads on /c/ that have been neglected throughout the day.

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