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Sumire a best.
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The cutest!
You gentlemen have excellent taste, Sumire a cute!
I like this series so far. Although Shikamaru was my favorite character in Naruto, Shikadai is a bit disappointing because he's pretty much a carbon copy of his father. I also dislike the chara design of Rock Lee but everything else makes this series watchable for now.

>Anime about cute girls doing cute things
>Takes place in post apocalyptic world
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Name ONE (1) [—] anime that does this.

Hard mode: no gakkou gurashi

Sora no Woto.
Kemono Friends


Why didn't he use his HAMON power to stop the liquid from spilling out?
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That would've been fairly obvious considering Hamon is incredibly flashy.

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>Mou ikkai~
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i watched this series because of one of these threads
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Kocchi Muitei~
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>>Mou ijjau~
not posting the better version

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If one was to try to make a legit anime, what is the probability that it can just so happen to meet all the criteria of a trainwreck?

According to math, this show could only possibly be a masterpiece. Can you still argue it's unintentional?
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If this anime would have aired many years ago, who knows.
Huh, this aired in 2015. Not sure how I missed it, 'though I've never seen anyone talk about it, either. Was it not subbed?
Er, never mind, that was an OVA: the series aired in 2016. Either way, I still don't know how I missed this since I probably would have watched it.

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Probably a bad hour for a story time but fuck it, I've got nothing to do tomorrow.

Do you like movies? OLs? How about butts? Then you might want to check Kine-san no 1-ri de Cinema out. It's about a nerd in her 30s who loves western flicks. She gets a roommate who's a weirdo and it's a comedy series. It's quite alright.

No longer being translated as of the latest translated chapter. Here's the raws for volumes 2 and 3:

Hopefully I can drum up some interest.
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commencing dump
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School Live.jpg
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What's with graduation episodes that make me have the most feeling? It's also my favorite episode type but also the saddest since for most it marks THE final episode in a series.

What are your thoughts on graduation episodes?
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>What's with graduation episodes that make me have the most feeling?
Because you never graduated high school?
I did though. Great grades too.

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just thought id leave the fact that rider of blacks skill is called TRAP of Argalia
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Who is she? I've seeing her everywhere lately.
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His name is Astolfo.
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Look at this useless meat.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So who was it that murdered the photographer? From what I got from it, the real Mimi was dreaming that she killed him, when it was Remi that killed him in reality. Remi murdered the screen writer and the only person the stalker killed was the hooligan from the beginning, right?
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wow okay fine fuck you guys
you didn't wait 10 minutes
i was going to reply and answer your questions, but now, it's clear to me that you're a type of impatient person. you need to think about things yourself.
I like the way you think anon. Teach a man how to fish and all.

Where the fuck is this OVA? And How come no one has leaked it yet?
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Same reason why you're just now getting your first reply. Nobody gives a shit about it.

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>dude mental illnesses are just quirky personality traits lmao
This is why the japanese race is dying.
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is he a genius, is he a hack, or is he somewhere in the middle
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Middle, which I think is good enough.
Too many cliffhangers with little to no payoff. Not a hack, he knows how to make an interesting mystery and emotional scenes, but he's not a genius either.

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What the fuck is the point of this character
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It's there for a sense of normality to be created, there is no human group in actual time without an calm and colected fat person.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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begone, THOT!!!
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