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Show first time. Music cool atmosphere cool but question: Lain actinic? No style no friends and funny face, Computer geek shinposter. Any doubt?
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This wired thread again, veja du.
Who cares
little girls can't be autism

Is there a more unsatisfying series then this?

The answer is no.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Thoughts? I'm on episode 16 right now and its not that great.
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drop it
Some anons told me it repeated the same formula based on misunderstandings for the whole series.
For once /a/ was right.

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So I hatewatched this shit when I saw the first two arcs years ago. I've been feeling like revisiting it recently but I'm wondering:
should I just rewatch the first two arcs
start with SAO II?
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Watch SAO Abridged. It's better.
I hadn't thought of that though I have seen some clips that were pretty funny. Might be worth a shot, I suppose.

Rewatch it up till the gay elf shit then drop it.

>Be Kentaro Miura
>stall one of the greatest mangas of all time to be with [email protected] for nearly a decade
>come back last year and write Giganto Maxia
>full of loli and pissing
>art style has clearly deteriorating
>somehow still fucking good
How the fuck does he do it
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Snall pecker
It kinda felt like he wanted to dial it back after the Millenium Falcon arc.
>those chapters filled with spreads of absurd quality
Must have drained a lot of life force drawing those

Isn't it misleading that season 2 and the movie of Haruhi gets tagged as romance all over the place? I've seen people try to argue about an "unspoken love" sort of bullshit. But really, even in all of Kyon's endless monologues, he never talks about Haruhi in a romantic way.
A lot of the movie focused on him coming to terms with the fact that he actually loves all the antics and messes Haruhi has gotten him into over the years, but that's just it. He loves the club. He loves that Haruhi is his greatest friend. But he isn't in love with her.
Haruhi and Kyon share a deep bond, but it's not a romantic one.

Doesn't tagging it as a romance just serve to steer people who don't like romance anime away, and to draw people looking for a love story they won't find?
Take Re:Zero as a random example. I've never seen it tagged as romance on a site (as it shouldn't be). But it has so much more "romance" in it. Episode 18 is entirely dedicated to one character's confession and establishes a love triangle. The second half of the finale is all lovey-dovey dialogue. The most memed quote of the show is "I love Emilia".

Where the fuck does Haruhi get off calling itself a romance?
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You just don't get it, pleb.
Get what

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Why is Karma Tatsurou so ahead of everyone else?
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He just is. New stories when?
That one of the guy living in the bath house or appartment building with all the housewives was pretty good.
which one is that?

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アクションヒロイン チアフルーツ




ナナマル サンバツ

ひなろじ~from Luck & Logic~
バトルガール ハイスクール




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Made in Abyss is the only worthwhile anime this season
There's also Fate and Princess Principal, but yeah, other than that nothing worth watching.
Too bad fate/apocrypha suffers from having a shifty studio. Couldn't get into princess principal

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>robot bullying

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I hate robots.
>literally wants to become queen to legalize gay marriage
Princess is a lot more straightforward than I'm accustomed to.
Poor Beato, suffering from a crisis of faith. I suppose being partly created by God and partly created by man does this to you.

Is it morally justifiable to untie it, /a/ ?
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Morals are important desu
And fun to discuss too.
The point is that it isn't. That's why you go to hell as well, once you die.

That's the whole point of: "When one person is cursed, two graves are dug."

Of course, leaving the themes of the show aside it's something that's up to discussion, and I would dare say than in some of the circumstances shown in the show thus far (by this I mean the past 3 seasons and what we've seen of the current one), the use of the curse has been either justified or understandable (i.e. some person was driven to the extreme, and used it either as a last resort or because that person was already broken/dead inside).

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You are watching Stan's show right?
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>I'm the only one on /a/ watching Stan's anime

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Was Pino really sentient?
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Will this ever be released to the public?
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Get fucked
No. Ufotable shouldn't have made it without ZUN's permission, it was pretty fucking stupid to do that.

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