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I woke up late again. Sorry about that.

72: Kogarashi becomes smaller
[Side] A chance meeting or something?
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[Side] Kogarashi, have a rest sometimes...

"Whheeww... it's finally over"

"But we finished a lot earlier compared to last year!"
"You're really good at cleaning!"
"Well, I did this everyday in the places that took care of me"

"But I wonder what all these pots and boxes are about...?"

"I hear that the majority of them are from the landlady's collection..."
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"Thump thump thump"
"We gotta do something about these mice..."

Youth water


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"Became a child?!"
"H...he's so cuuuute!!"

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This is a Japanese skinwalker.

Centaur thread. Was anyone else genuinely creeped out by this scene?
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I wouldn't worry about it. There are no skinwalkers.
She's really a human

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The AMV scene will never be the same

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Was Chester Bennington the meaning of 00's?
Never forget

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The superior and patrician Rei Ayanami.
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They're all shitty toilets
Rei is bad in all forms.

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JM soon
The bump limit on /a/ is 500 before some retard posts.
>There are titans on the premises, this is no time for lollygaggin!

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I want Yumeko to sit on my face after an exciting gambling match and suffocate me forever with her lewd ass, sweaty tights and freshly soaked panties.
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does she end up fucking the guy?
is this any good at all?
I dropped the manga halfway through the first chapter
that would literally ruin the show and character.

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Rin or Mimi? We all know Kuro was Watashiya's self insert.

Also, who's got the best butt? Rin or Mimi?
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scans never
Feels bad

How hourglass is too hourglass?
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I don't know, but that disgusting fascimile of a human being is far beyond the point of no return.
Basically a skeleton

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ITT: /a/ original content.

I'll start.
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2017 features.jpg
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here is mine

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Can we discuss this? Near the ending was quite iffy and the MC was a selfish prick but it's unlike anything else I've read before.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is there a character who can even touch, let alone defeat Fiamma of the Right?

And I'm not talking about post-WW3 Fiamma of the Right. I'm not talking about God's Right Seat Fiamma of the Right either. Hell, I'm not even talking about God's Right Seat Fiamma of the Right with Index remote controller. I'm talking about La Persona Superiore a Dio Fiamma of the Right with full control over the Star of Bethlehem (which is capable of monopolizing the sky, summoning an Archangel and the Heaven to Earth), along with remote access to the vast knowledge stored in 103000 grimoires, a perfect Holy Right, which basically is a "press to win" button, Fiamma could bring an end to every fight right at the point he made the challenge, the Holy Right ignored any actions taken by his opponent and simply crushed them, whether his strength or speed were inferior or not, plus a forty kilometers long flaming magical sword, an anti-god Fairy Spell, teleportation, mental communication, the ability of concealing presence to the point that not even the Norse God Odin could detect him, and with both the flesh-and-blood right arm of Kamijou Touma and Imagine Breaker absorbed into his Third Arm, Fiamma of the Right acquired the position of The One Above God, capable of recreating any of the legends in Christianity (healing the sick, reviving the dead, defeating Lucifer the Fallen Angel, etc...), saving the whole world or destroying it on a whim.
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Any character you play in the mobage
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>Has enough knowledge to reinvent warfare and make gold so she doesn't die to the mana backlash
>lets make books cause i can't stop going muh books

new chapter when goddamn it
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had this in my bookmarks for like a year now
never got around to reading it though
Its pretty good man, a little on the slow pace side tho

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Who else only watch anime if it has mostly female characters?
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Fuck off.
It's kind of interesting that anime ends up being more naturally "feminist" mostly in part because the artists prefer drawing women. So you have entire series of capable intelligent women doing awesome things while westerners are drawing the creases in some cape hero's ass crack.
I don't, but it helps.

Wish there was more series like that that aren't SoLs.

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yo has anyone here bought or seen Sentai's Hidamari BDs? They're really cheap on RS right now and I kinda want to buy them all but I've heard iffy things about Sentai's tl and video quality.
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also I heard they used broadcast footage instead of bd footage for some episodes? Can anyone confirm this and for what eps this was done? (and..why)

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So now that we're 3 episodes in on most shows what are you still watching from this season /a/?
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yes I am still watching
My waifu can't be this retarded
You would never believe what this bunch of sluts bet on
*Suffering loli noises*
Convenience store short commercials
Boring game shows: the animation
Weekly dose of stupid vanilla romance
>*Suffering loli noises*
Which one is this?

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