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Who do you do it for?
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Annie is still love
Annie is still life
Annie is still the sole queen of my heart
Annie still a miracle of the universe
I might not have had much time for these threads as of late, but no post in them could ever truly reflect my love, which is just as strong, if not even stronger, than it was five years ago anyway

I miss Annie.
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JM soon
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Falco, and fuck off, stop making new threads before the old one reaches its bump limit


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Moshi moshi
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I want to smell Konatas socks.
I want to die.
What do you want?

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Why does she stand like this?
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It's the 25th in Japan. Happy birthday Kurisu!
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The cutest tsundere
I just love best girls!

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Poor Krillin.
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What would Zamasu think about the Tournament?
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>Toriyama stated that Buu being left out of the tournament was because he is too overpowered. He alone would have defeated Botamo, Frost, Magetta and Cabba in the first tournament and given an overwhelming advantage to Team Universe 7 with his healing abilities if he would have entered the Tournament of Power.
Nice headcanon.

Ausgust 2nd [A Day in the Uzumaki’s House]

Himawari(Boruto’s little sister) gets a cold and causes a fuss in the Uzumaki’s House. Boruto remembers that there was another hard time caused by Himawari before. That happened on the day of Naruto’s(his father) Hokage Inauguration Ceremony. Himawari awakened the byakugan, and Boruto and Naruto thought they were going to die…

August 9th [Sakura and Sarada]

Sarada is dumbfounded to see Boruto being chased by his father for vandalizing the “Hokage Rock”. However, seeing Boruto like this reminds Sarada of her father Sasuke who she has never met ever since she was little.

Looks like they're FINALLY doing chapter 700
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What episode was Sasuke in? I want to see how he has changed.
Also the Boruto movie

Non-Alter version should just stop existing.
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Just like (You).
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Alters have so much more personality and unique sides than boring vanilla versions

non-Alter Saber and Jeanne are literally bad-Alter Jeanne and Alter Saber.
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Pretty much.

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Not best Witch, not even best from Karlsland.
That's cute.

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Could she rule the world?
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Seas would rise if she gave the word

Post your opinions on Cardcaptor Sakura.
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I want to videotape her doing things in novel costumes.
I have no good hopes for her new anime, it looks bad.

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Why Heero didn't killed Relena?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What's he gonna do?
What's Anno gonna do huh?
What can he do?
He's driven his manic depressive dick so hard up this series splooging out plot holes and inconsistencies as well as confused and unfocused character development and flimsy storytelling that there could be no possible way he could ever fix it with one more movie.

It's like Anno's going up to a bird on the ground inches away from death and he brought with him some scotch tape and a glue stick.
What is he possibly going to do to fix this train wreck of a movie series?
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Someone's butt hurt. Just an anime bub, no big deal.
this the 4th movie? or is it a prequel to 3.33
>this the 4th movie? or is it a prequel to 3.33
Why the fuck they even did the timeskip? Now they literally have no time for Marie, the studio admitted to Sakamoto that Marie will be sidelined because they are barely managing to fit an ending into 4.0 without her. That her plot would basically be abandoned because they couldn't include her at all.

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I thought Dragon Ball was a children's show
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It is
It's actually aimed for teens
If you think this bad you never saw DBZ or early DB sex jokes.

definitely the best kisser in evangelion

i am obviously talking about misato don't even try it I know what you're thinking and you can just fuck off right now, make your own thread if you want to talk about that so badly but stay away from mine
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