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Hardmode: No keitai
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A show about a serial killer, a detective and the victims all from pov of a lamp. Each episode is narrated by different lamp ranging from lamp post to bedroom lamp.
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An actual fly on the wall.

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Memes aside, it was a cute show. I'll still watch the second season.
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We were doing so well with waiting until the thread was archived before making another.
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I want to geimu

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Just read this. It's refreshing to have a slow romance with actual development that doesn't end when they confess.

Does /a/ like Kawaisou?
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is it still going? what's it like with them dating?

They sure need to fuck already
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Cute as fuck.

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what does /a/ think of anime ops getting the english dub? also
>sapphire>jubyphonic>amalee>milkychan>>>natewantstobattle=jonathan young
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I don't care what you listen on your own time but don't bring up E-celebs here
Dragonball did it well. Both Dragonball and Dragonball Z Kai.
i don't mean ecelebs really, i mean more about the songs they do, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9t4Ccj8wJA

Look, Anon! Illya took a picture of herself and sent it to you.
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Why? Is she trying to get me arrested?
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I hate it and I hate you.
Get the fuck out of my sight you little shit.
That little brown slut is a bad influence.

Does anyone else think Chisaki would have eventually dated Kaname if the apocalypse thing hadn't screwed him over? His feelings were not unrequited, it's just that Chisaki isn't a pedo that dates 14 year old boys when she is 19.
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No, she was developing an attraction for Tsumugu even before the apocalypse thingy. And she never had feelings for Kaname.
That image is incredibly low quality, please use a better image next time you make a thread.

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They never will.
They aren't canon and manga is already over.
that would be me and my gf

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>Awano was with a hot girl in a disco
>Kiryu was there
>Awano shoots the girl and she's bleeding out
>Kiryu doesn't give a fuck and leaves

The fuck, /v/ said he was a huge moralfag
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This is /a/.
Yakuza animu when?

Also awano besst Dojima LT.
Majima story is better, you get to see through the Schoolgirl in Cement for no good reason.

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People who did nothing wrong
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Why does the narrator have to explain everything, every single small plot detail.

Can't they just leave to those who are watching it?
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Because its a kid's show, retard. Not everyone has read the novel; especially most children.
They're also blazing through the narrative. They gloss over many scenes that involve Ernesti's internal monolog.
Evangelion was also a kid's show.

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Gohan haters BTFO.jpg
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Threadly reminder that Gohan at his maximum power is as strong as SSB Goku, and he'll soon get a new transformation that will put him even higher than that. If you either don't want to believe nor like this you should just KYS, because it's canon and is what it's going to happen eventually.

He is not the hero we deserved, but the one that we needed right now.
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Gohan is a wage cuck
Jiren will probably defeat the two Zeno
Gohan will stay in his neat little circle and the tournament will end before he does anything

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Even Goku can't stand Kale.jpg
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Being Kale is suffering.
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average SSB fight.png
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Reminder that SSB has been a jobber form for all of Super.

>m-muh Freeza
SSB was weaker than Golden Freeza and he only lost because of his stamina drain.

>m-muh Hit
SSB was weaker than Hit in the anime and it took SSBKK to even it out. The manga doesn't count because Hit was just another jobber. But FINE, if you're so absolutely desperate that you want to count the manga and ignore the anime, congratulations, you finally got 1 win in the SSB department. Good luck finding another.

>m-muh Zamasu
SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta both got bodied by Zamasu in the manga and anime. Any "winning" they did were immediately offset by the jobbing that happened directly after their 5 seconds of glory. Try again, SSBfags.

>m-muh SSB Vegeta that got taken by that mystic water filler
We didn't see the full fight, and evil-water-SSB-Vegeta jobbed anyway.

>m-muh Krillin and Gohan fight
Yes, congratulations, SSB is superior to Jobhan and Cucklin. What an accomplishment.

>m-m-muh Android 17!!!
SSB Goku didn't beat 17, and 17 himself also admitted that he was holding back. In fact, Goku was so weak compared to 17 that he was actually forced into using SSB. 17 would've probably whopped Goku's blue ass all over his animal park if they fought.

>m-m-m-m-muh legendary super saiyan kale
SSB Goku got completely wrecked, demolished, and bodied by /WORSTgirl/ "autist of the year" Kale.

Well? I'm still waiting for some proof that SSB is actually strong or useful, SSBfags.
Can hit's heart collapse thing beat botamo?
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Request your beloved ones and take it easy!

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Requesting my beloved Mizunashi Akari eating something delicious that she enjoys!
It could be plat of ramen, spaghetti, or a sandwich.

Alternatively, she could also enjoy some nice ice cream or ice cream bar (during a hot day).

Though if you prefer to draw something else, go ahead! But please nothing too lewd.

Please and thank you!
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Requesting Chelsea please, anything cute/cutelewd is fine!
File: Himari7-c.jpg (716KB, 1532x1114px)Image search: [Google]
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I'd like to request Himari (http://imgur.com/a/yw4sK) enjoying summer activities or matsuri, Tanabata and Obon are just around the corner.
Anything tasteful is appreciated, fanart is exceedingly rare.

Check out http://imgur.com/a/7ZSJs for ideas or draw her:
- Pulling her summer hat down against the sun.
- Eating dagashi or drinking tea. Or anything here http://imgur.com/a/VR1vV
- Princess Principal dress style. Optionally doing spy things. http://i.imgur.com/xm44ARo.jpg
- Dressed as a barmaid, classy bartender, sexy waitress or maid. http://i.imgur.com/mRg6XlN.jpg http://imgur.com/a/IQgBR
- Wearing a yukata/kimono off-shoulder, or combined with sarashi or sleeveless black bodysuit.
- Drinking from a drink fountain or tap, or offering the viewer refreshment. http://i.imgur.com/4ItyGFo.jpg
- Amidst water reflections, perhaps salt flat style. http://i.imgur.com/oYc9Dr2.jpg
- In Narmaya's outfit, but without the white coat. http://i.imgur.com/6Rj4Ttx.jpg

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Opinions about God?
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God smiles upon ye.png
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He's a cheerful fella

What is the comfiest mecha to watch?
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Transformers Armada
Gundam Build Fighters.
Maybe Gargantia, if a modelling competition is far too high octane for you.
go to /m/

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