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Will this crap ever get an ending?
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So who was in the right and why is it -Jet-?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Anon, will you put some suntan oil on my back?
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I'll put some on your legs and feet too while I'm at it
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Fuck you, rat!
But you're going to need some on your chest, inner thighs, and butt cheeks as well.
>pours suntan oil on my 10 inch long uncut black cock

>Somewhere on earth Ron Jeremy stops porking a girl he barely knows smiles to himself then goes back to work.

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>draw a girl
>call it boy
im glad its allowed
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Cute girl
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Juuzou is one of the few that is at least boyishly proportioned in shoulders and hips.
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Juuzou is more of a femboy than a trap.

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Finally got around to watching Koe no Katachi,

Really enjoyed it. but why is Mio such a bitch?
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Because you have shit taste
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How many times have you rewatched the movie, /a/?
Where the fuck is my 4k Koe no Katachi

Your U7 MVPs.
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Enjoy your short time in the sun Jiren, you'll be jobbing to me soon.
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which one has the bigger cup size?
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Cow boy beep bop
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the real fuck blues

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remember to discuss the anime that's posted in this thread, don't just post numbers!
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Really strange taste OP, it's kind of all over the place.
that's what happens when you've only watched like 20 anime that were recommended to you on MAL
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I forgot to make a new 3x3 so here's an older one.
8/9 -BnHA

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Characters you like that everyone else hates.
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Oh I'd like to Fuko if you know what I mean.
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haha i get it, little with academia haha little
It's time to stop, this threads are dead, let's just make one for the stream and come back in September

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What are your thoughts /a/ on English versions of OP/EDs?

I abhor English dubs that sound terrible or make the actors say things that only work with a native japanese construction of a sentence. However if the translations are good and the singer knows what they are doing, isn't it better being able to hear the lyrics alone and comprehend instead of trying to push it through a filter via sub titles? Spoken dialogue is more or less the same but with a song you are trying to match words to a rhythm that very frequently do not sync up.

Found 2 examples where I prefer the English over the original, if you have any others post them so we have something to bounce the differences off of.


>Tanya the Evil
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mercy bump
Covers are shit most of the time. So are dubs.
I agree but I did post two examples that I think are exceptions. It cannot automatically default to "subs are better" without a reason.

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was this an actual moment in the anime? i can't remember which episode.
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And part of a greater movement.
Between This, Dragon Ball Super, and photos of Trump and Hillary's mouths when they were in the middle of speaking makes last year look like the year of out of context stills of inbetweens
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>he didn't watch the special dabbing OVA
its like the first or second episode

They really should have done instead k-on + ice skating.

A bunch of cute girls that are on the school ice skating club.
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Honest Anime Trailer: Fags on ice

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it
Will you stop posting now
go to hell, nigger
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im glad to see this everyday

I feel at home

scues me, newfag coming through

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Doesn't look too bad desu
Netflix turning weebshit into kino with diversity, btfo Hollywood always improves on nip shit. You can't disagree with me in this
I really wanted Defoe in a rubber mask.

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