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>still page 7
this op is cancer
learn to 4chan, fag

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Let's forget the last shitfest thread. Everyone, post your waifus and husbandos.
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>encouraging waifufagging
bad thread
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>Its a "Todoroki heals" episode

The Class Autist healing the Class President.
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Why does Ms Joke go for Aizawa? He'd be a terrible husband and dad.

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It's fucking magic you shouldn't have to explain shit.

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ITT women who can beat the fucking shit out of you
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All anime girls could beat the shit out of me, because I would not fight back
Well? Yeah. But I would fuck her.

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Ok guys, I don't get the Zamasu saga ending...

Trunks says that he wants to go somewhere before Dabura kills the Shin Kayoshin...

But it doesn't make sense because the Zeno-Sama already destroyed the entire timeline.

How is he going to create a parallel world out of that timeline if it doesn't exist anymore?

Is he going back to the timeline that Cell kills him and split it from there?

Or just before Cell kills him and fly back with the time machine?

That's the only place that makes sense for him to going back.

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Anyone know where I can find a batch of 1-100?
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wakey wakey gohanfags
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

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-amazing character/organization- has just -insert incredible feat-
>AS EXPECTED OF -amazing character/organization

name me a single chinese knitting workshop image board cartoon that doesn't have this line in it.

Honorabru mentions:

>blah blah blah blah blah...isn't that right/correct?
>that's why...THAT'S WHY...
>it can't be helped
>two non-humans fight: "so this is the power of -nonhuman-"
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dumb ratposter
sasuga umaruposter
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>What went wrong?
>Why is she so perfect?
>Who X here?
>Would you a X?
>Everyday until X
>Daily Reminder
>You will never mumble mumble
>Mumble mumble Prove me wrong - You can't
>You have X seconds to mumble mumble - You can't
>What does X's Y smell like?
>How do we fix X?
>X a Y
>Which X would you Y?
>/a/ suddenly hates x
>Why is X the only studio willing to take risks?
>About to watch X what should I expect?
>Don't mind me, I'm just posting mumble mumble.
>There are people on /a/ right now who mumble mumble
>What the fuck happened?
>Mumble mumble when?
>What's wrong with VLC?
>Wake up, see this. What do?
>I'll just leave this here
>What's your excuse for not watching X
>X will save anime / I'm here to save anime
>What does /a/ think about X?
>What's the most boring anime you've ever watched?
>X is Love
>Haven't seen one of these in a while
>Is X worth watching?
>yfw x wins da y
>Mumble mumble thread? Mumble mumble thread
>What the fuck did I just watch?
>X confirmed for Y
>Best Key girl
>Why do you still watch moeshit?
>She sees your dick
>Why is this allowed?
>Which anime has the worst fanbase?
>What anime is this semen demon from?
>X becomes the MC of the Y. How fucked is X?
>Could X defeat Y?
>Your waifu's face when X
>It's time.
>Your waifu is now X, do you still love her?
>Was it rape, /a/?
>Weekend waifu drawthread
>All your waifus are wonderful, /a/
>You should be able to solve this
>Let's get a X thread going
>Do X if your waifu is posted
>ITT: overrated shit
>What an utterly useless power
>Date-a-live? More like date a slut am I right?
>I want to protect X's smile
>Why can't I hold all these feels?
>This is your X tonight
>Why did X fail/Why wasn't X popular
>what did he/she mean by this?
>what was his/her fucking problem?
>this is a japanese X
>Do you like girls (male)?
>Say something nice about __
>Describe Rin in one (1) word.
>What are ___ for
>My wife ___ is so cute
>I'm going to marry ___!

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I finaly had the time to catch up with the latest chapters.
What do you think will await us on the next release? honestly, I am dreading whatever yandere Moth is going to do with Reg's friends, and what kind of things Mitty is being "used" for by the sages.
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Riko will still be pooping.
she will be done by the end of 43
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You mean 6/10 at best.
Yeah, this sounds about right.
Too much melodrama

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The unidentified culprit blackman as a main character of the manga,
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How does he get away with killing hundreds of people?
previlege being black
I've seen it before but since there were no translations up I completely forgot about it.

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Quick question, do you feel emasculated by Shinka?
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Shinka is the only father figure I have ever had
I want to drink a beer with Shinka and tell the mod to fuck off
Only nips would

What are your hopes?
What are you expectations?
Is there any possible way they could fuck this up?
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I hope it moves back towards the marginally more authentic tank combat of the series rather than the wuxia esque film combat
hopes: A plot that isn't "oh no the ship is in danger od closing!"
Expectations: A plot that is "Oh No the ship is in danger of closing"
Can they Fuck it up: Probably not but I've been hurt before

First episode airs in 5 minutes, is /a/ ready?
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Yes, pretty hyped for this. I hope the production is just disaster, not a complete disaster though.
Who is doing this? CR? Amazon?

"alpha MC"

Faggot is the woman of his relationship
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thats le joke
also the only good scene was when she was jerking him off in the car.
Are you gonna make these thread every day?
He's still getting laid unlike you.

Reminder that Remfags are still butthurt.
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She'll win in the end.

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Currently rewatching the cell saga and forgot all about this ridiculous episode
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Wasn't Kai's whole deal that it was DBZ streamlined and without filler?
It minimized it.
It was still there but they gutted 95% of it
Love that TFS just edited out the whole mess by just blowing them up.

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