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/vp/ and moderation
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Yes, this thread again. It's necessary. /vp/ gets extremely little moderation attention to the point where reporting simply doesn't work, no matter HOW obvious a shitpost something is.
The previous threads have let people link directly to shitposts that needed attention, and they've usually been dealt with by a passing mod relatively quickly.
Now, with that thread dead, we get shit like this:
No one's going to argue this isn't "garbage outside /b/" that should be deleted. Yes, the posts are old, there weren't many of them, and the thread isn't active and will probably die off with no further posts - that's not the point.
The point is that these obvious shitposts were made eleven hours ago, were all reported by at least one person, yet are still up. And they're not outliers either, /vp/ is full of shit like that, and it all seems to go completely ignored by mods.
Please give the board a bit of attention and look at the reports people make, I beg you.
Yeah, the report function is pretty much useless on /vp/ except for reporting porn threads, frog threads or troll/spam threads, and even then sometimes it takes hours for those to get purged.

Seems like there's two separate queues for post reports on /vp/. The one for OP posts seems to get checked once every hour or so. But the queue for reported posts inside of threads, basically non-OP posts, seems to be almost never checked, and even if it is checked blatant shitposts aren't deleted unless they're linked manually here.

It's a sad state of affairs when just even getting minimal moderation requires people to come here and literally list shitposts one by one. It's gotten so bad that one of /vp/'s shitposters started spamming the most recent /qa/ thread about /vp/ with scat porn to try to get the thread beyond the /qa/ bump limit so the mods wouldn't notice the widespread complaints about /vp/ modding. Luckily all the scat got deleted but nothing has changed since then.

Some other guy was just bragging on /vp/ a short while ago about how people on /qa/ were complaining about some shitposting he had done on /vp/. See >>>/vp/24916413 for an example. None of his bragging posts, which are themselves shitposting, were deleted.

That's just the tip of the iceberg too, I could list a bunch of shitposts here but I don't have the time or the autism to do it
>/vp/ gets extremely little moderation attention
I refuse to believe it gets attention at all. Who the fuck would post on a constant "General" about Pokemon? It's goddamn 2016. Stop. Leave. Remove board.
Some of the millions of people globally who still buy Pokemon games? Who the fuck are you to say people should stop posting about it anyways

/vp/ is full of Pepeshit and this endless, tired bait again:

Some shitposts of that type got deleted earlier, but these guys are pretty persistent.
Hey, OP. All four of the examples you linked have been deleted from the archived thread! Well done.
They got deleted less than an hour after this thread got posted.
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>every clover thread always ends with shitposting

As a person who put designs into Clover this really frustrates the hell out of me. The mods need to quit neglecting /vp/ as if it were a blue board version of /b/.
Hi mods,

The Pokemon anime discussion thread is getting hammered by shitposting right now. We'd really appreciate some moderator assistance

I don't see a single non-shitpost in that entire thread. It's a full on raid at this point.

The fact that the shitters either don't get banned or just immediately ban evade and keep spamming the exact same shit really doesn't help matters.
Two hours later and still no moderation. Par for the course on /vp/
Mods. Please. I beg you:

This is blatant spam and flooding. This guy has been posting variants on these posts over and over every single day since before summer, sometimes for up to 10+ hours a day, often replying to himself to give the impression of a discussion. It's tired, it's the same thing over and over, and it's done purely for the purpose of flooding the threads with this shit and and bait people into replying in order to drown out all other possible discussion. Nowadays he seems to have started making new threads to flood the catalog as well.
Reporting it sometimes works, and he sometimes shows up on the bans page having been banned for spamming. Other times reports go ignored, or at worst, those reporting them get warned or banned for "misusing the report function".
Just... please realize what this guy is doing and how it's just done to spam down the thread.
It's starting up again:

This type of shitposting happens constantly, day after day, yet reporting it rarely helps getting it taken care of until it's long over.

Yes, I know these are recent shitposts that may very well get nuked quick regardless of this post, but at least this shows how often it happens and how it's literally just the same shit again and again.
When will ">STILL liking Golem" be filtered?
More people buy Call of Duty video games.
A Call of Duty board is more valid than a ポケモン board, by your reasoning.
And this too:

Blatantly the same guy talking to himself, trying to keep the pretense of a conversation going in an attempt at baiting random idiots into replying and derailing the thread as much as possible.
This shit has happened on a near daily basis for over half a year and often goes on for 6-7 hours every time. It really needs attention.
I'm getting fed up with /vp/ mods if they even exist anymore.

We used to be able to browse /vp/ and when trouble came around, janitors or mods came running. They did their jobs. People on /vp/ appreciated mods and janitors unlike on boards such as /sp/. The more and more shitposting that occurs, however, continues to send a message to the shitposters that moderation is no longer a piece of the /vp/ fabric.

It's abysmal that the board could have become such a miserable shithole in such little time. What's worse is that people from /vp/, people who care about their board, clamour for more moderation, for help defending their board, and yet nothing comes from the cries for help.

There are people who will moderate /vp/ for free, multiple people who care only about /vp/. There are people from the days of /tr/ that want to help /vp/ weather the storm and clear the rampant shitposting. But they are ignored. The worst part of all of this, it is that the board can still be saved. /vp/ as a board can still be saved from becoming the next /mlp/ or /r9k/ or /s4s/ if moderation returns and sends a brutal message to ALL shitposters that shitposting will not be tolerated. And then moderation just has to do their job.

If the current mods and janitors are unwilling or unable to help, then open the doors so that those who want to help can save their board.

LOOK at this shit, it's fucking ridiculous. This thread has been shitposted to death by one or two autists for nearly a year straight now. It's completely killing them, reporting rarely does anything, and when spam DOES get deleted, the shitposters don't even seem to get banned and just keep going.
This has been going on for ridiculously long, it's seriousuly one of the worst and most devoted shitposters on the entire fucking site. PLEASE realize what he's doing and respond to the reports. It's the same shit every time every day, it should be recognizable by now.
There is nothing wrong with any of the posts you linked, they are all on topic about the anime.
Shitposting on /qa/ trying to defend your own shitposts doesn't help matters.
The janny apps were opened recently and many people here claimed they applied to be a /vp/ janny, but it looks like nobody got taken on
I actually think that's not the same guy, I believe that's the long hair fag
Either way, what he's saying is dead wrong
Yeah, it's longhairfag, I think he made a couple of the shitposts linked above.
Doesn't really change matters, he's a huge problem too.
Good, having the people from the anime general in positions of power would be a disaster. Just look at the anime general how much of a cult it is, they can't have a neutral judgment what posts should be deleted.
I'm not from the anime general. I'm from /vp/ and /tr/. I've been on that board almost since inception. And almost anyone would be better than no one.

For the record, there is shitposting happening in those threads. You may not like the anime but shitposting does happen, normally by people who hate the anime in addition to the usual in-thread shitposters.
Rich coming from you, back to >>>/pol/ where you belong
Pretty sure you're replying to one of the shitposters right now. He's posted similar shit in earlier /qa/ threads and is posting the exact same stuff in the anime thread right now too.
Oh, ok. Thanks anon. I'm not used to frequenting /qa/ very much but thanks for pointing that out.
Pro tip: that guy once liked the anime, but he turned into a full-fledged shitposter once Serena got a haircut midway through the show, and then he dropped the show for like six months. Yet he stayed in the anime thread and he has spent most of his free time shitposting for a year about how "feminists" ended up "ruining" Serena with "short hair degeneracy," and more generally shitposting about how anime girls' only purpose is supposedly to have long hair and be beautiful sexy eye candy for men, and making autistic "pokegirl tiers" charts that rank girls as waifus based on how well they fit traditionalist, white "non-degenerate" values.

Just ignore him, he's cancer and he gets his posts deleted all the time since they're off topic trolls/garbage/spam, so nothing he says here has any merit or credibility.
That's longhair fag? I just didnt recognize their posts here in /qa/. Longhairfag, tiernoposter, stalebaiter, and the people who shitpost their waifus who are no longer around are the worst. No one cares about Korrina anymore or Rico Rodriguez the sky-battler.
Yes it is. The recent /qa/ threads on /vp/ ahave been invaded by /vp/'s worst shitposter's lately including him and that one scat comic guy
Remember the day where furry porn was posted all over /vp/ and it stayed there for hours?

I think the lack of moderation got that bad
It was porn and furry threads, followed by 50 or 60 "Gary Motherfuckin Oak" threads made by antifurfag. No mods anywhere in sight, then ten hours later it was all finally deleted and nearly half the catalog was wiped out in an instant, with lots of good innocent threads already having gotten pushed into the archive thanks to the deluge of shitposter-made threads
Get this shithead with his imagedump for ants out of there.
At least link more than one of his posts m8
>poo posts get deleted
>longhair /pol/faggotry, "ashnime" trolls, off-topic image spam, and pokegirl tier chart spamming stays up
Even when /vp/ moderators do show up they barely delete anything that they used to delete as recently as 8 months ago. This thread is a mess right now and half of it is shitposting:

Every day. Every day, this dude comes around and posts the Exodia images. Nobody is there to stop him at all. Eventually, the full image comes around, and he's still up and running.

Somebody has to stop him before he posts the real thing.
This is one major issue that remains with /vp/ moderation. They show up, clean up a bunch of shitposts from 10 hours ago, then they leave and don't bother showing up again until the next day.
There needs to be dedicated moderation that sends a message to shitposters that repeatedly spamming and reposting after their posts are deleted will not be tolerated.
There are so many people who want to make /vp/ a better place for one reason, because they love their board. Why not hire them as janitors? I would do it for free.
They're not being deleted because there's nothing wrong with them. This is a classic case of getting butthurt over others not sharing your views on the show.
Back to >>>/pol/ with you and your charts
After that mass deletion of shitposts in the Pokemon anime discussion thread a little while ago, the shitposter's have gotten really ass mad and have returned in droves and now the thread is getting badly spammed. Can we please get some more moderation help?
The anime thread has literally been hijacked by one guy from /pol/ who keeps spamming the thread about the "feminist degenerate" evils of short hair. It's been hours since any moderation has occurred, where are the janitors?
There's a frogposter, a literal shitposter, a guy who posts his numbered pastas, the bait machine, and each one of them repeat the same things over and over.

Really, a search on an archive (fgts, for example) for certain words reveal the level of shitposting this particular thread has been exposed to.
and this thread's on autosage.
make another
>another janitor

As if there's actually one that's still on /vp/
There is one on /vp/ but he is late sometimes, it's not really that problematic if it's mild stuff. The more severe stuff that need quick deletion is usually solved within minutes by a mod. Getting another janitor is unnecessary, it might get too strict and the risk of having some biased new janitor from the anime general is too risky.
>new janitor from the anime general is too risky

why because you won't be able to shitpost in it anymore?
No, because anyone that doesn't like Amourshipping will have his/her posts deleted.
if thats the price for active janitors on /vp/ so be it

shipping is for tumblrcunts anyway
Stop giving the longhairfag attention
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