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What do you think of this trailer for Tim Roth/Christina Hendrick's show, Tin Star?
Looks kind of generic, t b h.
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Looks pretty cool I just wish Tim Roth didn't have the accent.
I wish that Christina Hendricks showed more range, she's like a modern version of her Mad Men character in that trailer.

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remake of Big Jake set in modern times

just released second teaser

Check Mate.
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>30 second intro on a trailer
Keep up the good work dude!
looks pretty dumb. your trailer minus the completely over-the-top music would be a shitty collection of 7 second shots of ugly people.

also if you're going to have a cowboy with a six-shooter tell him to take his fucking phone out of his front pocket first.
Big Jake set in modern times
and whos ugly?

we have Aspergers

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Jesus Christ
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Good. Hes playing Batman. Hes not supposed to be happy. He should be teetering on the edge of insanity and alcoholism. Which Im pretty sure he is
Batman should still look like a man at the top of his game, though. Ben is both an emotional and physical wreck.
He's literally become unrecognizable from all the botox and shit.

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Why are comics usually more sexual in general than movies or tv shows?
Have you ever missed an orgasm? Like you whiffed it
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What are your thoughts on this masterpiece? Where do you go from this?
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Anti US propaganda
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fuck off weaboo

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I'm actually some what high up the chain of production for JL and I'm just sick of the rumours, I'm going to go over the general stuff and then you can ask away if you're interested:

>What's Whedon doing
He's been hired to basically rework dialogue, most scenes where the characters are standing around and talking, like batcave scenes have been reworked. Terrio had used dialogue that had a lot of metaphors, but when watching a cut they found it felt too formal and didn't work with a group that were meant to become friends, it also didn't test too well with very early test audiences, so they decided to change it . Snyder asked WB to let Whedon come in and help re-do these scenes and Snyder thought Whedon was able to capture this better than himself, Snyder was meant to direct this before his family tragedy, and with Whedon on board already they asked him to direct.

The Writers credit won't be passed by the WGA, it's just a way of WB getting people excited as they think Joss is a big part of the movie, when he's really not
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>What are they changing?
Cyborg is getting a massive overhaul, in the film he was an incredibly dark charater who's charater was defined by his accident and hating his dad, only having a slightly happy moment with his father after they rescue him. They've re-done it to him pretending to be fine around people but being dark on the inside, only to find comradery among the JL and finally feeling "normal"

Deathstoke has been cut other than a mention by Alfred to Bruce as Reeves' doesn't want to use Deathstoke in his first batman, so a set up this early would be useless.

The movie had plenty of references to Darkseid by name, but this has been changed to things like "my master" from Steppenwolf as they want to use less of him to make the final part of the film have a bigger pay off, Darkseid killing Steppenwolf on his return to apokolips.

If you guys what to know anything else, I'll let you know what I know
How is Ben doing? is he good?
He wants out, but only after Reeves's Batman.

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cum praise the superior dobrevfu, actress for movies and /tv/
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pubic hair?

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I think Ozark is gonna have a higher death count by the end of the series than Breaking Bad did holy shit

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they sure like killing people off on this show but I do like it a lot

That last death when Del Rio gets killed by the redneck bitch made me jump from myseat
That part is disturbingly stupid. I can't comprehend how the writers thought that was a right turn.
Yeah it was epic brah!

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What did they mean by this?

Does this confirms that a Greyjoy will kill John?
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if you read the leaks, yeah that's what happens.

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House Stark Edition

Old >>87110082
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Fuck, Marry, Kill
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What did he mean by this?

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What does /tv/ think of this show?
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First couple seasons were actually pretty good, i was invested in the story and genuinely cared about the characters. Characters had complex motivations and backgrounds.

Couldn't make it past the first episode of the latest season. They are full on pandering at this point, with very hamfisted dialog.
Another show to add to Netflix's pile of trash

>lying, manipulation, and wit all the things that made the show great
>lol jk now there is an omniscient autist that can see everything
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You're just mad because it was CIA who was killed.
You wouldn't care if it was some woman in his position.
S-shut up

How come they never remade Metropolis?
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they did
It was shit
4/10 because that's how I think millenials see the world.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So yeah, I've fucked up. Last time I skip thread making to go out on a date, but anyway...

Wednesday is here, which means that it's time for a new episode of Snowfall, which you can watch at [REDACTED] or at the same place you watched Game of Thrones this past Sunday.

Tonight's episode is titled "Story of a Scar"

>Franklin suffers the cost of his business; as Teddy's situation deteriorates, so does his mental state; Gustavo and Lucia struggle with how to proceed.

Seems like shit has gotten real. The only downside is that I've missed about two episodes so far, so I have no idea what happened last week. In the meantime, you can enjoy that Transformers film with Mark Walhberg in it. Let's begin!
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Final minute before we start!
Wow, we actually get a thread this week, I wasn't expecting it.

Yeah, I totally messed up. Did you see last week's episode?

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