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Please explain to me what were D&D thinking when they created that scene?
>Lady Sansa, I believe you lied under oath when you said your aunt Lysa jumped through the Moon door? Does this not matter?
>Ah, I shuppoze we are taking a crippled boy's dreams into account then? Should all trials be settled this way?
>Do great deeds not weigh in on my innocence? Returning you to your seat in Winterfell, saving your brother and bringing the Vale into your service. A fair trial is the least you can offer me.
>No? Very well, I shall demand trial by combat.
>Not even that? Fine, then the Night's Watch will serve me well enough, with the dead on the way you need every man you can spare.
>Not even that? Fine, but you are a Stark, my lady. I shall not accept accept your sentence if you are not the one to look me in the eye and take my life yourself.
>Oh, whatever, just have the goblin bitch mutilate my throat with my dagger. Then burn my body.
>Or you can just leave my corpse on the floor. That works too.
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Why didn't you just post this in the fucking GoT general?

What the fuck made your stupid ass think that this needed to be an entirely separate thread?

Worthless piece of shit, kill yourself.

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How do you sneak food into theaters, /tv/?
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I use your mom's purse too.
Pockets? How much shit are you intending on bringing OP?

If I'm going with a female I usually peer pressure them into smuggling food in their purse. If I'm going solo I just drink water.

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Quantum BREAK?

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Bout watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. What did you guys think?
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shouldn't you watch it first
I already have. I remember seeing this in theatres with my then girlfriend. We later stayed up until round 3 in the morning fooling around. When it hit 3 both of us were like Oh Shit, then I came.

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Die Targ Scum.jpg
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Sic Semper Tyrannis Edition

old >>87105559
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bump for proper title
Tyrion was wrong about everything this season. I want to believe that he has been a double agent this whole time but I know that what is really happening is the showrunners are trying justify how awful of a character Danaerys is.
what did they mean by this?

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is there one marvel movie where a dude doesn't show up shirtless?
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why every marlel movie has shirtless beefy dudes but no sexy scenes with women?
The Avengers
Hulk is shirtless for most of the movie

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/tv/, metal.
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Making fuck.

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Just finished the first season. Pretty good.
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Get out liberal
Nice digits.

I think the show is hot as fuck.
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>can't watch anything except things that agree with his current political beliefs

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Kino adaptation of Talmud when?
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when the entire middle east is incinerated by nukes from both us and russia and we all pay homage to the brown ugly people who couldn't fucking figure out how to think.

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Weed, literally the Blue Pill.


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oh fuck it's linkin park
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Audioslave too. Will Jay-Z be the next to fall from the Miami Vice curse?
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herc you fucking idiot
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I bet that's LA, it always is

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making into a summer tentpole film and not making it an anthology seems like a mistake
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Why do they all make this face?
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God, I have a friend who has that smug fucking smile in every photo he takes
>One will defend you, the others will try to kill you
Is he autistic?

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Essential rust-belt core?
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>essential rust belt core
>posts a picture of new york in the 70s

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Am I the only one whose dick she made as hard as diamonds?
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Was it kino?
made mine hard as gold
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