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Has Del taco finally topped Pan's Labyrinth? Is /tv/ once again wrong?
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>6 critics
Also fuck del taco and his ability to ruin anything he puts his thick, sausage fingers on.
Yes yes race mixing is good
>topped Pan's Labyrinth

for the love of god stop praising that film

>tfw this is really just Atlas Shrugged
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I dont even know what movie they are referencing with this switcheroo
>implying that there was any thought put into Iron Man 2

I bet the "script" just said "add Black Widow and sprinkle in references to The Avengers." It's still a better movie than Iron Man 3, but it was a heat-check; Favreau got away with having no script with Iron Man, so he tried it again, and it didn't works as well as before.

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Hey guys. whats up?
Wondering if you wanna have a chill thread about any old movies? Nothin serious. Whats your fav chill out movie you like to put on? Or show...
I like some dumb movies like dumb and dumber or an adam sandler movie or even shit like I love you, man. Just some chill movies that make you laugh. Even as shit as little nicky is i find it funny sometimes. I love old school sandler like Wedding Singer which never gets mentioned in sandlers good movies by the way.
I also like to watch stuff like, sunny in philly or brooklyn nine-nine or curb your enthusiasm.
What about you guys?
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I love the arguement in Curb about the survivors and when the guy flicks food on Larry and the woman is like, Somebody get a sponge, and larry, in the right says "I don't understand why dont you get a sponge?"
Why doesn't she just get a fucking sponge?
And why would you get a sponge and not a cloth?
You got me twisted LD. I give yo ass a little bit of chocolate next thing I know you cheatin on me? That's right, I saw yo ass. You cheatin, no good, bald headed motherfucka. Im out.

FUCK you Larry David, that's some BULLSHIT.


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I don't get it, is it a Hawaiian greeting? Brian never said ohasa oi again.

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Just finished this. Had a nice scene or two. Mostly sucked. Anyone know a good cat-and-mouse/game of wits movie or show like the the anime or manga had?
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Catch Me if You Can
Tom and Jerry
Game of Thrones

Why didn't he just throw a leech in the fire for Daenerys?
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Why he doesn't fuck Melisandre more to create more shadow babies?
It's like asking why arya didn't ask for tywin to be killed by the faceless man.
did he even know she existed

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Literally the greatest comedy character ever created.
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The ultimate pleb filter:
>cgi sucks
>worldbuilding enough for story, but not for nerding out
>weird costumes
>plot is the focus, not meme character
>actual continuity

yes yes there's DS9, but babylon 5's story and themes pull it ahead of it
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this is true. 80% of season 1 is the ultimate pleb filter.
Babylon 5 is still my go-to comparison for sci-fi shows. Very few shows can successfully blend characters, stories, and the natural growth of both to the point where you feel like you aren't watching a single story, but watching a place where multiple stories weave and flow in and out of each other.

While significantly better than B5 in terms of acting and production, the other main example I can think of is Deadwood.

A big part of this approach is being able to take a character that is easily seen as "bad" or at least a main antagonist and - through reasonable and natural story progression - becomes more nuanced and eventually a "good" character. Or at least one who is not directly opposed to the protagonists. Sweringen of Deadwood, G'Kar of Babylon 5. Even top shows like the Wire, Sopranos, or Rome don't give me the same feeling.

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>Green Room
>The Witch
>Neon Demon

What did you think of these three movies?
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Green Room was boring.

The Witch was spoopy.

Neon Demon was boring.
This guy knows

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How do you even get 4.0 on IGN? What, they couldn't afford a pack of instant ramen to buy them?
I expected it to suck. I didn't expect it to be so bad. That's got to be some kind of a record.
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>How do you even get 4.0 on IGN?
still more than Godhand
>I didn't expect it to be so bad.
t. someone who's only seen Daredevil.

Daredevil was a lucky break, the rest of the Netflix shows are utter shit. Let's hope that Punisher is at the very least watchable.
>Joins Iron Fist in the MCU dud club
Oh so the show's just shit on for political reasons and not quality reasons good to know.

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If you were an alien invader, how would you attack earth?
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Neophyte Hybrid (Trump) to act as a puppet until the hive fleets come for the kill.
Threshold had the best idea, mutate humans physically and mentally via alien signal to prep for invasion.
i would infiltrate the population and place my people at key positions (bank, politics, medias, cinema, porn, etc).

Then I would brainwash the people to racemix with inferior people in order to create a new race of humans I could control easily.

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Friendly reminder 4chin has shit taste, love from your friends at reddit™ and buzzfeed™
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I'm going to settle this in the /got/ threads throughout the day
Of course the latest season is going to have the most votes. People are still caught up in the hype.
How do you explain season 6 getting that high score?

Wh-wh-wh-what'de you think of the new (BurrrRRRRP) episode /tv/?
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Each episode is better than the last. Still pretty bad compared to S1 and some S2.
its me toxic rick
What is the thing with getting Rick naked infront of his family IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE

has there been an episode where Rick didnt get nude infront of his grandson/other family member yet?

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>Wall Street
>Born on the Fourth of July
>Heaven and Earth
>Persona Non Grata
>World Trade Center
>South of the Border
>Putin Interviews

Is there a more red-pilled director in the history of cinema than Oliver Stone?
Protip: no there isn't
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>trying to discuss Oliver Stone on nu-/tv/
You'd have better luck getting a blowjob from a nun.
Well, his World Trade Center movie is a joke
Yep, if it isn't Rick & Morty, capeshit or Game of Thrones Gen Z just won't care.

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