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Edgar right - Baby Driver
Nolan - Dunkirk
Del Toro - The shape of water
Darren Aronofsky - Mother!
Kathryn Bigelow - Detroit.

All of these lesser auteurs are getting massive critical acclaim. The Snyder's passion project JL should also betting better reviews than them right? I honestly won't be able to digest it if people like Nolan and Del taco getter more acclaim than Snyder.
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Do you know what an auteur is?
theres only 2 in your list
>All these lesser auteurs

Debatable but you could make a good argument for it.

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How much of that do you get to keep?
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Marvelfags BTFO
>409,499,021 dollarydoos

Marketing alone was 4 billion dollars. This is terrible

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ITT: quotes that hit too close to home
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Jerry has done nothing wrong. Rick is a sociopath.
Why is everyone so mean to jerry, every episode treats him like garbage and how it's always solely his fault. I don't get it none of these characters are likable
It's bullshit if someone is really pathetic they are treated terribly unless someone like Beth does it to get back at daddy.

the only reason jerry gets anywhere isn't because of him being pathetic evoking sympathy it's just people using him for their own reasons.

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Literally numale: the show
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Are you implying that redditors are numales or something?
Yes they are
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You must be super cuck to like this shit

What happened to Chuck?
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Uh, he's right there.
Reminder that the Sneed poster is confirmed underage Neo-simpsons fan
He chocked on a piece of duck (formerly Rick's)

What are your thoughts on Erin Burnett and her body of work?
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I'd like to put my penis in her mouth and wiggle it around a little
She was kino before she got her show at cnn and started squirting out babies.
What are some...adult actresses... that look like Erin?

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Daily reminder sneedposter is just a sad vengeful baneposter who can't accept his only reason to exist is gone
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2MB, 3834x1726px

He's also an underaged spammer
based sneed poster

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>film is set in Australia
>character doesn't immediately fall into the sky as soon as he leaves his house
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>he fell for the round Earth meme
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>knifey sneedy
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>Americans wake up
>shit posting intensifies

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Which Israeli goddess will be the next to steal /tv/s hearts?
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they don't steal, they just legislate
>undercooked tits

Why can nobody bake a jew right these days?
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Gee I wonder...

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What makes fashion designers so much better at film making than everyone else?
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Single Man was alright.

Wasn't particularly fond of Nocturnal Animals
you cannot reach your potential without being bisexual, you will be able to see the true value of aesthetics in everything

high functioning autism is a plus as well, with all of these attributes in my pocket i am headed straight for the history books!!!
oh you mean the movie where the climactic scene is also the ending after a whore reads a book and the arm of vengeance for the phlegmetic everyman protag says "i dont give a shit" as a reflection of the audiences tepid interest in this potboiler cinemax anachronism?

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Anyone else enjoy those? What's your favorite? Any memorable episodes?
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ghost adventures is literally only good to get drunk and laugh at
Fucking Mountain Monsters, Watching inbred flannel wearing shit eating West Virginians make up stories as they go along and crash ATV's into tree's is pretty enjoyable.
Totally agree. Stardust ranch episode is amazing. I'm convinced that Bagans will kill Aaron one day and blame it on demonic possession.

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Hey fellas
Can you give a Twin Peaks/David Lynch fan anything to watch?
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Game of Thrones
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What does /tv/ think my films?
Are they "kino"?
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>Does my neck scar look like a dogs vagina? I don't know, I'm not gonna try and get in the mind of a dog

Does anyone else think cricket deserves revenge on the gang for everything they've donwe to him?
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So now that she's BTFO of everyone at the box office, what Oscars should /ourgal/ get?
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She deserves a jail cell for murdering innocent Pali kids
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Suicide Squad
Lego Batman
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Professor Moulton and the Wonder Woman

is DCEU pure KINO???? Why does marvel even try to compete ?
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Imagine being Marvel and your spiderman movie is making less than Suicide Squad

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