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Did you enjoy the first episode of The AA Show? I was skeptical, but I thought it was actually really great. They had great chemistry, and Artie didn't look as awful as I was expecting. He was really funny too.
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I have it downloaded for when I go to work
i hope ant is funny again

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Just realized Hurricane Irma is going to affect IT's box office performance
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What can we do to help IT?
think of the flooding

you'll float too
We need more guerilla marketing. Suit up in your clown duds and pass out some balloons.

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>darkly comedic
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>a tour de force
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>Tour de force.

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Leave Star Wars episode 9 to me.
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I'd vow to never go near any Disney product ever again.
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I this supposed to stop me fucko?

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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the right here?
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Obviously Kira, are you blind?
Light is right, L is left
this was the last time they spoke as friends

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Literally anyone but Kate McShit. She's awful. And this cheap ass art style sweeping new American kids cartoons is disgusting. How does a show that came on air 20 years ago look better than a 2017 production? They should be ashamed.

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>Bill Cosby: It's okay. Take your time. Then what happened?
>Little Girl: He... he said he would kill me if I ever said anything.
>Bill Cosby: Do you remember what he looked like?
>Little Girl: Yeah. He had a scar on his arm. And he had a big, stupid doo-doo head!

What did they mean by this?
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doo-doo = black

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He has a point, you know
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>hiring a woman to direct star wars 9
>not hiring a transwoman black bigender non binary asexual lgbtq+aapqsllbrlfdp female formerly non sexual male director
Rey is enough of a Mary Sue without some bitch director getting all grrl power on us.
Literally who?


>Amanda falls unconscious, and later awakens on a gurney. Several doctors, in protective hazmat suits, inform her that she is in a hospital and they will help her. The doctors reveal that the "creatures" were escaped patients, and after realizing that Amanda "knows too much," she is then forced into a dark cell and is swarmed by the recaptured patients, as the doctor closes the door's viewing shutter.
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>forgetable movies
>see trailer
>looks like a STALKER ripoff
>it's even worse than that.
>2/10 movie
>solid 5/7 ending

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Mistborn series when?
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ít's been 18 years and I still dont understand this movie

also how did the machines manage to overcome the laws of thermodynamics?
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they took the redpill
praise kek!
You must be extra retarded. :(

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ITT: Subtle Simpsons jokes

>Wiggum: Did you have the same backwards talking dream with the flaming cards?
>Eddie: I'll drive

I never thought about the "I'll drive" part until a recent rewatch. Now I realise he's saying it because Eddie thinks Wiggum is off his rocker.
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reminder, sneed poster is an underage spammer
>the thread

Anybody else watching this besides me? Although somewhat different in tone, it definitely has the same heart as the original film (and source material the film was based on.) Solid casting choices and good writing so far.
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It's been pretty enjoyable so far. I like seeing Sean Bridges in things.

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finally is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF4o88Ae3jo
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>Let me through!
>That's my son!
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That's My Boy is kino
Calm down men it was the dark lord lol

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