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memes aside, this is kino
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memes aside, this is kino
>memes aside
>says kino

This is Light Yagami. Say something nice about him
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his name is timmy turner
Why are you an emo American living in Seattle instead of being the Japanese chad from Tokyo?
How has Hollywood turned fucking shit up into a viable business model

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Now that was some real fucking kino. Where were you when best Emma saved horror?
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How is Kiernan Shipka taller than her?

She's pretty tiny.
I respect Kiernan deeply as a human being. I don't feel that way about any other actress, but Kiernan seems like a truly good person.

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Casting some ugly unibrow spic to play the loli Molly Hayes.. sorry Molly Hernandez.

Fucking dropped.
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The cast is pretty diverse as it is, they didn't need to do this. Even if they did, changing her last name was stupid. Can't she be named Molly Hayes and still be a spic? It's like when they have a spic character on a movie and he's always named Carlos.
She could have been a cute kid, but they chose some ugly spic because "mah diversity quota". Now I won't be watching the show as Molly was the only good character, and they fucked it up with piss poor casting.
Purple hair crazy girl have purple hair down there?

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What kind of a quote is SPACEX?
And they didn't even include that guy's name at the bottom.

I'll take reality with nuclear pump x-ray lasers and cobalt salted fusion weapons.
That's Egon Mengele

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what was his end game?
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To become the new Scrooge McDuck.

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any good pump up movies like 300 or Troy? need me sum motivation
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Dollars triology.

>Beyonce starts playing
and normies actually enjoy this crap?
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It is one of the better Marvel movies
i enjoy benedict
movie was pretty shit, had some fun scenes

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my girl says he looks like Everybody Loves Raymond's brother
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you mean that guy that plays Negan?
Step out of the car please
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What business is it of yours where I'm from, friendo?

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Hey /tv/, I need help finding an old Monty Python skit. Here's what I remember...

>some guy attending a meeting with a foreign dignitary/king
>everyone lines up and the king walks down the row as they each take turns grabbing him by his balls as a form of greeting
>the king stops at the main character who looks confused
>reaches down and grabs the king's balls
>everyone in the room gasps
>someone points out he used the wrong hand
>gets arrested

It was a funny skit. I'm pretty sure it was Monty Python. The name of it would be great. A Youtube link would be awesome.
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I don't remember it and I spent the 80s masturbating and watching MP'sFS/MP so it must not be them
Sounds similar to the Film Producer sketch, though I can't think of an exact MPFC sketch like what you describe.

Not Monty python

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What does /tv/ think of Kristen Stewart?
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dyke (lesbian)
I saw her bum and front bum!
I want to put my erect phallus between her vaginal walls and thrust my hips forwards and backwards in a quickening motion until the feel of her body causes semen to be ejaculated from my testes if you know what I mean.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Let's talk about stuff from long before television was invented. Post your 1920's waifus. Anything to get away from Summer's tits and Jon Snow
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I want Ann Dvorak to shit in my mouth
I watched the locked door just recently, I gave it a 7/10
I have seen baby face and gold diggers of 1933. I really liked baby face. I would watch more 1930s movies but the audio is hard to endure.

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How long would you have lasted? Would you pick the money or the second date?
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nobody here is going to remember this show
>blacklight cum test
that was Room Raiders
Nigga, I am poor and pussy is free.

/r9k/ has Elliot, /fit/ has Zyzz, /mu/ has MC Ride, /pol/ has hitler.

Who is the mascot for /tv/?
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The big guy
You're a big Bane

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