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Why do these fat cucks review every single capeshit movie in existence and don't review John Wick 1 or 2?
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probably thought John Wick was gonna be shit, and they usually don't do sequels if they missed the first one. It makes them look stupid for ignoring it.

They do capeshit cuz they generally can warrant long discussions that are mostly interesting and those views my man.
You have 2 videos:
Summer movie roundup
Summer move catch-up

All 20014
Better question
Why the fuck are you watching that shit?

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>She's like a sister to me
>I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd do her if she'd let me.

Is Amos a beta orbiter?
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Nah, he just said that to make Space Jon Snow squirm.
How could you be a beta while being the most alpha? He exists to remind their nancy boy leader that he could kill him and fuck his bitch if he wanted too
you take that back

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convince me this isn't the best film of this decade
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Its about niggers

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What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

How often do you go?

What do you like to see in a movie?
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>What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?
>How often do you go
When something I want to see is out
>What do you like to see in a movie
I like watching children being raped by animals
Last movie i Saw was that king king Island something.

I go maybe once or twice a year.

Unfortunatelly there's hatdly a good movie to go too. Last movie was worty my money was interestelar, but even then I'd rather watch at my own home.

Althought i do not like Netflix that much and YouTube must grow a lot more and offer more movies to watch.

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Anyone going to see the movie you already saw in theaters, bought in 3 different media formats, and will probably buy again in 4k bluray?
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Yes and I'll pay to see it in every format thereafter
>see this thread
>it's not about the show universal studios parks used to have
noice. hell yeah im gonna see it in theaters

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What fictional gang would you join if you could?
Spook street is my choice
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Tunnel Snakes
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>No you are the real hero
>No you are

Fuck off
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jessica henwick nude?

This is the only real person in the series. The only person who shits. I don't even see the dragons shitting. They're all superhumans who don't shit.

Imagine Jon Snow shitting... Daenerys shitting... They should show it. They only show deaths.
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Why didn't they show us Tywin's penis?
>Daenerys shitting

Someone post the line from the end of Dance of Dragons
They've had to cut characters and storylines just to fit a massive book series on screen but you think they should spend some of that precious time watching people take shits? Fuck off. We know they shit. We don't need to see it.

Is it worth to watch? Reddit recommends it but I don't know if I can trust those guys.
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trust me, you can always trust reddit.
Yes, it's pretty good

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>go to local cinema to see advance screening
>cinema does it every once in a while with films they're certain will be five stars
>no one there knows what it'll be until it starts
>trailers end, curtains pull back that little bit more
>can feel the tension in the room building
>certificate title thing before every film pops up
>Wind River
>collective "literally what?" from the audience
Have you ever been screwed over by an advance screening like this? Hoping for something great and then finding out what it is and still not knowing what the fuck it is?

It was still good to be fair
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How did Gimli not know that moria was full of orcs?
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he's gay
he's gay
Ginger manlet

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I have shit on my ass
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is this worth watching? I've seen all the other ones.
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great secondary characters, main character/actor is hit or miss, story has ups and downs, a bit boring. has a 10/10 asian waifu that saves it and should've been the main character

it's alright
this desu, worth it for based colleen. Danny himself is inconsistent and a lot worse than he is in Defenders.
It's like if you took the worst parts of House of cards and Bold and The Beautiful, and then sprinkled in the worst parts of a Bruce Lee movie..that's what Marvel's "Iron Fist" is about.

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Friends told me i have shit taste on movies, while all they fucking watch and talk about are superhero movies.

Why people love them so much? They are all the same fucking thing.
>main character gain superpower
>train/learn to use his power
>main character beat mobs, saves his town
>there's a villain
>hero lose to villain because of an obstacle or because of his own fucking problem
>hero get over his problem
>final battle
>hero wins, happy ending

Why people tend to watch the same thing all the time and shit on good movies that teach you stuff or give you unique storyline. It's time to stop.

I miss the old times where people tried make movies with good storyline not just some good cgi and superhero suits.
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There's always been garbage, there's always been great shit. Much of the garbage these days is superhero flavoured, but it's just the current trend. Stop watching bad movies, start looking harder for good ones. Shut up and stop complaining.

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Redbelt is easily the best conservative film of the last ten years.

>pushes traditional gender roles
>has a comfortable admiration for Eisenhower-era America
>glorifies no degenerate behavior. the one character who comes close is instantly squashed
>realistically portrays the vices and virtues of being working class
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There's a nog on the cover though.
Shut the fuck up with your racism.
Make me.

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