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>WW1 movie
>*'it's a long way to Tipperary' starts playing*
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Thanks for reminding me, I was going to watch some war doccos
At least it ain't me
Just be glad it wasn't "Over there, over there, the yanks are coming..."

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Why can Japan make a great Godzilla movie and Hollywood can't?
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Do Japanese people actually talk like they are anime characters with motivational speeches
Because Hollywood knows that the name Godzilla will draw crowds of people. So they'll pick a generic plot out of a hat and put Godzilla in it and call it a day.
Japan has only made 10~ legitimately good-amazing Godzilla films, don't get carried away. Also, >>>/m/

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gritty live-action reboot of Totally Spies! when??
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t.eternal virgin thread
Full. Fucking. Circle.
Only if Alex is cute

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Are we hype?
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i unironically think it's going to be MOTY
she loks like a retarded version of me
Aronofsky was robbed of the Oscar in 2011 for Black Swan. This will make up for it.

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Thoughts, /tv/?

>Jaeden Lieberher (Bill): Christian Bale.
>Sophie Lillis (Bev): Jessica Chastain.
>Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben): Chris Pratt.
>Finn Wolfhard (Richie): Bill Hader.
>Wyatt Olef (Stan): Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
>Chosen Jacobs (Mike): Chadwick Boseman.

Eddie's actor wasn't present so no suggestion from him.

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Not bad, actually.

Aside from Bale. He'd never do it.
Will they bring Bill Skarsgard back too?
>>Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben): Chris Pratt.
>>Finn Wolfhard (Richie): Bill Hader.

These actually would work so great.

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this is a good show <3
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I agree
This is one of the biggest pieces of trash I've ever seen on television
It's fucking embarrassing
Yea I like it. Not the best show but it's funny.

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Watched the first episode and I'm already kinda 'eh' on the premise.

Should I continue?
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I liked it- but I ran out of steam 6 episodes in and just haven't really cared enough to pick back up again.

If you really like Bateman I'd say it's worth your time, but if not you're not missing a ton
too many literal fag scenes. Drop it now.
I loved it, people wanna hate it on so bad cause of the breaking bad comparisons. Its worth a watch atleast

Was meme'd into watching Riverdale. What did I think of it?
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You were too busy fapping to Cheryl
I haven't seen it.
What did I think of it?
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Okay, I just got back from It. I was excited, mainly because you stupid fucks have been memeing and hyping it up for ages. I loved the TV adaptation, and was a big fan of the books back in the day:

The new one is fucking terrible, and if you disagree, you fail to understand what a good adaptation is.

Not only did the film fail to create tense moments - a staple in the horror genre, it failed horribly as an adaptation.

The thing people need to understand about It is that, while it's a very long book, it's structured very simply
>kid is alone
>kid gets scared by clown
>kid goes and bonds with Losers club
Now, there are a few other scenes sprinkled in here and there, some background, etc. But that's basically the bulk of the Loser's Club arc.

IF you are going to adapt It, all you need to do is flip through the book, find your favorite scenes of It spooking the kids, and adapt them.

Instead, we get quick, uninspired scares with no tension, including:
>headless easter egg lad
>burning hands (why did they revise Mike's backstory?)
>dude zombies lmao (why did they add Patrick Hockstetter only to have him eaten by zombies?)
>the stupid ass projector scene
Seriously, a thousand pages of outlandish scares from a retarded clown, and you have the gall to just make your own shit up and slap it onto the screen?

Fuck you, It is the HIGHLIGHT of It, that's why the novel is called IT. You want to see what this fucking shapeshifting, Peppermint Twist dancing sack of prehistoric, extraplanar shit is going to do next.


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horror movies based on supernatural shit are never good

doesn't matter if its a clown, a demon, a ghost or a fairy, as soon as all that supernatural shit comes in i lose interest
Nice blog and double spacing. Give me one reason I should take your shitty opinion seriously
the 1990 miniseries is pretty shitty and you might as well stop watching after the first half, as for the book, most of that shit is pretty unadaptable with shit like the underage gangbang and the Turtle, 2017 IT wasn't trying to be the 1990 miniseries or the book, it was trying to stand out since everyone and their grandma has seen the miniseries, and some of the stuff in the new movie arguably works better, for example, why would a cosmic being that eats kids just leave the body lying on the street? Was the arm just enough? Bill trying to search for his brother is a much better motivation than just plain revenge, The one thing I agree it does worse is Mike, the only thing he provides to the story is the bolt gun, and even then he's not the one who uses it.

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How embarrassing.

IT (2017) estimated opening (4,103 theaters): $117,150,000
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) opening (4024 theaters): $142,839,137

They ALMOST managed to capture as large an audience as all the dumbass teenaged girls that made Twilight such a success.

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>comparing movies with different demographics
>Opening weekend sales are a measure of success
>shiggy diggy
>I took the bait
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All of this contrarianism makes me want to see the flick, even if I just pirate it.

yeah this guy isnt scary
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>you can see the fucking baldcap


I agree

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>not having a weakness for found footage

IMDB of FF - http://foundfootagecritic.com/
WIKI - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Found_footage_(film_technique)

What found footage film are you looking forward to, /tv/?

What is your favorite found footage film?

What found footage film that you like is mentioned the least?

Have a rare found footage film that you want uploaded ITT? Ask and you might get it. I have access to a lot of them.
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found footage movies are shit
I liked Afflicted.
you are shit

What's the moral of this story?
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Even fucking bad memories are worth saving, you blubbering pussy
Don't trust nerds
i wanted to fuck that girl so bad i jacked off and came in pants !

ITT: Serious discussion of film/tv-related plot holes.

Since it's revealed in the sewer drain scene IT doesn't need to instill fear in her prey in order to kill and feed, then why is IT unable to kill any of the main characters during any of the numerous times it corners them alone?
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The turtle is protecting the kids. Mentioned a few times in the book that Pennywise doesn't understand how the fuck these kids keep getting away and assumes it's because they're being protected by the beam guardian.
He needs a audience to dance in front of like all great horror icons

I think this is WHY he let her go in the bathroom scene. There isn't really another explanation for that

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HOH: josh
Veto: paul
Nominations: panda/kevin

previously on /bb/ >>87569248
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<3 Shelby <3
>still watching the episodes
post more shelli

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