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So, who's /tv/ will cast as adult Losers Club? I have only one request - PLEASE Jessica Chastain as Bev
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It's obviously gonna be Amy Adams as Bev
wait wait wait

i haven't seen this yet, but they didn't do part 2?

No the movie ends at the end of Chapter 1. They're going to milk this for all it's worth.

So is this guy a good actor? Or WB only hired him because he is a black dude with a scar?

Can he make a good job?
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>So is this guy a good actor?
How old are you?
This the captain Philips nigger?
Some other guy was cast as Black Manta ages ago, his Twitter is pretty great

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Who would win?
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Top left. He will stop at nothing once hes determined. Plus he can fly
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Kindergarten Cop


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Jesus Christ have you just been refreshing their youtube page all day or something?
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There are these handy things called notifications, bro.

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They could've easily cut like 5-8 episodes of this shit.

S3 is mostly trash.
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What are you, down syndrome?
I think Dougie story would have made a pretty great movie but instead it got caught in this shit show. sad hoestly.

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*saves the horror kino*
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*blocks your president*
>donald blocked him
Aww did little drumpf get his feefees hurt?
>amerimongrels unironically have fuckin Trump for a president
cant make this shit up

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*Rick enters*
>wobalubbada stupid faggots, god isn't real!
*Iron man walks in*
>mmmh i beg to differ
*millenial audience cheers*
*Johnny Depp enters on his boat*
>Woooah it looks like everyone here is an alchoolic fuck, let's take this rhum bottles and shove them up our asses
*Sherlock walks slowly towards them*
>this is illogical. Can someone with a decent iq PLEASE fuck me in the ass right now?
>leave his sweet english ass to me
*Chandler walks in naked, revealing a 12 inches fully erect horsecock*
>mmh maybe you forgot something?According to my calculus i can take two dicks in my ass without interfering with my mind capacity
*it's Sheldon. The audience is clapping furiously*
*iron man puts his helmet on*
>shall we begin?
>yes, before your slow mind bore me to death
>yarrr arh
>call me Chandler horsecock lmao
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>missing the thread you wanted to post in and making an entirely separate thread
>missing the thread you wanted to post in
>was posting in the wrong thread part of your plan?

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>everyone praises the single take tracking shot in the restaurant like it's the second coming of Kubrick
>Henry Hill walks in a circle for no fucking reason from 0:50 to 1:20 just to make the shot seem more impressive
Was Scorcese always a hack?

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No, the movie was great, no one without autism noticed that shit and even if they did were able to enjoy the movie afterwards
>having basic spatial awareness is autism
Sure thing, pleb.
no more tracking shots billy

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What was he looking at?
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ur mom
His own death (it was bad)
OP's entire life

So I've heard y'all at /tv hate Rick and Morty and believe their ratings belong in the trash. What makes it so horrible in your eyes?
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the animation style is ayy lmao-ish

can't stand an episode because of it
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Fuck off Redditor.
did he died

but really source pls

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Don't be ashamed, what is your film of the decade so far?
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Unironically War for the planet of the apes

What was so great about mad max honestly, I tried to netflix and chill it with my gf and we didn't make it past the first 20 min

never watched it fully
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Mad Bat.png
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This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating McDonald's again!
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If you haven't figured out that McDonald's is shit before watching this, kys.

I still eat them McNuggets though because I'm a retard.
Sure I've seen this thread before

Anyway I will be eating McDonalds again but not 3 times a day every day because that would be retarded.

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Honest thoughts on Whitney Thore?
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I think it's complete BS that you could gain THAT much weight through an illness
maybe some weight but the rest is caused by being unhealthy
My honest thought is I have no idea who the fuck she is
Fat people are degenerate

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goose struggles.webm
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>sir, we can't get the goosling
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What's his deal?

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Why were they such assholes towards Homer?

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he came up their with his fancy car, being all urban like
and his gucci pants
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sneed posting.png
2MB, 3834x1726px

Fuck off

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