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ITT: actors who literally only have been in 1 (one) good movie
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>ITT: actors who literally only have been in 1 (one) good movie
Pic not related
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Name 2 (two) good Sigourney movies
I'll wait
Alien,Aliens,Galaxy Quest, probably a bunch of others I can't think of right now

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>Decide to finally watch Archer on Netflix
>These people are the unsung heroes of ISIS
I don't know if I should be laughing but I feel really fucking uncomfortable every time they say it
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They change the name of the agency in season 4 because that's when the terror group became internationally known
That's because ISIS the terrorist group wasn't a thing when Archer started.
And ISIS is a legit acronym in the show.
Surprisingly, they've been going downhill since season 4

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>Holocaust denier
Where does he get his ideas from?
that's hard coin

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Is there a picture that better sums up /tv/ than this?
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pathetic shill

why so insecure?
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>Is there a picture that better sums up /tv/ than this

Stop fucking shilling that fucking clown movie
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i smell a meme forming
do your magic /tv/
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There are better movies like, neverending story 2

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It's on now!
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after they went full sjw no one cares about rick and memey.im just ignoring it hoping it wont get a new season.
anyone got a youtube link?

Top comfy, way better than Star (Sexually) Trek (Transmitted): Discovery (Disease).

Not even a Seth MacFarlane fan but I already know I'm going to be tuning in every Sunday to watch this instead of that fake Trek with the forced diversity.
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I've watched 20 min and I love it already. Fuck the haters
How can you complain about diversity. Have you ever seen any star trek?
i thought people on /tv/ knew how to use the catalog no i didn't

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why the fuck are people shilling for this garbage so fucking hard?
oh right. the money
>anyone that doesn't agree with me is being payed to do so!
it didn't say you were being paid. you did.

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So which one is likely going to get naked on camera first, Maisie Williams or Sophie Turner?
So they'll bang, right?
Yes. The showrunners are trying to normalize incest and other degeneracy for the massive normie audience that watches this.

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what does /tv/ think of Black Mirror
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Some episodes are good, some are bad, most are okay.

Shut up and dance is still my favorite, apart from the le trollface at the end
yea the troll face kinda ruined the ending for me
Only the first season is good. Everything after that is agenda driven.

What are the best kaiju movies?
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me want tater
Pacific Rim, that's it. Godzilla a shit
talk about movies you meme loving redditor fuck

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ITT: we post awful student/amateur films (doesn't necessarily need to be yours, just shitty ones you found work fine) and pick apart just what makes them so bad, so that we can try to do better in the future.

What better way to kick off a shitty homemade shorts thread than with my own?


This is one I parrot a lot around here because it was my first college project and I really wanted to do something ambitious.

>nothing about the bag at the beginning is explained
>Russian homeless man out of nowhere
>ending(s) ripped directly from Clue
>What the fuck is that sound
>What the fuck is that lighting
>"Start Walking"
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First offense: Black and white except for one color.
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That's a huge cliche for bad student films, but I haven't seen many shitty shorts that are black and white. Most of the time they just don't bother with grading it at all and hope their special snowflake shots of sunlight filtering through trees makes up for it.

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Nobody even discusses cinema/kino anymore
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>will u be frens ?
Alright so let's talk about Batman Vs Superman

Fuck yourself, ya seething manlet. Go buy something off the Criterion Collection, but never watch it, instead just post about your collection online. Everyone on /tv/ already knows that Dark Knight Rises is the greatest film of all-time, so there's no use in discussing it to death. Instead, we shitpost. Now go have sex and hit the weights.

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Always impressed at how bright the moon surface really is, and also how there's an atmosphere and oxygen to facilitate gravity and breathing/speaking. Thank you for the truth, Power Rangers.
And you can just drive an RV around on it.

is jim okay?

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>"There is no me. There's just things happening."
what did he mean by this
He was never okay.
Calling it right now, he kills himself by the end of the year.

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