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Post your favorite movies of 2016.

Kubo and the Two Strings

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Thanks! Laika is great. I enjoyed their every movie.
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Sausage Party

It's pretty weird and crazy. Did you like it?


Video - 5543 Kbps
Audio - 1509 Kbps DTS
Subs - Eng, Esp
by R E P L i C A
Has Rogue One been leaked yet, or is it not up for Oscar consideration?

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so many plot holes to fill
fuck you

I am sharing a pack containing some of the videos from:
this pack contains the infamous catapult video, which in case you don't know, can find a resumé here at:


I strongly suggest you watch the video before downloading.

>post more qs videos if you have em, thanks
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Moulage and Hanging around are top tier classics

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The guy is watching porn in VR. The girl comes in and joins


(pic related)

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I think there was a translation error somewhere.

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In here I will post some great raw blu-ray files.

The reason for raw blu-ray files is that they are objectively the best for long time preserving, as you can make an encode whenever you like without having to worry about throwing out what you might need later on.

Requests are welcome, seeders even more. Enjoy.
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Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920)

Casablanca (1942)

Brief Encounter (1945)


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why is nobody downloading? I just wanna share. Damn. SO much time to dump them and pack them all.
Patience, young padawan.

t is slow.
if you can actually seed the torrent yourself, and possibly put them all in one magnet link, maybe people would want to download them!

Why isn't there a thread for this literal 10/10 goddess with a perfect body? Greatest woman of our time.

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agreed bumping shes a fuckin' goddess. Has she ever done any uncensored shit?
Anyone has the magnet for the Anri Okita dump from a few months back?

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nice work
>There is 1 poster in this thread.
How fucking desperate are you for validation?
very much so

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Hentai and Anime Weebs everywhere and JAV porn lovers let us mourn this loss together.

Site is down for good. Millions of JAV videos lost. Tons of obscure fansubbed anime, manga, music and shit lost too.
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Yes we absolutely need a dozen threads about this. Thank you for making a difference.
Goddamn OP, did you know Napster just died too?!

All that music, lost. Let us mourn.

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Hello /t/, there have been some requests on /wsr/ for very old Minecraft versions. I looked everywhere I could and found a bunch of .jar files for both servers and clients for many version, ranging from Classic up until 2015. There's even an old Pocket Edition APK.

I am the only seeder at the moment, so please seed to at least 1.0 of you want to keep this alive.

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I would seed, if I could find any seeders to give it to me in the first place.
I'm seeding it and it shows 1 peer trying to download, yet it is not uploading for me.......
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I've just now been able to get metadata and downloaded 176.8 KiB.
I think we're gonna be here for a while!

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A modest collection of scifi, cult, horror, fantasy, exploitation, genre film and fiction zines. 500+ different zines 10000+ issues total size: 662.60GB
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virus pls
Give magnet.

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Complete Big O Series
26 Episodes
English Subs

Super nostalgic, noir, super-robo show!

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post more animu u faggot

Got to meet Rodger Smith himself two years ago, Steve Blum, he's fucking awesome, got him to do "Big O, show time!" recording for me!

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French media is saying their servers have been seized
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>"Regular maintenance, we'll be back soon!"

No one cares...

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