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Thanks to the original OP, I'll honour my obligation and start the second thread.

MXGS-560 - Her debut

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June will be bondage it seems, MXGS-774
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Just a week or two from now, a 5 hour compilation of her work is due, MXSPS-381

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No-Sex JAV thread.

I'll start: SDDE-146 Half Naked Life

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I'll be seeding for a week or so. I hope we keep this one alive a long time.
This is new to me. Thanks op, I'll download and seed when I get home
Downloading and seeing

Any more like this?

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Every Karina Hart video out there.
Big tits are best tits.

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The other thread died?
Needs seeders.
>tfw you thought you were the only one who liked karina Hart

i will seed this till the end of time.

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Pixar Short Films Volume 1 (2007)



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2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films

2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films
>(Live Action)

Sweet, thank you OP

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Currently seeding Whats up fuckers! XXX Pawn

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I'm seeding King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard.


Looking for music to seed
can anyone help seeding these 2 fuckers? stuck for days now
That hood rat has a 10/10 body. Her face is ok I guess. It looks way better when that dude dick is in her mouth. I downloaded this video like 2 years ago, and legit fapped to it exclusively for 2 weeks straight.

She takes the facial like a total cunt though.

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scientia potentia est.

An anon in May posted a MEGA link to these books from the /sci/ wikia. However that MEGA link no longer works. Thus I would like to reupload them in torrent format so they are preserved.

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Thanks, anon. Downloading now. I'll seed for a few days.
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How do I re-download parts of this torrent? I downloaded it earlier, but now cannot re-enter it via magnet link.
This pops up when I try going through the box, and does nothing when I choose either option

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Acquired this video a couple years back; A Spanish Tutee has some fun with herself covertly while being tutored. The tutor discovers and they both get down. A screencap is included.

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>Has screencap
>Doesn't post screencap
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This is the screencap provided.
Bad quality FLV video, fake student masturbating while in class (but there's noone else)
female teacher at lasts gets on to the action
Ah, and by the way, that's not spanish, it's italian.

Don't think I've ever seen a gay jav thread would like to see if anyone is interested.

I prefer that this thread focuses on twinks rather than bears. I also don't mind having other asian porn as long as their feminine.

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Wheres the torrent fag.
I'm 1000% interested, but I think oddly enough in 4ch we're kinda niche, hope to see some posts though.
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Previous >>773140

Most Premium Bukkake Content can be found here:

We're still waiting on new Elya and Michelle I think. Does anybody have it and willing to share please?

Also count down is on for Nona 3. Post your rare Nonas!!
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Top 50 Chart.png
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Has anybody seen the updated version of pic related?

PB_001_Silvana_2 - 23/10/15
PB_002_Silvana_3 - 04/12/15
PB_003_Miyuki_Son - 09/09/15
PB_004_Elya_1 - 18/09/15
PB_005_Elya_2 - 22/09/15
PB_006_Elya_3 - 26/09/15
PB_007_Milena_1 - 30/09/15
PB_008_Milena_2 - 03/10/15
PB_009_Lola_1 - 08/10/15
PB_010_Lola_2 - 13/10/15
PB_011_Lola_3 - 16/10/15
PB_012_incognito_001 (Dulce Anabel) - 20/10/15
PB_013_Silvana_4 - MISSING DATA
PB_014_Angela_1 - 13/11/15
PB_015_Angela_2 - 17/11/15
PB_016_Angela_3 - 20/11/15
PB_017_Silvana_5 - MISSING DATA
PB_018_Sonia_Anglada - MISSING DATA
PB_019_Michelle_1 - 24/11/15
PB_020_Michelle_2 - 27/11/15
PB_021_Michelle_3 - 01/12/15
PB_022_Nicole_1 - 11/12/15
PB_023_Alma_1 - 15/12/15
PB_024_Alina_1 - 18/12/15
PB_025_Alina_2 - 22/12/15
PB_026_Eva_1 - 12/01/16
PB_027_Eva_2 - 15/01/16
PB_028_Eva_3 - 19/01/16
PB_029_Monro_1 - 22/01/16
PB_030_Monro_2 - 26/01/16
PB_031_Linda_1 - 02/02/16
PB_032_Linda_2 - 05/02/16
PB_033_Linda_3 - 09/02/16
PB_034_Sara_1 - 12/02/16
PB_035_Victoria_1 16/02/16
PB_038_Nona_1 - 01/03/16
PB_039_Nona_2 - 04/03/16
PB_040_Nona_3 - 08/03/16
PB_041_Kira_1 - 15/03/16
PB_042_Mary_1 - 08/04/16
PB_043_Jane_1 - 19/04/16
PB_044_Jane_2 - MISSING DATA
PB_045_Elya_4_1 - 23/02/16
PB_045_Elya_4_2 - 23/02/16
PB_046_Elya_5 - 26/02/16
PB_047_Jane_3 - MISSING DATA
PB_048_Katy_1 ? - 19/04/16
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I have 106 Nona pics (some from PB but most from her modelling etc). Anyone willing to trade?
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>What is this?
A free western porn game in the vein of IllusionSoft dollhouse games.
>How do I download this?
Get version 7.5:
veryslow's repack: mega:///#!TFElzJRR!lss2cTVXR0dtO3cpTFDqC4upWnDf9TkAdYyJCQ4E66s
LordHunt repack: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0E1EEC205DCB19810C6B7EEE2FB5659BB9D35D4A&dn=TK17LHULTIMATECUT.zip&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce
matterman's repack:
>Useful Links
http://klubooru.booru.org/ (not used very much)
>How do I [thing]?
Search the pastebin, then ask. If there's no answer here, it's on Modsgarden.
>1.) Grab the base 7.5 game via torrent
>2.) Register a account on modsgarden, it is where a majority of the content comes from and where you will be getting most of the stuff from.
>3.) Go on modsgarden, game updates section and grab the latest update (really easy to install just copy paste file into a folder)
>4.) For mods, I highly recommend getting the Hook3 / 4 graphical enhancement. Grab this at modsgarden, because there are entire topics dedicated to it as well as how to get it to work.
>5.) For other mods / content, (such as clothes, models, accessories..etc) it is better to cherry pick what you like and install one at a time. Don't get any megapack, because 90% of them contains shit.
>Why does my game look like shit? How can I get it to look like yours?
See the pastebin
Replace your binaries with what you downloaded, run the game using the TKLauncher inside the Binaries folder.
>Where the mods at tho?
Modsgarden. Register an account, comb through and find the shit.

>I thought Hook5 needs pay?
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Couldn't make space for it in the OP, so here. Some anon made a Slim Repack that is more barebones than the rest and game-ready.
From the anon himself:

>Things to consider before you download:
>it's very vanilla
>No dickgirls, no tails, no elf ears and the likes. If you want to fuck an orc with two dicks while wearing a transparent bra on atomic tits while having two guns equipped ... it's the wrong version for you.

>adding certain type of stuff will be a pain/impossible
>Because a lot of the base game items are deleted, texture mods relying on the models of the stuff like Nun dress won't work. Adding toys might be tricky too. Custom bodies, rooms and body skins are unaffected of course, so you can expand it to your own liking there.

>Story mode is disabled

>It's my first time doing anything like that
>It works perfectly for me and should in theory work perfectly for you but ... well, it probably will.

>Anyway: mega:#!5Hx0VDLK!52Z35f3hq3IhhAHnuU2-0jLnoUgO3Z9fad4Ikn5RFaE
Aww yeah, wanted to include it myself. Thanks.

Let's add links to couple more smaller repacks with more functionality but larger and 1x/without Hook inside:

>dimisd repack

>NC repack

and link to new base Hook 5: https://www.patreon.com/posts/8704104
v7515 Portable Base Archive Repack Only


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