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[c0930.com / h0930.com / h4610.com] おしっこ大全集 / Piddle #1-69 / Бaлoвcтвo #1-69

Гoд пpoизвoдcтвa: 2009-2016 г.
Cтpaнa: Japan
Жaнp: peeing, asian, solo, posing, young/mature, close ups, compilation, only girls

Cтyдия: c0930.com / h0930.com / h4610.com


B poлях: Japanese Girls

Oпиcaниe: 『オシッコ大全集』これまで未公開だったオシッコシーンを一挙大放出!オシッコ好きはもちろんそうでない方も楽しめる豪華放尿オンパレード!

Япoнcкиe дeвyшки пиcaют в paзных пoзaх.
Кaчecтвo видeo: SiteRip
Фopмaт видeo: WMV
Bидeo кoдeк: Windows Media
Ayдиo кoдeк: WMA
Bидeo: Windows Media Video 640x480 29.97fps 2000kbps
Ayдиo: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

Bидeo: Windows Media Video 1280x720 29.97fps 4000kbps
Ayдиo: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 256kbps

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Just for anon's who get intimidated by any language but English. It's pee.

>Жaнp: peeing, asian, solo, posing, young/mature, close ups, compilation, only girls

Never would've guessed.
Can anyone exactly confirm what this is? I don't want suspicious shit on my PC

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Hey, Im into flac and all sorts so here are some website that I get them from.
Yes I realize that their not torrents, but if your interested give them a shot.

List (FLAC):
https://losslessbest.net - My favorite, has pretty much everything but hiphop
http://hiphoplossless.com/ - Has basically every hiphop album in flac. Really good stuff here
http://lossless-flac.com - A lot of its in russian but has some standard stuff like Stevie Wonder and The Beatles etc.
https://losslessflac.net - Website is painfully modern, but if you can get around it has a few gems.
https://indoflac.com - I found it lacking but it still has a great library. Useful to somebody

List (SACD)
This is serious stuff here. Please note though that most albums are split into two files, and often one of the files has gone missing or some bullshit. Good listening.
http://hdmusic.pw/category/sacd/ - Also has studio masters if interested.
https://losslessbest.net - Going to list this again, but it has some SACD in it.
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OMG thanks OP
how do you bypass filejoker on mqs

File: 1sdmt130pl.jpg (207KB, 800x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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SDMT-130 Human Cattle Ranch

I love weird JAV like this, anyone got more?

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anybody got that one where the cow pies explode and the girls scream when shit lands on them?
Been looking for ones like this for ages, thanks OP. Wish I had something to contribute. Anyone know if there is anything uncensored like this out there?

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Maximus Distro.png
1MB, 1920x1080px
Fellow /t/orrenters the below magnet link is for some of the high quality webms that poped up on /gif since 2015. Please help share to keep it going.

The Pic is related (sample)

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Hows the quality?
why didnt you just post the webm?
eh not the best webms that have been posted in the past

Looks like i have no idea how to make a magnet link

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291KB, 1212x1089px
The only thing not in this torrent is the Strand short film: you can find it on Youtube

just one little bump

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Back in Black.jpg
21KB, 305x165px
This is the continuation of the previous Video Games thread ( >>773643 ) which is just about dead.Post game torrents, request game torrents, discuss game torrents. If you are looking for a specific torrent, please Ctrl + F the archive.

Archive of previous thread:

Let me get this thread started with the newest Fitgirl repacks:

Ghost Recon; Wild Lands - Deluxe Edition with all DLC:

The Legend Of Heroes; Trails of Cold Steel + 18 DLC:

Hellblade; Senua's Sacrifice:
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Perfect, even got the two in the title. As such, this needs celebration.
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Pony Island. I don't know what the fuck this shit is. But hey. It's legal.
No one had posted this shit, even in the old thread. Surprising, but whatever. Here's GTA V

File: RE168568_img_main.jpg (293KB, 560x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293KB, 560x420px
Hey guys, I put together a pack of 5 games from Libra Heart. 4 action/platformers and 1 RPG.

You can download them all here.

I've got descriptions and more previews over on my Tumblr.

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Where is torrent?
Remember when /t/ was the torrent board? Good times.
what the fuck

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teensexcouple siteRIP.
Also, more couple amateur porn siterip

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thanks anon
Loads of thanks, man. Waiting for moar rips.

File: sekai_neko.jpg (39KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 640x360px
"Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago’s World “Cats” Travelogue”

As the title suggests, it’s about Iwago going around the world and filming cats.
Get the whole series here faggots:

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854KB, 250x208px
Oh shit, I was watching as many episodes as I could find on Youtube. Thanks.
Are there any subs available for this? Is it all in Japanese audio?

File: 53960[1].jpg (183KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183KB, 1280x960px
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Another gaming thread? Badass.
I bought this game some time ago but got a shitty first impression, should I pick it up again?
play underground 2 instead

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