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Back in Black.jpg
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This is the continuation of the previous Video Games thread ( >>773643 ) which is just about dead.Post game torrents, request game torrents, discuss game torrents. If you are looking for a specific torrent, please Ctrl + F the archive.

Archive of previous thread:

Let me get this thread started with the newest Fitgirl repacks:

Ghost Recon; Wild Lands - Deluxe Edition with all DLC:

The Legend Of Heroes; Trails of Cold Steel + 18 DLC:

Hellblade; Senua's Sacrifice:
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Perfect, even got the two in the title. As such, this needs celebration.
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Pony Island. I don't know what the fuck this shit is. But hey. It's legal.
No one had posted this shit, even in the old thread. Surprising, but whatever. Here's GTA V

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Hey guys, I put together a pack of 5 games from Libra Heart. 4 action/platformers and 1 RPG.

You can download them all here.

I've got descriptions and more previews over on my Tumblr.

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Where is torrent?
Remember when /t/ was the torrent board? Good times.
what the fuck

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teensexcouple siteRIP.
Also, more couple amateur porn siterip

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thanks anon
Loads of thanks, man. Waiting for moar rips.

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"Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago’s World “Cats” Travelogue”

As the title suggests, it’s about Iwago going around the world and filming cats.
Get the whole series here faggots:

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Oh shit, I was watching as many episodes as I could find on Youtube. Thanks.
Are there any subs available for this? Is it all in Japanese audio?

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Another gaming thread? Badass.
I bought this game some time ago but got a shitty first impression, should I pick it up again?
play underground 2 instead

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Using her like a doll +1
Anyone got of Latex Lucy's new videos?
any Rubber Passion videos or Ariane Saint Amour?

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That is the most genuine and cutest piece of porn I have even seen. Like, she was 100% horny but shy, just look how her face change in color. Is this an actual genre, like the bbc stuff? Is there more of it?
I hope so ;_; that is why i made this thread
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There is less white guys in JAV than blacks. I don't think we can call it a genre like the bbc shit.

But you can find video about it.
I can remember that DV-166 has Yuma Asami fucked by 3 white guys.

The first guy is ridiculous cuz he claims to be English but he speak by an annoying French Accent.

Torrent is here:

I came across this torrent and thought you filthy degenerates might be interested.

1.22GB 404p (227 seeds at time of posting):

2.39GB repack with a mix of higher resolutions (only 6 seeds at time of posting):

Also random porn thread I guess...
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How can the multi coloured thing on the right be a Jew. My understanding is that Jews think their skin comes from God and won't pierce and tat it
tattoos/10 naaah brah
>Joanna Angel
Pick one

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Long story short. Macromastia blog hosts a huge range of big breasted women. The website itself forces you to pay to gain access to the videos and the guy that runs the blog also makes up the titles for the videos so finding them yourself online is quite difficult. But one beautiful individual has collected most of the videos off the website for years and has uploaded them into one mega torrent. Unfortunately the guy thats uploaded it will not be updating it since the release of the torrent till now so some of the videos on the website will be missing. Most of the videos are Amateur webcams but with some big names thrown in there. http://macromastia-blog.dk/ Here is the link to the blog so you can check it out yourself to see if its to your tastes before you commit to a huge download.

Magnet Link 1: 133 Gigabytes - 1265 videos - ~98% complete: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:zm6qrqdsd6vhosctxdyi52o6ytlik6gg&dn=www.macromastia-blog.dk&xl=132825569517&fc=1265

Magnet Link 2: 84 Gigabytes - 410 videos - 100% complete: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:z7seuhxxszhioofxoj3onsy7ukklhgez&dn=www.macromastia.tv&xl=84342477439&fc=410

Source on where i found this torrent can be seen here: http://www.titsintops.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=98092&highlight=macromastia
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Wew, thanks for the heads-up. Been waiting for titties to fill the void in my life, right in time for my new internet connection. Will leech and seed of course.

More than 200Gb... pity 90% of the ladies are fat cows and no real macromastia miracles.
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Thanks for this OP, I used to check them out every week.

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Post giant monster movies good or bad.

Here is Kong Skull Island
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King Kong (2005) [Extended Cut]

In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with leading lady Ann Darrow.





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Project Homepage: <https://raine.1emulation.com>
Binaries: <https://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html>



>>> ROMS <<<
MESS 0.149 CHD: NeoCD - <https://archive.org/details/MESS_0.149_CHD_neocd>


[SNK Neo Geo CD] Кoллeкция Диcкoв TruRip (v2017-04-07) - <https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4607613>

FB Alpha 2016 Reference Set - Complete FBA v0.2.97.39 ROMs: <https://archive.org/details/FB_Alpha_2016_Reference_Set_-_FBA_v0.2.97.39_ROMs>

>>> CHDMAN <<<
User guide: CD based games - <https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu/wiki/User-guide:-CD-based-games#q-i-have-a-chd-file-from-archiveorg>

chdman extractcd -o "Alpha Mission II.cue" -ob "Alpha Mission II.bin" -i "Alpha Mission II.chd"
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Shit, good effort, have a bump, senpai
Thanks! :)

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Hey folks, i'm gonna share with you my Goth Feet/Footjob videos collection.
Also feet/footjob thread.


I'm searching for "Jack it for Jinx's Feet" by Keri Berry if you have it.
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any non emo feet stuff?
bump for this.
we need more!
bump, im all for this shit

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3MB, 3380x3622px
Just thought I'd post these links I found on /a/ a few days ago. Around 1674GB of English translated Manga, split into three torrents.

0-G (535GB)

H-N (538GB)

O-Z (601GB)
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Is there any kind of quality control with this? What does the collection look like on the inside?
It seems to be pretty well done, but there's over 10000 folders, there's bound to be at least one problem somewhere. I've yet to find an issue though
Time to get a new HD i guess..

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With the death of the last thread I thought I'd start a new thread with the previous:

31gb personal collection

And my 212gb collection (contains everything in the previous torrent)

And heres the subbing status of the Prison Batsu game which will probably be done soon http://www.teamgaki.com/statuspage/
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Here's to another 20 months.
Thanks for linking this again OP. I'm slowly working on it.

Hi, if you saw this bus probably you know about spanish fascis group called HazteOir. Here you have two links to his hacked site and documents. Most of them are in spanish but also contains accounting info and so on...

Documents: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:10ace15cf3a6e18d4aa72d60e25071c4587ade65&dn=Grupo+CitizenGO+Parte+1+%26+2+-+ACABGang+-+acab.cwm.su.rar

Databases: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9cc7cfafce06ca57f10df5c48de079c22bb9dd99&dn=ACABGang+-+acab.cwm.su+-+Bases+de+Datos
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Site of the hacker crew (with more documents): https://acab.cwm.su/
>Christians defending its ideals with biology
I don't see any issues here


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