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Why or why not? Guy on the left.
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Sorry dude, you'll never pass. Best hope is to move to Sweden where they don't care.
stop fucking posting this constantly all over the internet. work on your other, non-gender issues.
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>you will always be trans
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If you know you aren't ever gonna pass, then learn to live with it. Shitty terms, but life is shitty at times. Being closeted is a lot better for some that being a hon and throwing your life away so you can commit suicide in 5 years because you're sick of being a hon.

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> going to therapist for the first time because I want hormones
> we talk for a bit, he seems ok
> seems to agree with everything I say
> start talking about something unrelated
> a town I used to live in, apparently he lived there too
> drop a few loc areas and he instantly recognizes them all
> get a little suspicious so I fake a name, pretend it's a real place
> shit you not, same exact reaction as everything else
> hes been a faker the whole time, trying to pull the wool over my eyes.
This is why Im DIYing.
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I honestly don't know what is dumber, the shrink, you, or this story.
he is going to agree with everything, and give you hormones, because he wants your money

you found yourself a perfect therapist

what's your problem
Does anyone else see "gender therapy" as stupid?

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Hey. Can you guys help a closet MtF tranny out? I'm needing a haircut pretty bad and my hair is now long enough to hit my shoulders. So what haircuts are androgynous but not bad enough to draw suspicion?

Pic unrelated
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Unless you tell the person cutting your hair you want a girls style, or cut your hair yourself, they'll give you a male cut, they assume most males don't want a feminine cut so they like to 'fix' it so you don't look like a fag even though you want to, anyway I usually go for the graduated bob which works with my face and shows off my slim neck, not sure if it would work for you though since I don't know what you look like
Not a huge problem telling someone in public I want a tranny cut. Just don't want family and friends to know yet.
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Short hair is definitely the way to go.

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I'm not sure whether or not I'm supposed to be turned on but this is giving a slight chub for some reason
>a slight chub
Your prose is fevered and frenetic, with just the right ratio of details repeated and new details added throughout the piece. The faux broken language gives the piece a powerful effect and tone, building a character for the speaker that is overall one of the strongest aspects of the piece, giving it that slavic tranny fever dream quality, blending hyperbolic sexuality with grime and violence in short, sputtering bursts which build in intensity and magnitude. Needless to say, with more themes explored, I would read a novel in this style. Bravo

I love you asian gays and trannys
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at least a few
The Gaysian GayGen

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/pol/ here, I come in peace


Assuming sexual orientation is not static, what if a homosexual feels they are straight?

If they seek such therapy, should they be able to have it? Will lurk for responses.
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It should be permitted only if there's evidence that it is at least somewhat effective and won't cause problems worse than the ones it is intended to solve. Basically the same criteria any other medical treatment is supposed to meet.

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>tfw 9 months in
>tfw will never wear girl clothes because they would look ridiculous on my blocky manbody
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Give it more time desu senpai senpai.

Body shape takes the longest to change with mones.
Also because you aren't a girl

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Why isn't there a kik/meet up thread?
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Dont think so anon. If you want you can talk to me though
Ok, I literally will. I need more compatible people in my life

Kik: Bricekrispietreats

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Hi guys!

I was just wondering if being attracted to pre surgery trans girls could be considered gay.

It's not like i love penises but i am not grossed out by a girly looking trans girl who has one. I never really thought about sex as i am not a sexual human being but i would suck her off if she wanted to.

Am i just a homo in denial?
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>tfw average-looking skinny gay guy
>tfw attracted to other average+ skinny guys
>tfw almost all of them are into bears, daddies, chubs, jocks, etc
>tfw I just get messaged by the above groups
>tfw when I do get to meet a skinny guy he's faggy as fuck and I don't want to be in a relationship with someone with the bitchiness of a woman

I just want a gay version of my straight friends who is also into guys with his own body type. Pic related is ideal, but I could easily do as low as a 6.5/10 if they still had boyish charms.

Anyone else in this situation? Why do "straight acting" twinks not like other "straight acting" twinks?
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>Why do "straight acting" twinks not like other "straight acting" twinks?
I guess I fit the description of "straight acting" skinny twink. I'm not exactly average-looking though, most people seem to think I'm pretty attractive that have bothered to compliment me or I ask for their input.

I prefer other skinny dudes too, likewise I have the issues of finding one that isn't a total fag.
It's a struggle. Was chatting to one on grindr recently, we exchanged face pics, he said I was cute, I thought he was cute. He asked for my body, I sent him a pic. We have literally the same build. He stopped replying. Eventually said he wasn't interested. When I asked him what kind of body type he actually prefers, he said "I don't really know".

It's not an abnormal interaction.
lmao, I gave up on Grindr mostly because it was full of uggos, fatties, and old people.

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I am a hetero male. I like to think overtly a "standard" one. I've worked in Steel roofing and metal building construction. I've done heavy industrial work. I've got a full beard, neatly brushed hair with basic male pattern baldness. I've got eyebrows like the Rock. I'm a hairy little dude, got a beer gut.

But I feel like a woman sometimes. I've got great fashion sense. When I represent myself in games, I almost always make myself female. Even when watching adult films, I imagine myself in the woman's position.

I generally accept being a dude, but I like to sometimes imagine what it'd be like if I was a woman instead. Just fantasies here and there.

I think personally, it spawns out of writing. I write all types of characters, and so I tend to try and imagine myself as different people based on what I'm writing. Over time, it grew into mentally having a sort of female version of me.

Anybody else like this?

Post your wallpapers! I couldn't think of anything else image-wise for this topic.
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I used to feel that way and now I'm openly bi and wear nail polish and cross my legs

Artists are always closer connected to their anima than normal people.
I think it's neat. It's a little like having different personalities, like a party in my head sometimes.

And sometimes, I'm just there, quietly pretending I'm a girl, while nobody can tell.

It sure is neat being human.

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Is it possible for mice to be gay?
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yes, it has been observed.

It is also known that rats and dogs can be transgender.
Source for the transgender dogs? I just don't see how that could be possible. I would believe dogs could be gay. I've seen my (male) dog hump another (male) dog. Transgender sounds like a stretch.
My dog started to wear dresses and won't respond to "brian" anymore, but when I call him "fifi", he comes running.

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>be mtf
>slightly overweight and really self-conscious about it
>can't seem to lose weight no matter what I do
>a few weeks ago start getting really sick, like shitting blood and feeling really lethargic
>think about going to the doctor but notice I'm losing weight so I don't
>don't do anything about it for weeks until I randomly get a huge fever and start vomiting any time I eat or drink anything, even water
>have to go to the ER
>get diagnosed with digestive system infection
>can't eat any solid food, they gave me multivitamins and antibiotics and says I can only drink clear liquids
>haven't eaten anything in almost a week
>go to the bathroom, see reflection, I've lost so much weight, my tummy actually looks good
>feel truly happy with my body for the first time, possibly ever
I'm like legit crazy aren't I?
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Nah you're just lazy and the weight will come back because you never had the will power to keep it off in the first place.
Like you're probably developing an eating disorder so i guess yes.

Can't say i haven't considered making myself too ill to eat. last time i got food poisoning i lost like 2 stone. I could really do with losing 2 stone.

Trying to do it in a more healthy way though, low carb most of the week, lots of protein etc. and starting to work out again.

need a sports bra now tho.
>tfw super-effective immune system
>haven't thrown up in 10 years
>even food poisoning just makes me nauseous and fatigued for 24-48 hours and then I'm fine again

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Do lesbian girls like big tits and ass like straight guys do?
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Hold on, lemme go call the 'all lesbians in the world ever' hotline and ask.

Oh yeah! You have no idea

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