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>tfw no bf

No trannies edition.
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Am I gay if I want to fuck ftm without dongs and mtf with hormones and without dongs?
Thank you based tripfag
But dickless men with feminine hormones aren't "just" dickless men
Only the best dickless men for you.

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Did / do you guys get bullied in high school??
I listened to Lady Gagas bullying story:

and I can relate!! I feel like I don't wanna know anyone from high school now that I've graduated because it was so embarrassing getting bullied. My high school was full of MASSIVE cunts. Once 2 guys carried me into the shower with my uniform on and turned it on while I was underneath. (I took of the head and pointed it at them to make them stop but I wouldn't dare spray them bc they'd beat me up badly)
I'm super happy now that I've left and don't wanna be friends with lots of people from my school anymore because I just associate school with getting bullied.
I also wanna unfriend them on Facebook but idk I never told anyone how much the bullying hurt me bc I just used to laugh and cry later...
Soz this is sad lol but rn I have a squad and luv life
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gas yourself, faggot
Lmaoooooo I forgot abt trolls oops
Actually, I was more of a bully in school


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What did she mean by this?
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She is saying children do not "become adults", they were always adults, and that after going to a therapist and convincing them they are an adult they are give hormones and to turn them into adults, and often complete their transformation with further surgery.
She means that for a man to fuck a woman is not gay, even if that woman used to be a man. Because, if one's past state is considered relevant in defining sexual attraction, then one would have to concede that fucking a woman who used to be a girl is just as pedophilic as fucking a woman who used to be a man is gay. Either it's someone's current state that matters, or everyone but asexuals is at least a little pedophilic.
I guess that the difference is that adults don't look like children while trans people sadly not always look like the gender they transitioned to. But I have to admit that she's got a point.

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this is canon
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Who's the guy on the left and is Jughead truly a burgersexual?

nu-continuity canon character

yes, Jughead is asexual
also canon: jughead wears the dumb hat bcuz he bald

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So where's the D gaygen?


Old thread: >>5703485
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man during christmas.jpg
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In front of the eer.
Start making out with him in the hallway

If he punches you he's not into the D

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/Lgbt/ shows? Please, recommend me some shows senpai.
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Looking on HBO is 11/10
Hell the fuck no.

Horrible show. Might be bearable if they killed off Jonathan Groff and the Brit but still wouldn't be good.

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>tfw today is the guy I've been in love with for wa too long's birthday
>I want to wish him a happy birthday but what's the point?
>Also I'm sacred as shit of doing it for some reason

If I were a girl I could just slut it up a little and he'd ravage my girlpussi, but noooo, I had to be stuck with this inferior boipussi.

What do you hate about being /lgbt/?
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>implying I didn't
it could have gone worse, but it still went pretty bad.
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>What's the worse that can happen?
greentext pls



This is so typical of you!
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stupid girl, fat isn't spelled with a c.
"du fatso?"
"aye aye, fatso!"

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>live action vore

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Being a fag sucks, for various reasons.
Anyone here tried to commit suicide?
What did you learn?
Will you make an attempt again in the future?

Personally I'm researching the best way to go. So far it seems shotgun to the head has the best mortality ratio.
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please don't anon, we loves ya
Laying on the train tracks would be my method, because I hate people and the thought of my last act inconveniencing others would make my death at least somewhat comical.
An expected average time to death by this method is 17 minutes.
As long as consciousness is lost quickly, the death should be relatively painless, but if consciousness is not lost, it could be an agonising method.

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What is /lgbt/'s opinion on darkmatter poetry? Pic unrelated.
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I have no idea what they make or stand for, but I know that my least tolerable friends like them.

That is a really cool pic though

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Is transitioning young the key to passing?
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I hope she kept her feminine boibenis. :DD
Would suck desu
Temporay passing maybe. Shes young wait till shes 30.

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>be a social media sjw trans person
>creates blog, youtube, twitter, etc accounts
>decides what labels to put for my self
>says that I am non binary, trans lesbian
>actually is straight but think wearing make up is cool and don't want to be considered emo
>says I only date women because I am lesbain
>can't get laid because lesbain don't want my pec boobs and elongated clitoris that shoots out white stuff
>tells potential female lesbian mates I am the one for them
>still can't get any pussy even when I was a guy a week ago.
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pls respond

takes hormones bro. then join trans lesbian general.
why can't /pol/ be right this time where I could just be a normal straight guy if I just realized that I will always be male and stopped being degenerate faggot?

Where can I order hormones?

I know nothing about hormones, or how many I need to DIY MtF.
Also Im not american so please post as much sites as possible to check the shipping prices.

Im 110lbs and 5'6.
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>shipping prices
Oh boy.
Im not american, neither from Europe.
Just Summon them.

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I'm already quite androgynous, but I'll like some of the benefits of estrogen (smoother skin, fat distribution)

I want to pass as more of a girl whenever I want to.

I'm also confident being a guy. Don't mind already looking a bit girly, so fuck it, I want to have fun while I can still pass as a trap. I'm 20 so my clock is ticking. Are there any longterm negative effects with estrogen? Is there such a thing as "casual" hormone treatment? (Maybe home-made remedies that aren't as extreme)

My main concern is probably the mental illnesses from the chemicals/ permanent shrinkage of penis. I want my dick to stay big.
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Any estrogen you'd be taking is bio-identical, so it'll only have as many longterm negative effects as people naturally running on estrogen have, i.e. nothing that hasn't been well-documented.

You can take low doses of estrogen and AA's, or better yet estrogen and a DHT inhibitor to get a more neutral hormone balance without totally vacating the testosterone from your body.

There shouldn't be any real risk of mental issues as long as you keep a decent level of hormones in your body.

If you use your dick it'll stay in fine working order. The main effect of lowered testosterone is erectile dysfunction of some form (which I've found to be "no spontaneous erections" instead of "no erections ever"), but you can always take pills for that if it ends up becoming an issue.
AAs and dietary estrogen.
Who is this girl

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When I'm horny or just feel like I want to cum I like putting on music videos were the women are pretty and dressed slutty. I can't really jerk off to it unless my in goes into thinking about other men's body(especially their cocks, and good physique). I'm pretty sure I've managed to fetishize women by thinking about other men, because i really only became interested in about the opposite gender by watching porn( remember getting really horny when I saw the mens flaccid penis in those first porn flicks I saw.

Since I've been a repressed homosexual most of my life I've manage to get off without it seeming gay to myself by the logic off: "Jerking off to naked girls without there being a cock around her is for teenager and prudes, looking at dick is were it's at, That's why I google dick pics and jack off to them, because pussy gets boring when there's a cock, that's the nature of porn."

Thinking about sleeping with girls doesn't excite me(at all anymore), while I can get a hard on(uncontrollable) for an hour because some older man on grindr was chatting me up and offering me to stay at his house for a night.

Sometimes I feel like my homosexual feelings are because of mental illness(and feeling like I'm not really gay). I really havn't felt all that much sexual desire for girls, but when I allow myself to go into having gay fantasies I get really hard and my hearts beats faster(when I think about someone I know).

I'm so confused, because I know I've fetishized at least on gender, but which on I'm not sure off(I can remember having a lot of homoerotic tensions as a kid). I just can't seem to go with the flow about my sexuality, because being a straight guy that has sucked another's man dick is pretty pathetic.

Pic related(I'm mildly autistic so figuring out my feelings can be quite hard sometimes).
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just transition already lol
That has nothing to do with my sexuality or sexual urges. Why are people trying to shill gender dysphoria onto other gay/confused people?

I don't get off on thinking of myself as a woman. All I want is to get leaner and stronger.
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