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>Hey anon, how much did you pay for those shoes?
What do you say?
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I stole them actually. I think they retail for $500. People who actually waste money on this shit are fucking retarded. *chuckles*
"It's not polite to talk about how much one spends on clothing."


"More than your entire outfit you fucking pleb."
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>giving the original price instead of the price you bought it for
i bet you do this

MC Ride inspo thread
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This fucking nigger,
all day,
erry day.
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>Anon, why do you care about clothes so much? You spend more than me!
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No, I dont.

You just buy stupid shit on a whim

shut the fuck up claire

Im being a bitch?

you're a fucking cunt
R u ok
Also hook me up with claire

want her number?

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what is this style called?
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It's called a dress you you goof
"Omg I can't believe he is taking me to the Olive Garden, it's such a high class restaurant. Katie went there for her community college graduation party!"

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I just realised a shocking truth

/fa/ is unfashionable
I mean, it's sort of like some sort of brain wash going on here,
what styles are idealised here?
goth ninja is a market for rich stupid inept autistic children
workwear is worn by some fag who validates clothing by its rigidity, rarely ends up with a nice fit,
popcult designer era items look like crap
nobody has any foundation in art, and those who do are flops anyways
one in every thousand waywt actually look half as good as what an actual clothing stylist can compose for any given online model
people who have muscle and confidence are skewed as idiots with poor taste when plenty of them could be intelligent good people just enjoying life and not analyzing every detail of their wardrobe

and most important of all, the sheer number of similar products being posted and talked about really is the last straw, it shoes how incompetent and reliant people are on what they should wear, and how their ideology of fashion is based almost entirely on poor self image and low self esteem.

everything else is just a grail/brand circlejerk for people who Still don't know how to pull off the crap they own. like holographic rafs and creepers- what the fuck?

most trips are either weird gross human beings who real people don't want to associate with, or are good people who'se families' are worried about why they spend so much time in their room instead of going out and living a real life.

you're all just emulating what you don't have what's outside of your room by dressing as if you do have and live that life. see?
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that's right, OP! only YOU are cool! everything other people like that you don't is fufu as can be! you've figured it out, anon! who will you bless with your knowledge next??
Good job not refuting anything and simply shitposting
butthurt fuccboi

protip: half of /fa/ is trolling, the other half of /fa/ is fuccbois being trolled

if you dress like /fa/ in the real world you will get laughed at by everyone

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>family thinks I"m gay because I own too much clothes
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>shaved sides
>long on top
>grandfather asks when i'm getting the rest of my hair cut off
all my clothes are just hand-me-downs so people cant judge what i wear cause that wasnt my choice
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>grandfather asks when i'm getting the rest of my hair cut off

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How has /fa/ impacted your life?

Today for the first time in my life a qt 9.7/10 girl sat next to my on the bus and didnt even hesitate. In fact we had a nice conversation that started with her complimenting my $200 boots. I felt like thats how having a supermodel gf feels like. Thanks for the effay advice, guys. If i keep this up i might have a gf within the next 4 years.
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i spend more money on clothes now
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>I felt like thats how having a supermodel gf feels like.
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take me.jpg
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is it possible without spending a fuckton of money // on a low budget?
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Maharishi's trousers are relatively affordable.

Not to someone who is on a "low budget"

all the cheap brands are bad. all the techwear related threads on places like sufu are mostly populated with older people because they can afford the good stuff.

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In all honesty last week was, rather, quite amusing with palewave and shit.

But it makes me sad when I remember that this is probably going to be the only summer of 2014 highlight on /fa/.
And it wasn't even a real thing!

Your thoughts on last week, and this summer in general, fuccbois?
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Can someone tell me what memeochrome is???
something hilarious

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rick owens fans
arcteryx & techwear general fans
yohji yamamoto fans
stephan schneider fans
visvim fans
jil sander fans
damir doma fans

>ordinarily polite and friendly. can be found giving useful advice, dumping images, and making informative and helpful posts. most fans of these designers are less immature than the terrible fanbases, and this becomes evident rapidly everywhere on the internet and in real life.

patrik ervell fans
'palewave' and 'normcore' advocates
raf simons fans

>can be found shitposting everywhere, giving laughable 'advice', positng unecessary single-question threads, posting meritless outfits (more commonly not posting outfits at all), spouting memes, being aggressive. the nature of these designers produces an insecure fanbase obsessed with one-upmanship and keeping pace with trends.

>extra low tier:
vast majority of undercoverism fans
helmut lang fans
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I see you're still mad.
add hedifans to extra low tier pls. :)
What if I like techwear and patrick ervell?

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hey grils of fa
where do you hang out?
i am tired of basic bitches
i just want to date a qt fa girl
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i hang out at my apartment, i leave out maybe once a week to get groceries...

hao2not b afraid of people ;;
>girls on /fa/
there's no such thing
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/b/ -->
<- /soc/

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b dece, b chill

discuss p wave and p wave inspo
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Horrible pic to start it off.
I don't really get why everyone is hating on "palewave" as its actually interesting to look at instead of boring black all the time.
Goofninjas stay mad.
Why is the pic horrible?
>these are the people that are vocal about palewave

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I did something wrong guys... I shopped at Ross today, please forgive me.

What have you done, /fa/? Don't be shy.
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ok, did you buy?
I bought converses.
I really like the all black vans authentics

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Can we have another room / interior design inspo thread? Old one almost 404ed.

Post your Rooms or (if you are a poorfag like me) post pictures of good looking rooms.
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Damn, so many good threads today

so what does /fa/ listen to ? link related for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bQYc_Es88w
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Most likely the same shit /mu/ listens to.
spooky black
lil b
yung lean

other meme rappers
/fa/ - fashion

reported for off topic

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