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Well /fa/, this may be the end for me. This afternoon, a man checked into Mount Sinai hospital in New York City suffering from high fever and gastrointestinal hemmorhaging and has what appears to be ebola.

I live in New York City.

In honor of what may very well be the last few days of my life before the pandemic begins, dump some post-apocalyptic/riot core inspo so I can adequately prepare.
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I sure am glad that I don't live in a third world shithole like you anon.
Has anyone read that article about the the government telling people not to drink any water in some part of the US because it was all poisoned or some shit?

I hope you and all the other poor Americans don't suffer while your country turns into Africa 2.

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help fellow fuccbois out to find w2c cool stuff

i'm looking for shirts to use to layer like in this picture preferably cheaper alternatives to name brands but whatever helps.
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w2c shoes
rick owens ramones
usually what im dressed in

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>Okay guys we're just going to go around the class and tell everyone your name and your hobbies
>/fa/ it's your turn, what's your hobbies?

I seriously fucking hope /fa/...
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just say whatever bitches like to hear
playing x sport, when i'm not working on a car, bike, ect. and i like to mix drinks and cook.
when I started tutoring a class at uni they said the tutors had to get the class to do one of these activities. When I had my class I said we were supposed to do one of these activities but I wasn't going to make us do it cause I know everyone hates them and instead I bought packs of cards along and everyone broke off into groups and got to know each other playing cards and I got the highest rating in the end of semester student feedback and everyone said I was their favourite tutor.
Why the fuck does this exist in university? This is exactly why I don't want to go.

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Hello /fa/

So i'm Arabic. Precisly I'm a Berber from Morroco but fuck that.

I want some inspo about Keftan and arabic fashion. Like Djellaba, Keftan, Foukia,...


It's too folkloric for me. I want some pic or even some piece of clothes that have been ''normalised'' or if I dare to say ''occidentalised''. Post whatever you want: Pics, ideas, comments,...

I want it to be all about elegance and chillness. I'll post some pic.
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Perfect example. Looks good, comfortable, not try-hard either.
This one is nice but too long.
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zx flux.jpg
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post a fit where these work
protip: you cunt
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if you can't pull of fluxes, you can't pull off roshes and if you can't pull of roshes, you're fucking retarded
What are you trying to say? If you can't pull of fluxes you are not retarded?
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this is kinda how I wear them, with khaki's and grey pants. i think the black version is more versatile though. how would you judge these?

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What do you think?
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hope you like it, just don't expect any praises about your trash-quality-mock-heritage aesthetic.
here's to buyer's remorse, and now for a few good ones. maybe next time you'll ponder some more before spending mom's dough
basic hipster bag, hipster
give credit where credit is due anon, hipsters look for authenticity and originality, qualities that herschel products both lack. OP's bag is closer to what internet would call tumblr-core, and she would probably identify herself as "alt" rather than hipster , a title she still probably secretly rejoices in receiving.

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hi /fa/! i feel like im really bad at drawing nice clothes, and if i can get better at it then i might be able to dress better too. if you post yourself i'll try to draw you to the best of my abilities! :^)
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okay, posting my best fit then :)
paul plz
will you really draw me? or is this a ruse ._.

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Lunarcore thread?
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lol lunarcore is long dead
Disco never died.

It just moved to Europe and we call it house music.

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Since deciding to start caring a more about my clothing, and getting feedback from you effay lot, it's been going... slowly.

I've purchased quite a bit of new stuff, but now I'm worried I'm on the wrong track here. I thought I'd post an image of my usual non-girl clothes to remind myself of what I'm working with here, as I reassess what the hell I am doing. Fuck yeah, Palladiums.

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like every time I try to dress more feminine, I end up feeling like I'm dressing like my mom. To further hammer this home, my attempt at a feminine tanktop did not seem particularly successful in yesterday's WAYWT. I have plans to return a couple of items this afternoon that I'm worried are too momcore.

The point of this thread:

Could I get some inspiration, in the form of thoughts, or, pics for women's fashion that:
- doesn't have an asian model, those people could wear trash bags and still look good.
- would work well for an overweight female as I continue losing weight
- will help me decide on what proper basics I need
- will help me decide on if I want to pursue colorful clothing or darker shades
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didn't you learn to shut the fuck up last week? fatass
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The tanktop in question.

I would love some feedback!

When I posted this, I was recommended to do away with this tank top. Not to mention, someone else wondered if it was a troll post.
It looks momcore imo because of your body frame (I know you're losing weight atm but still) and because your General choice in "girly" clothes are quite bad, like the last fit you posted in that waywt (no offence)

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What are you
saving for
waiting for

thinking about pic related, but waiting to see if i can do any better with 80 bucks
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Looking for all white air force 1 hightops. Idk why but they seem inpossible to find.
Fa got any idea or should i just go with mids?
wearing some chup socks
purchasing some mcq boots
saving for some rmw mto chelseas
waiting for my our legacy runners
considering a pair of island dunks
>what is footlocker

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Hey /fa/, anyone got any experience with the Uniqlo raw selvedge that's on their US site at the moment? Particularly interested in the Slim Straight.

Also uniqlo general i guess
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Not that slim
why do you want raw denim?
it doesn't even look good
don't listen to the guy who said they aren't that slim - to use a common touch point from the knee up they're about as slim as levi's 511s and from the knee down are a little bit wider. they bleed indigo like a motherfucker, worse than any pair of jeans i have ever had before (even after soaking). other than that, they're comfortable and decent for fifty bucks or whatever.

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Anyone tried a capsule wardrobe? Is it as satisfying as I expect it to be?
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Never heard this term
Does it mean like a fit that will never be out of style?
Or you buy an entire fit at once?
What is this
I have, it got boring after a week. It probably would have been better if I had multiples of the shirts, so I didnt have to do laundry every other day but that kind of defeats the point.
This definitely seems like something I would like to do. High quality, low quantity?

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School is starting up pretty soon
>who's campus has the most fuccbois?
>what major has the most fuccbois?
>who are you gonna be stuntin on this fall?

pic unrelated
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USC, everyone wears chubbies + graphic tank + fake raybans + topsiders.
It's just chino shorts, polo shirts and vans. So fucking depressing

lots of menswear bros
dudes dressing like vampire weekend, no shoes on
art students are tumblrcore as fuck

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Old one is fucked.
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whats some other cool shit with straps like this. doesnt have to be jackets
is a shirt over another shirt ok (talking about button-ups)?
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Should i cop nudies or acne?
Is acne worth the extra 60eur?

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is being a jerk /fa?

hater just be jealous, fuck them
um right guys?
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Being yourself is /fa/. If you're a jerk be a jerk, but don't be a poser
Yeah dude!
It's also really cool to loiter around malls, walk around in groups with your hoodie from Target up, drink monster energy drinks (or arizona iced tea).

Another cool thing is watching Vice and keeping up with skaters like Dylan Rieder whilst not skating yourself.

Also call everyone IRL fuccbois and wear black clothing. ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US.
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being self-centered comes naturally to me
no effort required
ppl b so sensitive tho

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