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is filthy frank effay?
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that's mfa bro
I like filthy frank.

He's maybe a bit too much though. His irony goes so deep that it's turned against him. I would probably hang out with him though, I doubt I would want to be in one of his videos though.
more fashionable than he should be. he released a video of him breaking character a while ago, he looks pretty /fa/ in that.

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cool or edgy? also hat bread.
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too edgy
I'd wear it.

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What are the best era's of fashion?

90's girl is a cutie
60's guy looks like he could pull that off today
80's is by far the worst

What do you think?
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95s-05s men is an abomination to the world
80s men has really nice colours but the haircut and everything else is awful.

Shitty hipster beard on the 15s man
most of these are disgustingly inaccurate but for what it's worth the 50s guy has the best outfit

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Am I /fa/?
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>hair not bad
>shirt tucked nicely and fits well
>nice normal belt
>jeans are not sloppy

You dress well but you're not /fa/
no, but you already knew that, right?
Who the fuck tucks while wearing chucks?! Oh..

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Hi senpai I need some help here

Tiger of Sweden are currently having their last January sales day and i wanna get myself a nice belt to a decent price. But what color? my syle is minimalistic, 85% of my clothes are black and I'm thinking of buying brown? Is this a horrible idea?

Pic releated
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Senpai wtf.....
Dose brown and black go well?

Inspiration maybe?

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Background thread?

Background thread.
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post wallpaper alone pls
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File: image.png (1MB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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is anorexia effay?
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It is ;) bulimia as well
skins quotes that you got from tumblr certainly aren't

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Eyebrow thread.

Post your eyebrows.

What can I do to improve mine?
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are you an underage child?

Didn't want to show my full body and room so I just zoomed in.

I'm 19 btw
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you British senpai? if you've got a girl just get her to do it, just keep the natural shape and tidy up the edges. girly eyebrows look odd on a guy imo

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W2C pants and tshirt
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there's w2c threads you fucking faggot

pants are supreme btw, long sold out too

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Are braces worth it at the age of 21? Also do I need them or are my teeth ok?

Pic related. It's my teeth.
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holy shit how can you still think about it

go straight to the dentist

Your teeth are neotenous as fuck
Is it that bad?

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where do I get this shirt
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looks like an african pattern

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What is the most effay jersey number or number in general?

I vote 5, which im planning on wearing next season. 10 is a good looking number too
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Prime numbers up to 37
2 of course

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/fa/ pls halp what nikes are these ? been searching for the past hour and can't find shit.
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Roshe run
thanks bruh you the man

go to alis, 20$

yeah they are fake, but GL on getting the exact shoe not fake

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daily reminder that you should not 'just shave it bro'

daily reminder that confidence cant run frame a face

daily reminder that a girl cant run her fingers through confidence

daily reminder that finasteride is a highly safe and effective drug

daily reminder that there is no reason to at least not try fin

daily reminder that going bald is a death sentence unless youre in the top 0.00002% of male attractiveness

daily reminder that women detest bald men

daily reminder that muscles wont compensate and youll just be a walking cliched gay wet dream
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Daily reminder that balding is a spiritual trial. As every single strand abandon your skull the soul gradually deteriorate. Ultimately the sufferer is reduced to a feral ghoul. A grim creature devoid of humanity is all that will be left. Fuzzy animals will attain more significance. You are condemned to rot in the lower dungeons below the mental prison known as the western world.
Cool finasteride shill thread.


Is there a way to get smaller calves?

Currently at 17 inches even though ive never lifted any weights (played football (soccer) since i was 12, am 18 now) with me at 6'1 190 (although im cutting now to like 175)

Its just that all slim jeans look like bootcut
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Pretty sure its genetics sorry m9
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should i just not bother and drink bleach in large quantaties?

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