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Any kind of non-shitty alt/rock/punk/goth inspired stuff. Not 2004 mallcore with Tripp and shitty PVC.

>all black
>spikes and chains
That kind of shit.
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I fucking hate this word for describing a style
it doesn't mean shit
So do I, but I haven't heard any other terms to describe it that don't automatically bring up memories of Hot Topic kids.
Black totally doesn't suit my orange hair color but I love the style too much to give it up.

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Why Gosha Rubchinskiy's collection always solds out in DSM? No matter NY,Ginza or London e-shop. Good things are always sold out even if it is the release day!
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did they drop today or is more coming tomorrow? i asume hypebeats think they can get something to sellout and sell it for 100$ more
where else is it gonna drop?
it sells out literally everywhere
i want to go back to the days where it would sit on shelves and have a full size run readily available

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Sup you poorfags? What's it like eating ramen for weeks so you can afford a new pair of underwear?
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>implying I use underwear
>1970+46 not freeballing

Get on my level, tiny dicklet.
Lel wearing gucci
any poorfag who eats ramen deserves to be poor. Rice/oatmeal/beans are cheaper and infinitely better

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More women should wear empty plate carriers as shirts.
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Where the fuck do they sell pants like that? do like
That's not a plate carrier.
isnt that movie based on a japanese manga?

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>tfw keep buying clothes and keep looking like shit

I need cereal help fa
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Try cornflakes.
don't eat cereal cause milk is actually bad for you
cereal dropped trip months ago, familia.
I think he still posts as anon though. He's in the WAYWT thread once or twice a week.

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have you had SMP done? if so..is it worth it?
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Honestly, the best thing I did for my balding was accept and own it. As long as you're not visibly in denial, owning the receding hairline or just shaving bald can be the most /fa/ thing.

I already shave it bald...but id like a nice hairline shadow :)

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Boots general. Leather boots.

I like the ones on the far right.

Please include company and model and if someone could identify the ones in the photo then that would be amazing. For a slightly better resolution this is the website the image is from . http://thelumineers.com/

Lets stick to men's boots but good men's style boots on females works too.
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Currently have Red Wings and Katahdins for winter, but in my area the winter has been almost like spring. I'm looking for something more lightweight to wear around (I have CDBs but I'm looking for something nicer) that will be good for Spring, Summer and Fall in a casual setting. Office attire is very relaxed for me. I was thinking Chelsea boots or perhaps even loafers?
They look like timberland earthkeepers. They're pieces of shit. The tounge rips and the soles come apart, debris gets into them where the tounge and eyelets meet at the bottom. Shit boots.


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Hi /fa/
Thinking about copping this coat for late winter/cold spring. Should I do it? I have the winter version of the jacket in wool but that one is too warm for spring. I love that jacket. This one is now down from 2000dkk to 1000dkk. What you think? Its cotton.

Also: coats general
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what to wear with perfecto/leather/ramones jacket? got one lately, dunno what to match it with
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If it fits well you shouldn't have trouble pairing it with anything If you're wearing it with just a tee or a crew-neck sweater underneath make sure the tee has a low enough neck. if you can't see your collarbones it will most likely look bad with the jacket.
k thanks. so you mean like v-necks that show collarbones?
Pair of 1955 lvc 501s

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copped this today..something about it just had to get it.
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Into the regret pile it goes

Hey /fa/
Im currently living in Perth (Aus), just moved here a couple months ago. I want to find a place to buy APC, ACNE or Carhartt. Does Perth have any places to get them?
Also, is there any places to get cheap basics? I heard about General Pants co, but any others?
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>APC, ACNE or Carhartt.
You can get Carhartt from Highs and Lows and Cabnet Noir.

APC and ACNE I don't think you can get anywhere in store, I just buy that sort of stuff online.

>cheap basics
Yeah General Pants is good, but for things like basic t-shirts (for layering for example), I go to Myer and buy decent semi-decent brand clothes, like Gazman or Country Road. I find they have pretty good prices and are good quality.

But just know that Perth is shit for fashion.
What stores do you suggest for online shopping that ship to Perth?
END clothing is my favorite. Stocks all brands like APC and ACNE, and also brands like Palace, BAPE etc. Good prices, and shipping is cheap.

Also check out Asos (free shipping in Aus) and Size? although shipping is expensive from there.

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I've been buying these meme shoes since I was in 8th grade like 8 years ago when I started seeing CDB's on this board. How terrible am I?
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You're not terrible, they're a perfectly acceptable if rather unremarkable piece of footwear, and the majority of people outside /fa/ think they look good.
They're just very uncomfortable, but not that bad.
Not OP, but I own a pair in sand suede, and I find them incredibly comfortable. I sized down from an 11 to a 10 though.

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Eurofag here, I'm just starting to get more into fashion, and I was wondering what are some stores and brands I should generally avoid, and which are /fa/ approved?
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>caring about brands
How the clothes fit is the most important part of being fashionable

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Currently my hair is like the left image, though I want to grow it out to be like the image on the right.

My question is this, how could I best grow into the right? Should I just cut the top of my hair to the length of the sides and go from there? I just want my hair to be even. This hairdo is really out of my norm but for the next year and a half I'll be in Thailand and frankly I want to focus on my online business and becoming zyzz without dying.
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yeah just cut it all to the same length and forget about it, clean up sit ends every month or two


>want hair like the left
>hairline is going to shit not awful but not strong enough for it

should I risk breaking my dick and take fin or what
whats the worst that could happen
Have this dilemma as well, don't know if I should buzz or just let it grow from a HY

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What a babe
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