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Hey /fa/ are there any somewhat decent looking clip on sun glasses for my prescription ones? I will have to wait a whole 2 years before I can get lasik eye surgery
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This is the one.
DITA Ash frames with the optional clip on look nice. About $600 I think.
It does but my glasses aren't round.

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How would someone who isnt skinny but not landwhale fat dress fashionably. Im 5'7 and 200 lbs im not ripped im more of just a big person, no flat stomach and man titties. How can i dress the most fashionable?
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Lose wait first
Im in the process but in the meantime i just need to know how to dress as good as possible.
just buy clothes that fit.
you dont want baggy, and you dont want tight.
stay the fuck away from horizontal stripes, busy patterns and very bold/bright colors.

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Should I buy a pair of these lads? I'm not /fa/ at all. Do they go well with skinnies? Can I wear them casually? Help me desu
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you need to be skinny, buy a good pair (usually $200+) and have well fitting skinnies. height would be a bonus but not necessary if you're thin. its about silhouette.
dude, there is a fashion style called slp that is solely built around skinny jeans and chelsea boots

check this thread for inspiration


yeah you can wear them casually but those ones are more difficult to pull off in a super casual setting specially if like you say, you're not /fa/ at all.

You could try getting some tan/brown ones and build from there, but desu if this is your first pair of boots I wouldn't advice you to cop chelseas, specially if you're just getting into fashion, they're feminine looking and you'll probably feel insecure wearing them (depending on the boot).

Also I wouldn't ditch more than $100 on your first pair of boots (assuming it is and you're on a budget) I have a pair of levi's boots that I've been wearing them for almost 2 years, don't fall for the no less than $200 meme

How do I prevent my shoes from going like this?
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Buy them in the right size.
I was worried this would be the answer.
Mine fit perfectly and they still do this

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Girlfriend lost friend's glove at a rave. Can anyone help id?
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Head running gloves with Sensatec.

Can't you google you idiot?
got a pair of these at costco for about 10 bucks. pretty good! they also have a clip so you dont fucking lose the other glove. your girlfriend lost that glove giving a handjob to a raver. faggot/10

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I only see her posted here.
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thought i clicked on /fit/ for a second there bud.
watch it.
My gf. Watch it.
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Looks like Anahi.

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Can we get a french artwork thread going? I know its /fa/ but fashion counts as art.
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fashion = art
art =/= fashion

fair enough if this was an art board and you posted fashion related content but its a fashion board and you should delete the thread
What board should i go to then Guy Fieri?
While thats valid, this thread will be closer to fashion then most of the threads on this board

If OP asked for a "french artwork inspo thread" then it would be related and the posts would be no different. If you dont want to see it, hide it

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A while back I saw a thread for largert/plus size men (I believe Yohji was one of the collections featured). Any inspo pic for us fat asses?

>inb4 /fit/ before /fa/ I have a thing for bears who are well dressed
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Who is this handsome beast?
No idea, but he aint no bear.
Hell no. Dude looks solid af

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is this basically a nazi jacket?
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File: AllgemeineSS_jacket.jpg (16KB, 317x421px)Image search: [Google]
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not my point.
Hugo Boss was a devoted Nazi. He did not design any uniforms, it was some SS officer and a graphic artist who designed the uniforms or something like that, but he had production contracts.

I wouldn't own any Boss myself because that icks me out; I don't know if that makes it "basically a Nazi jacket" but I wouldn't stop thinking about the shitting Shoah while I was wearing it. I also wouldn't own any Boss because the designs are sucky to mediocre sleek-bland junk for the most part.

What are some nice (lighter) gray hoodies?
I just got a few camo and milsurp jackets and am looking for something to wear under
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still half considering getting one of these but by now its pretty tacky
You could get the same blank hoodie they used to print that graphic on

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Post some effay sports logos
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File: Major_League_Gaming_(logo).svg.png (51KB, 1280x504px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 519px-Tottenham_Hotspur.svg.png (81KB, 519x1023px)Image search: [Google]
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easily the most effay logo
>a cock and ball
>most /fa/

seems right

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Got this as a pseudo secret Santa Christmas gift from my brother

It finally came in the mail, now I have this shirt/hoodie thing

What would go well with it? I don't think it would look terribly good on everyone imo but I think I can pull it off. I was thinking some black jeans and undershirt while wearing it open to give a relaxed look. It's not too cold where I live so I don't need to layer too hard.

What do you think?
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holy shit is your brother theo???????

what brand is it
File: cybGpSq.jpg (2MB, 3787x5681px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3787x5681px
forgot pic
No senpai it's just a supreme hooded flannel from ss 2014, dedicated resellers are pricing it at 200 but he got it for a steal

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Nice meme

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How can I dress more like the Gumby?
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Foiled again :^(

quick senpai
hows the sizing on them shits
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Eww sole is really ugly.
half down

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