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Redpill me on these /fa/
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acknowledging that you've watched the matrix should be grounds for permaban
stfu newfag
you're trying to start a thread about ultraboosts; there are Adidas threads every day, with tons of info about it
and it's, like, one of the best selling running shoes in the country
what do you need to know about it that you couldn't find out from thirty seconds of google searching

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>get txt from friend, "come out tonight"
>spring now, decide to end hibernation
>arrive at club district
>every guy dressed dressed like pic related
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because people dress like shit and you're ugly as fuck so you reject it because you never truly fit in and now you have r9k anti-chad syndrome
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I guess you were on the pull? I assume 'club district' means, all the shitty, bog standard studenty nightclubs?

If you go to an average club, everything will be average, clothes, music, drink choice etc.

If you blend in to 'appeal to the majority', wear all black, can dance like shmurda without looking awkward and white you'll either have a good time or resent yourself.

I'm not saying you should get sailor tattoos, shop for on Asos for black items and get an undercut, but if you continue to go to shitty club or live in a city where there is only shitty clubs you're gonna have to get used to it.

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I'm one of the least attractive people I know. What can I do to improve my appearance?
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oh my.jpg
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More recent picture.

Haircut suggestions and plastic surgery suggestions welcome.

I've got about $15,000 to spend.

Only thing ugly is your low self worth, moron
shave that shitty facial hair, and go to a barber worth a damn and tell him to choose a haircut for your face

What does /fa/ think of turtlenecks? I look pretty good in scarves, if I may so myself, and feel like I could pull of a turtleneck sweater quite well.

Plus, it gets very cold where I live so I wouldn't look like one of those tryhard faggots wearing a turtleneck in roasting weather
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you should stick to scarves in case you decide to hang yourself
I like them but it completely depends on your general aesthetic. They can look really cool or really tryhard
>polo ralph lauren

Get in here
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goat skinhead movie
File: Unbenannt.png (125KB, 483x504px)Image search: [Google]
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that's distinct enough for its own thread

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pic semi related.

bad genes, but not #fashion

I'm a 5'5 pajeet who's never had a friend, let alone a girlfriend.

I want to follow your advice and wear combat boots and big coats to win people over.
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pajeets cant be /fa/ sorry my man
just develop yourself to be a normie
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da fak?

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are g-shocks effay?
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not anymore
No I think certain colors still are desu

S/O Bladee
that looks good as part of his aesthetic but wearing it casually might not be the best move.

they're still the best digital watches tho.

File: KRyNkr4.png (864KB, 575x824px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone here order from them recently? I emailed them a day ago and they still haven't responded. How long does it take to get an invoice from them?
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I summon this thread from the depths of page 10. You have been given one more chance, use it wisely.
I summon this thread for the depths of page 5.
I will bump. Also OP nice pic

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can we talk about what a detrimental effect the combination of French couture and ghetto black american culture has had on the world of fashion?

this is really be a match made in hell. I've been trying to decide whether its the venal urges of the french houses which are driving it or their bizarre attraction to all things dindu, like a kind of cultural cuckery
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needs more balmain
so many fashion houses, particularly french and Italian, have been catering specifically to the image cultivated by ghetto american blacks. take any house you want: SLP, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Burberry . . . other houses appear to have gone full chimp, like Givenchy and Buscemi, or had their entire business propagated and sustained by the patronage of jiggaboos (Guiseppe and MCM come to mind). The wide prevalence of shitty monogram items is almost wholly attributable to this new demographic. Even venerable houses like Fendi and Hermes appear to be catering more and more to the whims of simian customers
niggers are literally ruining the world

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Red Pill me on smoking /fa/

Should I start? Does it actually make you cooler?
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It does make you cooler, but it's also a really shitty "high", costs a ton of money, and is a hassle to find a place to smoke in 2016.
How about going outside once in a while?
Doesn't really make you cooler unless you're kinda cool to begin with. Even then, it's really only marginal--not significant at all.

I still find it satisfying but probably should quit.

Don't start.

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It seems you have forgotten the mantra that governs this board:
Do not try and argue this. You will lose.
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it seems you have forgotten which board you're on
I meant to post this on /fa/. You nerds think wearing obscure clothing will Farber respect. In reality, having a healthy toned body will do this.
it seems you have forgotten which board you're on

File: dickovens.png (357KB, 870x764px)Image search: [Google]
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>rickfags in charge of hygiene
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knoch piss and scat fetish confirmed
this is the kind of quality posting this board needs more of
Actually, I think that's a picture of "Piss Aktion", which is generally recognized to be a seminal piece of 20th century performance art.

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is ryan gosling in the place beyond the pines effay or nah?
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File: 3.png (933KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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File: sketch-1464401631189.png (2MB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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DIY fashion

made pic related and a few other bleach dye shirts

>Is this effay?
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File: DSC_0208.jpg (514KB, 2592x1458px)Image search: [Google]
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It's goofy.
DIY is very effay. Pocket shirts aren't though. If you didn't have a pocket, that shirt would be a nice undershirt.

Which Trump hat is the most /fa/?

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none of them
Black ofc

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