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So I've finally lost enough weight where I think I can comfortably wear slim-fitting clothes. In particular, I'm looking for sweaters.

Where are some stores that I should find these? I'm pretty new to all this in general.

Also, what should I look for in particular? I'm 5'7" so I have a short torso, so fit-related tips would be nice.
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how much weight did you lose? how much do you weigh now
Started at 171, down to 155. Aiming for 145.

think again fatty

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Is there a better black & white running shoe than the Nike Freerun for $100?
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Are you gonna actually be running in them? Or look effay making people think you run?
I use actual running shoes for running
Shoes like these are just for stunting on niggas
nice double trips

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Is it possible for men to wear shorts and be fashionable?
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but you have to be burly
get em above the knee
>dark navy blue running shorts
>solid-color tee (pink or light green)
I mean it helps to be tall and good-looking

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Cashmere Sweater.png
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Hei /fa/gs, whats a brand that sells simply good, clean, quality basics. Looking for sweaters really. I dont mind paying too much for quality either.
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N <3<3<3 L
I <3<3<3 Q
Q <3<3<3 I
L <3<3<3 N
apc acne our legacy norse projects
Uniqlo, though I've heard (on /fa/ so take with grain of salt) that their knitwear isn't the best. I love pretty much everything else from them though.

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Hi /fa/,

As a resident of /fa/ and /trv/ I thought something that would crossover might be a good idea. Something like stuff to do related to the things we mostly discuss on this board.

That said, I'll be in London around New Year's, and I open for any cool shit. Like most people here I'm into fashion, art, architecture and music (mostly rock but I like techno too for clubnights etc.) So please recommend me some stuff to do outside of the tourist traps.

As I'm from Amsterdam, anyone travelling to Amsterdam can ask me for advice.

Perhaps this could be something of regular fixture on the board.
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What I've already got:

-Dover Street Market
-Some flagship stores

-Tate Modern

Also heard Corsica is a good club apparently?
Can't really recommend anything in London, but thinking /fa/ and /trv/ brings me quite naturally to lowkey techwear. As in , comfortable and effay clothes to wear while travelling, be it taking the plane, going for a day walk or going out, without having to carry specific pieces for each activity.
What do you wear when travelling?
Sorry for hijacking anon, but any recommendations for Milan? Leaving on Friday and I have Antonioli, Corso Como, and Slam Jam on the list so far.

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Can you be bald and still effay?

Likewise, can you be bald and effay in your 20's?

Post some effay bald inspo and discuss
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bald = not effay
buzzcut = effay
what if you have a buzzcut but you have a high hairline?
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Androgyny is the best choice for fashion, prove me wrong. [spoiler]you can't[/spoiler]. Also, post andro fashion, if you want
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Within your own crowd of hipsters, sure, but not to the whole world
>Androgyny is the best choice for fashion

Yeah, if you're one of those fucking trans-whatever lgbtqrstuvwxyz fags, then you might think that. Normal people ie 95% of people don't think that
/fa/gs want to look like anime but won't admit it

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sulos nidrom.jpg
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Hey /fa, I need your help again.
You see I have terribly bad eyesight and basically
I need some good effay glasses ASAP. The problem is - my eyes are widely spaced (as you can see) and I simply can't find a pair of glasses that are gonna fit me. Help.

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Only if you tell me where the entrance to the hollow earth is m8. Need me some of them reptilian secrets.
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This shop sells fakes right? They are pretty dodgy in the way they explain it.
Would you guys buy from here or not?

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>the "authentic" ones are just gildan printed hoodies

reddit / r / fashionreps

go find a cheap one
I don't think I'll buy from here.
Doesn't feel right buying non authentic shit.
Where's the best place to look online for authentic ASSC?

File: Untitled.png (521KB, 685x798px)Image search: [Google]
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What color parka should I buy? I usually wear dark jeans and a T-shirt or a button up shirt.

Torn between dark green and black.
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black is easier to work with.
Dark green is basic hoe
black without fucking fake fur

File: image.png (3MB, 1242x2208px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1242x2208px
>when you match ur SnapBack, necklace and shirt.

Under he has oversized highly distressed jeans and timbs
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thats not matching bro.
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4MB, 1242x2208px
File: image.jpg (323KB, 1242x1411px)Image search: [Google]
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The online weed community has the fucking worst fashion

File: IMG_3247.jpg (22KB, 511x288px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: God tier footwear.
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File: mre4aRx.jpg (61KB, 587x1046px)Image search: [Google]
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crocs are legitimately the peak of tech wear

comfytechcore when
Like hell they are. Your soles get sweaty since the rubber doesn't breathe, and socks cling to the rubber if you want to insult common decency even more.

File: Bulgakov1910s-1.jpg (1MB, 1006x1363px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1006x1363px
What would you call and how was you you describe this type of suit jacket and shirt? Where would you go to buy something like this of good quality in the British Isles? Abercrombie?
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Wide peak lapel suit, some kind of fabric, can't tell, club collar shirt

I don't know fuckin google it dickwad

Whoops meant wide notched lapel
He's wearing a three piece suit in a fairly heavy wool, the roll of the lapels suggests a mid-weight tweed. It's impossible to judge exactly due to the grain on the pic though.
If you want to buy a good quality dark tweed suit in the British Isles there are tons of places you can buy, I'd look for vintage first as it's the best price for the quality.

However if you go to Abercrombie ever for any reason you deserve what will happen to you.

The shirt as noted is a club collar shirt, it seems to have a pleated shirtfront but that's extremely rare to nonexistent in daywear nowadays and I suggest that you don't ape this aspect. Club collars per se are easy to get though.

Should this be against the law?
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Isn't it already?
Being Mormon? Yes.

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Winter szn incoming, where does one find socks like in pic related?
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They could Missoni socks, but I'm not too sure
Don't wear socks like that with sneakers
Eh going precisely for the meme white sneaker black skinnies combo

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