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I want to bleach my tips, but my hair is kinda bushy and not straight like Bladees. Wat do? Recs? What do I tell hair stylist?
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how do i into /bladee-core/

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It's a cricket jumper
Gant or ralph lauren. Any uber preppy brand should have cricket sweaters

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what's a warm ass coat/jacket for £150 max?

so far im looking at







what about a hooded penfield/patagonia/north face/berghaus etc would they be within my price range?
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forgot to mention i wear a alpha industries ma1 atm and i dont like it, it rides up my back when i zip it up and my face gets cold as fuck unless i wear a hoody underneath
If look on Grailed if I wear you

I got this one for $200
but was it at first worn by a sweaty lad?

/fa/ music thread
no school shooter music
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undeniably /fa/
please don't soil this by posting it on /fa/
Xiu Xiu - La Foret

Hi /fa/

I'm 20, 21 in two months and I'm balding.
It makes me feel like pure shit. It's useless to work on your aesthetic when you're trying to hide a baldness.

" Shave it you fag " Yes, yes, of course. But I had a really big surgery when I was young due to a brain tumor. Now I have big scars, plus my skull it " uneven ".

What do guys ?
Wear a beanie everyday, all day long ?
Kill self ?
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Transplant, shave, or hats 24/7. Those are pretty much your only options.
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I was balding since I was 15/16. I have a 2x7cm scar on my forehead where my hairline used to be. Get a number 1 buzzcut. At this length your baldness won't look embarassing. Also, it'll give you an idea how you'd look completely bald. Head shape is hard to guess without cutting your hair.

If you'll hate the way you look, you will always have the choice of regrowing your hair and getting on finasteride.

Have in mind that there are things in life out of your control. I know you've heard this meme before, but accepting your shortcomings and working on your strengths is the only way to success. Don't let your hair be the thing that defines you. Trump has been ridiculed for his combover for ages and now he's the meme elect of the US.
M8 as long as the scars have healed and aren't the bumpy sort of scars then they probably don't look as bad as you think.
Also important to ask is where are you balding? If it's a receding widows peak type thing with your hairline at the front then honestly just try out shaved sides and see how that looks. If it's the back of your head that's balding then it might be worth buzzing it.
In all honesty go to a proper professional barbers and ask them for advice, see what they'd recommend and what they think would work for you, but don't be afraid to interject with your own suggestions. Better to listen to them than /fa/, because at the end of the day we're just a bunch of random fucks who ddn't even know what you look like.

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lol wtf is this shit
this is a terrible picture but i like the fit
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What pieces of jewelry and accessories can be considered /fa/

I just copped pic related and it's making me consider getting more stuff but the only things I can think of getting rn is a dogtag necklace of some kind and an MF Doom ring if I can find it online somewhere

recommendations for more musician-related jewelry would be cool too
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Bruh, wristwatches are classic

And convenient

Takes like 7 seconds to find your phone in your pocket, take it out, find the power button and meanwhile you're holding this huge think in your hand

A wristwatch takes 1 second, and your hands are free

How the fuck you gon ride a bike and check time fool?

But I agree about the jewlery, chains, rings, and bracelets are for fags


That watch looks like dogshit

O wow, a brass digital Casio

Digital watches are retarded

I'd go for a mechanical self winding citizen or someshit once my other ones croak

I got 2 fossils, quartz ones but they look dope


fashion/architecture/industrial design/some art
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>music, fashion, trap shit, romania

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Didn't see one so new cop or not thread.
I'll start, I was gonna buy this jacket off grailed but then it sold so i'm considering buying it off the og site for 100 dollars shipped. Can I get some opinions on it?
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i fuck with mki
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Would this coat suit comfy core?
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Also what color should I cop?

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>not knowing about flight wave
>being this low altitude
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I love this
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Can maga hats be fa, or do they look autistic?
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only if you stomp nigger's heads in while wearing it
They obviously look autistic. They are like Che Guevara shirts, edgy ways to advertise your political ideology. There is nothing fashionable about that. Also they all look ill-fitting in person, I've never seen one look aesthetically pleasing on someone
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>not getting JEB!'s incoming surge victory hat

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Old thread is close to cap.

Post your boots related inquiries and pics here.
Let's contain all those dumb boots question threads to one thread.

No effeminate boots like pilotenstiefel or solovairs allowed, only the manliest of boots allowed. Nu males despair.
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Solovair is superior to Doc Martens.
anybody gone through Danner's boot repair service? I bought a pair of beaten-to-hell insulated Mountain Passes on eBay and want to get them resoled and have the toe box replaced
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Thoughts on Corcoran Jumpers before I pull the trigger? I'm a broke piece of shit
Would be nice to see some reviews from fellow /fa/gs

What is it like to be 8/10+ and /fa/?
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Married. So, worthless
Fucking Kek

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Get 'em out.

Harmony Paris
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File: recent cops.png (653KB, 1347x524px)Image search: [Google]
recent cops.png
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nothing exciting

LAST THREAD >>11953355

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
looking for a deo that has no to little smell, any rec?
File: 086449300031-1_1.jpg (27KB, 566x566px)Image search: [Google]
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Crystal deodorant is the stuff. Been using it for 15 years and I never stink, even after a full summertime work day. After applying, I spray my daily choice of perfume once in each armpit and once on my chest. Perfect.

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