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So i cop this shorts and i want a colorful shoes with no laces to rock them, something like Toms, Paez or Birks (not with socks) will be good but what do you recommend?

The first image down below for example
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its cold as fuck everywhere on this rn why did u buy shorts bro
also no i wont let u wear clothes like this
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are you retarded?

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Leaving /fa/ check my blog post

Started browsing during the peak of trikdovens infatuation. Was an insecure tall/slender teen in high school; /fa/ seemed like the fast cure. Tailored to my body and mind.

Began to judge normies based on their cheap outfits etc. as is typical of /fa/. I worked minimum wage (still do, currently a uni student) and almost all of my pay would be spent on cops. It sickens me to think of all the wasted money.

I finally realized how pointless being /fa/ was and how anything to do with fashion, in one facet or another relates back to insecurity. I always knew it to be true but didn't give an actual shit about how destructive it was until recently.

I'm selling the gats, the OL cuckcore essentials, the visvim, it's all over. Time to adopt a more practical and not so insecure appearance.

/fa/ has given me taste but I was blinded. Now, I can finally see and put it to healthy use.
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internet """fashion""" is fucking shit
you made the right decision
Sell me your gats bitch
i don't think EVERYTHING about fashion can be linked to insecurity without some sort of a leap/generalization.

Either way, it sounds like you never truly liked clothes so it's probably a good choice to give it up as a hobby.

What're you gonna spend all that money on?

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Very first time trying to be effay. How am I doing?
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I wouldn't quite call it "effay", but you certainly don't look bad.

The fit looks good. It's personally not my style but it certainly looks great. Nice one buddy.
you look very presentable

Why is this allowed
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Ster is dead.
Jerma is dead.
No more retarded gameplays.
inb4 people judge my bookmarks bar
fuck I was too slow.

Ster and Jerma stream all the time. I dont watch but their stream highlights are entertaining. Plan on watching Jermas playthrough fo the last guardian desu.

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want to cop a sweatshirt, but idk..
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it's racist shit. i hope you get your ass beat if you wear this white power crap in public, asshole
fuck off.

Wear your stoney if you want to bro, I have a couple stoney pieces and they're comfy as fuck
Why are there black models on the first page

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is young thug the most aesthetic negro alive?
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not this fit but usually yes
Thanks for reminding me that Prince is dead ;_;
those boots are disgusting

What's this type of jacket called?
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the michelin man
>the michelin man

fag warmer

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Post the most effay majors.
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I can tell you what is not effay: Electrical Engineering.
Source: EE major...everyone wears graphic t shirts and jeans.
Fashion design
Gender studies

Tips on where I can get both of these coats and what their names are?
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Which one? Left, Right?

Isnt the right a peacoat?
Rip Shirazu

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What happened to Normcore? i really like this style. any inspo?
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i think it died or tumblr absorbed it
>What happened to Normcore?
Have you checked the WAYWT threads, boy?!
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Last one is at about tree hunned

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of -cores?
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my favorite is fuck-my-shit-up-core
im a size 38 in cp achilles low
usually an 8.5 in other shoes

i found some decent priced mmm gats but only in size 38 and size 39

i was planning to get a size 38.5 but what should i got with between a 38 and 39?

save the small feet and manlet jokes cause im a girl

please help me out
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pretty close to checking there friendo
im a fan of /anton-core/

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Lets have a sims 4 thread, post your favorite clothes from the game, i'll dump the my favorites
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12-07-16_9-28-06 PM.png
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12-07-16_9-42-10 PM.png
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Post blank apparel

Hats,hoodies,t-shirts etc

I embroider so it would be nice to find some quality blanks
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The way their hoodies fit look weird but the hat is nice

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which one is better?
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they're both worse than each other
their mom

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You should dress well because optics are very important.

Femanons please contribute by posting dos and donts of good daily dress habits.
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I like to wear a SS officers uniform sometimes, just to trigger people.
These guidelines are fucking retarded. I'll wear black as much as I damn well please.
Good, these are good tips. I wear jeans often because I don't have a lot of chinos but otherwise I never wear anything other than dress shirt (tucked in), leather dress shoes and hair parted. It's astonishing how much this helps you in daily life. People assume you mean business

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